Wildstar, I Hardly Knew Ye

totahomeYeah, I’m being dramatical. Wildstar’s not dead or anything but I felt it wouldn’t be right to just leave without saying goodbye. There’s Totatu, she just hit level cap and she’s surveying her kingdom … but apparently it’s not enough. She hit level cap and that was it.

She managed to make it to level 50 during the free month which seems kind of like shooting yourself in the foot. I’ve read accounts by others saying leveling was taking too long so it might just be me. I really like the game so I subscribed for a month. Kinda like a, way to go! Great game!

Totatu has an Elite Mineral Deposit at home and all she did was login a few times a day and mine and then sell it … for a month … that’s all she felt compelled to do.

I tried another alt but I just wasn’t feeling the Engineer, my favorite by far was the Stalker so why didn’t she want to play.

The world is beautiful, I enjoyed seeing new zones. Music is well done, I really liked the combat although if you took ALL my alts deaths in WoW and lumped them together I don’t think they’d surpass Totatu’s deaths.

When I first heard about double-jumping I thought, big whoop. I was so wrong, it’s one of my favorite things and managed to get me to actually not hate jumping puzzles. Nothing could make me like the logic puzzles. Nothing.

There was a LOT of bugginess in the world story chain. A lot. Imagine having to do logic puzzles that you could not fudge and a jumping puzzle over and over and over because the quest bugged at the end. Frustration level off the chart. But that wasn’t it either.

Because I play when most people are at work or school I’m usually alone in the world. Early in Wildstar you could find people for group quests but later levels the population thinned out at least on my server, so I was pretty much alone which I’m used to.

And I felt alone. Here’s the weird thing, in WoW I never feel alone. I know, I know … no I’m not losing it. I know they’re NPCs but I’m all alone trying to find a rare Moccasin in Swamp of Sorrows and I stop by Bogpaddle to sell some junk to a Goblin and I get, I got what YOU NEED from him and I’m not alone.

I know! I don’t know how Blizzard imbued this sense of life I get from the NPCs but they did for me. I have yet to get that from any other game I’ve played … so yeah … I’m off to the Swamp of Sorrows again for that stupid rare snake but I won’t feel lonely. I got my buddy in Bogpaddle to check in on.

I will say if a disaster befell Blizzard and the World of Warcraft was no more, I think Wildstar would be my backup plan out of any of the games I’ve played. I could mine, decorate my house in between double-jumping around the world.

So Moccasin, you’re on notice. I’m coming for you! I will not be denied!



14 Responses to “Wildstar, I Hardly Knew Ye”

  1. Oh I hear you about that stupid Moccasin snake >.<
    Took me *forever* to find one – a poor quality/bad breed but I don't care I was just happy to find one.

    Don't forget to kill the oozes while you're waiting for the stupid snakes to spawn – I've picked up a few Disgusting Oozelings from the bags they drop 😀

  2. Awwww well I have to admit I didn’t think you’d find a new home there, even so I’m sad that you didn’t! Everyone else I read who is playing it seems to be having a ball, which makes me want to try it but…I get the feeling I’d copy you – hit level cap and then say goodbye.

    Do you think you’d have stuck around longer if you had friends in game that you could play with? Not even dungeons, just tooling around questing or challenges or whatever.

    • I really did like it a lot, I don’t know why I had no urge to keep playing. I might have stayed longer if I’d known anyone and they were on at the same time but this is really my pattern. I’m just surprised the end came so fast. Even the housing didn’t keep me logging in. I do keep trying to double jump in WoW though, lol.

      I think the longest I stayed anywhere was Rift but I was in a guild but when it kind of imploded I left.

  3. I reached the same conclusion albeit without actually making to the level cap. It’s fun and pretty but it just lacked something. Although I finish work in two weeks so perhaps I’ll tire WoW plus Beta and want to return to finish decorating but I’m not convinced.

    • It is fun and definitely pretty but I just couldn’t connect. They had me going at the beginning with the ship but then I kind of lost it. And then the world story quest line being a pain in the butt didn’t help.

  4. I can’t seem to get into other mmo’s! If I play other games they are always other genres but I do still like Blizz games.

    TBH I am not sure if I have a rare moccasin but I cannot for the life of me get one of those bullfrogs in the vale as a rare. I was helping a friend and got them rares of all sorts of pets I knew I didn’t have as rare. I guess thats dice for you.

    And I know what you mean – if I emptied my btag and guild somehow I am still never alone in this game. Hell if I am really lonely I can put a ticket in and talk to a GM…

    • I think I have all the Pandaria ones, most of the ones I don’t have hang out in low level areas. I hate to use stones on wild pets but might have to give in.

      I wonder if the inhabitants of wow seem so alive to us because we know their story so well.

  5. marathal Says:

    I gave it a go during an open beta. After a lot of issues installing an finally getting on it was virtually unplayable on my pc. I really did want to give it a go. I was not a fan of the shop for what seemed to be a really huge amount of cool things you could really use.

    I really get what you mean though. Prior to stepping up to run the guild, many nights it would be myself and my wife online. Yeah there were some people out in the world which is nice, but the closer guild interactions were missing. That grats for an achievement long forgotten have meaning.

    Now seeing 30+ online and gchat more active than trade makes not having a lot to do, not matter so much. Kind of like going to your local bar or pub and hanging out with friends.

    • I really did like a lot about Wildstar but I love alts and I didn’t feel the least bit like slogging through the same quests repeatedly so that might have had something to do with it.

      I like that! I hang out at the pub on Saturdays with the Old Lady Raiders!

  6. I made it to lvl 27 on a spellslinger and 20ish on a psy. Same problem just don’t feel like logging in to grind out a few nodes in my housing.
    Problems I had with game
    1. Double jump dash exploits, they had this in early GW2, seems silly that they extol the telegraph system so much then leave a mechanic in that trivialized it. There’s some vids how to do it but I’ve used it to take down 5+ world/quest bosses pretty easily.
    2. Animation glitches, freeform mobile abilities will in my tests had their casts compressed into your jump time…ie shoot faster while bunny hopping…wtf.
    3. Attunements…Attunments are where guilds/clans goto die seriously, not everyone lives in a dorm of professional gamers that pass accounts from one resident to the next…I played LOTRO for years without doing one gd attunment unfortunately Wildstar lacks pretty much everything LOTRO had at launch. And that is
    4. People…This game screams mega server like a Funcom game or GW2, events that require a critical mass of people will destroy your game if they are empty, seems even a retard could have figured that out from Warhammer’s experience with them. Neighbor system and settler system force players into one play group, factions are counter productive, shard servers are counter productive to your own gameplay. Without settler buffs your level grind is 50% longer or more because of how low returns are on lower level kills and quests.
    5. Dungeons because like Vanilla wow your not suppose to fight anything just terrain glitch aggro exploit the boss to some killable point so everyone gets gold…and if you don’t wana do that the tank screams your all noobs and quits while you wait another hour for a que.

    • Wow, I wish I’d known about the double jump exploit, would have saved me a lot of deaths!

      I did like a lot about it and yes, after the launch and at higher levels it got a lot harder to find anyone in some of the zones but I figured that was my fault as I’d moved to a less populated server because of the long queue to get in on a more populated one.

      I really did like a lot about it but having the world story quest line be that buggy made me think they weren’t quite ready for prime time.

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