I Can’t Do It

I just can’t seem to move past this … I just can’t. In the interest of moving on it looks like I have to show this but I just won’t say anything. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I’ll keep quiet … for once. Really, now on with the show.

Present Sasche the Undead


New and Improved Sasche the Undead


My Dog


My New and Improved Dog


 Just … yeah.


44 Responses to “I Can’t Do It”

  1. Aww… I know how you feel, and don’t know what else to say about it, sorry.

    • Thank you! I keep telling myself they’re not done yet don’t get all upset. I really didn’t see this coming as on paper I thought I liked all the new models.

      • I think I’ve said this about 10 times in different comments around the web, but;

        I love the new female draenei models! I would be totally crazy about them if they were additional looks for my new alts! But that’s not what they’re here for, they’re supposed to replace -my- characters. Hunter Lae, same face for almost 7 years now. Monk Kinlai, only 2 years old, but I love her happy face so much! My death knight’s strict face softened by freckles…

        Yeah, I’m officially freaking out a bit.

  2. Oh my!! The more I’m seeing of some of the “new” models, I want to keep my old ones – errr, the new Forsaken looks like she spent too much time in the muffin shop and that’s not good for the deceased.

    • I know, it looks like she’s smelling something awful but how’s that possible since she’s um, dead. I’m really hoping we get a free do-over if she ends up really looking like that.

    • HaHaHa Muffin Shop 😀
      That’s *exactly* what I was thinking when I saw her. She might want to cut back on the Gnome Kabobs too.

      I guess I shouldn’t laugh too hard – my “new improved” Human Warlock looks like she has been eating too many beans in WoD Beta.

      • I know, Cim the Human Warlock looks like she’s about to have a psychotic break in beta. She’s supposed to be driving OTHERS crazy not herself!

      • I really hope they allow us to make adjustments more than furrowing brows and wrinkles on the new models because if that is the only choices we have – I’m keeping my old versions. 😀

        • I’m not sure what they were thinking if they REALLY mean to have one version face just changing stuff like lip color and wrinkles. I’m hoping they come to their senses, lol.

  3. 😦 Wow. So far I’ve been okay with what I’ve seen of my characters in the new models, but the truth is that they haven’t -done- models for the two race/gender combinations I play the most yet. And the more I see of how much they are changing, the more terrified I am of this very thing. I’m so sorry. 😦 And I can only hope that they really aren’t done yet and that when they are things will be much better.

    • The only character who looks exactly like she should in beta is my Night Elf Hunter, the face is spot on. I’m hoping I’m getting in a tizzy over nothing once it’s finally out.

      • I think what worries me is that I was expecting high definition versions of the models we had. But that’s not what they are. They’re different models. I’ve been okay with my female night elf hunter too. She’s not the same but I can still see her. But I’m so worried that I won’t recognize Tyl or any of the blood elves when they get around to them. I really hope we’re both worrying over nothing.
        And if not… free recustomizations for all of them, please? 😛

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Step 1: Uncheck “Use new player models”
    Step 2: Yay!

  5. Saw this on WoW Insider comments:

    KaleilS 1 hour ago
    Y’know if you don’t like the new models you can just toggle them off, right?

    GigantorTX 1 hour ago
    @KaleilS I’ve seen this kicked around a few times. Was this officially announced?

    jazmynslade 21 minutes ago
    It is in the graphics settings

    KaleilS 15 minutes ago
    It’s in the beta! I’ve tried it myself it works!

  6. I think that they should allow a one time character appearance change FOC with WoD, I agree that some of the facial features that are being changed look nothing like the old ones and I dont see why we should have to roll back to older models in order to get what we were aiming for when building the characters.

    • That really would generate the most good will with their paying customers. I would prefer that rather than keeping the old model. I’m hoping by launch they’ll have found her real face but if not I’d like the option to fix her for free.

  7. Wow, that’s just… I… but she… um… er… hmm.

    Yeah, I can see why you’re having trouble playing her in beta. My first thought was, “Whoa! She’s certainly gained a few pounds!” Which isn’t really fair to the new model, since she’s not exactly fat… but she has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT bone structure and shape of face. Her lips, nose and eyebrows are different. And I’m not sure why they made the black strappy things so much narrower. They don’t look right now.

    It’s like the babysitter lost your Sasche and thought she could replace her with a new one and you wouldn’t notice.

    • I know! Did they think I wouldn’t notice she was switched! And she’s taken to painting fake eyebrows on. I don’t know who that Undead is at all.

      Yeah, the straps look awful now, I just hope it all gets sorted out by launch. So far only my Night Elf Hunter looks like herself in beta.

  8. Oh dear. That new face is not Sasche at all. I’m beginning to be very glad that there’s a UI toggle to use the old models — though I hope it works on a character-by-character basis, rather than an account-wide basis.

    LOL at the dog comparison! Your dog is handsome just the way he is.

    • I know, I feel about Sasche as I would if someone snatched my handsome boy and replaced him with that Poodle! I really had no idea I was going to freak out this much about the models. I liked them a lot until they replaced my characters.

  9. I’m having similar issues with the new models. I think it’s mainly because they’re all using the same face as the basis.. Ie. same nose, mouth, eyes.. just different colours and a little bit different skins etc. But the difference is so much less than the original models, that they end up looking very unlike the faces they’re supposed to mirror.

    For now I’m latching onto their posts saying that they’re going to go through each face and make sure that they match the original face better. I really hope they do a good job. Cause except for a couple of gnomes, they look very, very different.

    The leather bands in her face seems to have suffered the same fate as the braids on the night elves. What used to be a nice, thick braid over the shoulder is now looking very scrawny in comparison.

    Here’s to hoping they make some changes!

    • I know, I keep telling myself don’t panic, they aren’t done with them yet.

      Neither of my Night Elves have braids, I didn’t know those were affected like my poor Warlock’s leather bands.

      Yes, I’m hoping for some changes too! So far three out of my four characters I copied to beta I wouldn’t have known who they were if their name hadn’t been above them.

  10. The big problem is that they’re, well, dead. But if you look at the “new and improved” version, your Sasche looks even more filled out and alive than most normal people. You expect undead of the Forsaken variety to look, well, gaunt. But Sasche has a rounder face and a larger chest than some women I know.

  11. That is a brilliant comparison – luckily for me I’m not particular attached to my characters appearance.

  12. This sounds bad… but maybe you can change it up a bit!!! Or just keep the old model… omg Sasche… so different.

  13. I’ll admit it, you made me chuckle.

    Whilst the option to disable the new models is indeed present in the graphics settings, I will be very disappointed in Blizzard if they don’t offer a free character customisation at least for high level characters. The reason being is that, as it’s a graphics quality setting, it only affects how you see character models, not how others see your character. This is mostly an issue for RPers, of course, but I can’t see a reason for Blizzard to not offer a free customisation, over and above financial, naturally.

    • I’m glad! I completely agree, if the models don’t come closer to characters looks by WoD I really think they should offer one free customization per character. While Sasche wouldn’t have to see herself like that I know she’d feel self conscious knowing that others saw her that way.

  14. I told you, she’s retaining embalming fluid. And after looking at your 32 comments, I am seriously wondering why I bother with my stupid blog. My warlock is still pissed off for looking like Patricia Heaton, and my Draenei still have BRFs, and no one seems concerned about them! I’m going to have to start a Kickstarter campaign or something to get money for their surgeries and therapy. It’s going to be expensive. Very, very expensive.

  15. […] not sure Tome is going to get the image of her warlock out of her head as easily, however: Sasche looks like she’s retaining embalming fluid (yes, I’ll keep telling that joke – I think I’m hilarious). And our dear Dwarf […]

  16. I’m speechless…

    • I was too when I saw her and then I couldn’t stop laughing hysterically. Good thing only the dogs were here, they’re more understanding about WoW then my husband, lol.

  17. […] haven’t seen Troll yet, but I am betting the farm they are ‘new and improved: even the Forsaken has left us feeling forsaken.) Careful framing, shading, and line work that only added to their beauty. I wish the good and […]

  18. LMAO this is funny ancient!

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