Matty’s End of the World Mogging Contest

saschesoutfitSo I asked my characters who would be interested in competing in Matty’s End of the World Contest. Cat’s found a renewed interest in getting her pets leveled before Warlords so she’s out. Cim showed interest but Sasche yelled, pick me, pick me! I’ve already done it before!

Done what Sas? Survived the end of the world … as I knew it anyway. Who better than an Undead to fight a possible Zombie Apocalypse!

Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard her talk that much in the whole time I’ve known her. Okay Sasche! Show us what you’ve got!

Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator

Vital in keeping in touch with other survivors, I’ll be able to pick up radio wave transmissions with my helm.

Spaulders of Primordial Growth

The crackling electricity generated by these babies will keep my helm powered, won’t be one dropped call … guaranteed.

Enchanted Thorium Breastplate

Really Sasche? How come? Well, keeping spirits high in times of crisis is very important. I … well … I think it’s pretty.

Makes sense to me Sasche.

Buckskin Cape

I don’t know, it seems to just set the mood. I feel very survivory in it.

Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes

These were a no-brainer, anything that’s going to increase my strikes has got to be good for mowing through whatever dire foes abound in this apocalypse.

Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts

Injuries at the end of the world are a given, I’ll be ready at all times with my Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts equipped!

Aboriginal Loincloth

These can double as a swimsuit so on land or sea I’ll be able to swiftly escape without having to worry about a skirt getting tangled in my knee bones.

Boots of the Blowing Wind

The Goblin who sold these to me assured me that they’d increase my speed by 20%. Perfect for those times when staying and fighting is not the best option.

Scimitar of the Sirocco

I really will need a slashy, slashy sword to well … slash my way through hordes of, I don’t know, whatever. And a glowy one? That just makes it so much better.

Bureaucrat’s Handbook

Lastly, but probably the most important. When we prevail and start rebuilding what are we going to need? Yep, bureaucrats.

As for my pet, what’s most likely to survive the end of the world but roaches! What? Yeah … okay … and the bureaucrats but I don’t have a pet one. I’m bringing along my Resilient Roach to the end of the world.

So there you have Sasche’s End of the World outfit. There’s still time to compete! Check out Matty’s post for rules and information.

14 Responses to “Matty’s End of the World Mogging Contest”

  1. It’s awesome! Now I just have to find a way to anonymously send it to the secret judge…when the world ends, I want her by my side! (As long as she doesn’t get a hankering for brains!)

    • Oh, I can send you an anonomized version that doesn’t say Sasche’s Outfit.

      Your brains would be safe, she much nicer than the Human Warlock. Now with her I’d watch out.

  2. […] after midnight, and no good can come of playing this stupid, stupid game. But I will say one thing you’ve got going on baby girl is a way to go to the end of the world in style! I knew I forgot to post a rule on the contest, and that is to not post anything on a blog […]

  3. Hey great job Sasche and the cockroach was a nice touch.

  4. Sasche’s outfit is awesome. I can totally see her emerging from the blood soaked mire of the apocalypse in that outfit followed of course by her trusty cockroach.

  5. It seems to me that having plenty of carrot cake in my bags might be the top tip for preparing for the End of the World.

    Or maybe chicken. “At least I have chicken.”

    But selecting a race that doesn’t NEED carrot cake or chicken? Excellent! Stupid Dwarfs and Gnomes and their insatiable need to breathe.

  6. That cockroach has got to be the best idea for a pet for the end of the world. I may steal your idea.

  7. It’s really post apocalyptic. Love it! 🙂

  8. […] Tome of the Ancient: I lifted this directly from Tome’s blog -damn baby–that helm alone would scare off would… […]

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