Faces and the Wild Ones

realinkeepSo as far as beta goes I seem to just login occasionally to check out faces. Does Rose have a new one yet? Nope. I seem to have become the self-appointed Commissioner of Faces. Find bugs? Nope. Do quests? Nope, just faces.

I’ve been so self-absorbed worrying about my faces I didn’t even think to worry about the NPCs … yeah, I’m ashamed. There’s a shot of the lovely Innkeeper at Greenwarden’s Grove in the Wetlands.

betainnkeepHere she is in the beta. I know! Always thinking of myself, those NPCs have their problems too.  Okay, enough of beta. We’re doing some serious catching up now.

Cat was SUPPOSED to be doing archeology. I think avoiding that accounts for her sudden interest in pets again. She’s been trying to acquire all the wild pets she still needed and she’s been very persuasive in getting help.

She’s talked the Death Knight into doing the Celestial battle every week to get Celestial Coins so she can buy Marked Flawless Battle-Stones. I love how in that link’s picture they stack to 20. If only.

The Shaman managed to make it out of Gnomeregan without radiation poisoning and finally with an Irradiated Roach. Then she moved on to Arathi in search of a rare Cat.

swarfnudeThe upside of all this wandering is that she found a place no one had been before. She visited the Dwarf who has a farm on the coast. When my Dwarven characters saw this they were a little put out. Where’s the Dwarven lass nude? What is it with all the Human nudes? Aren’t there any Dwarven painters?

Anyway, we’re just about done with the wild pets. Everyone was a great help … except … the Warlock. Cat thinks she needs to participate, she has an idea.

critterkillHey, I’m not asking her Cat, you’re on your own. There is no way I’m asking that Warlock to kill 44, 211 critters so you can have the  pet … just no. You do it and see what happens.

Somehow it does not surprise me that I would contemplate doing this. Legendary Cloak? Way too much trouble, not doing it. Green Fire? Way too much trouble, not doing it. Kill 50,000 critters single-handedly? For a pet? It’s on!

18 Responses to “Faces and the Wild Ones”

  1. You can always join my guild if you want the pet. Grats on getting the others though.

  2. Hehe i got that achi with my old guild, i stayed in underground train station at erm… Human city end… Can’t remember name sorry been years… Stormwind? For hours on end spamming aoe on rats to get that pet!!

  3. Dwarfs dream of large women, Tome. And yes, I don’t think Dwarfs are known for their artistic pursuits. And that NPC shot cracked me up – you’re right. A little empathy goes a long way: it seems we caught her from some unusual activities. There is a tunnel in Eastern Plaguelands FULL of little things to kill – go get your warlock in demonology form and go BOOM BOOM BOOM and you’ll get your little armadillo pup in no time! And it’s highly satisfying, too!

    • Oh see, I thought there was just a dearth of Dwarf artists but figures those Dwarfs dream of large women. I’ll have to remember to take a look at Goblin art, I’ll bet they’re the same way.

      Okay, Cym will have to visit that cave!

    • Dwarven men dream of women in armor, looking dependable, not naked and looking vulnerable. Dwaven porn looks less like Victoria’s Secrets than Victoria’s Armory.

  4. If you want to earn the cheeve for the critters, there is a nice little cave between eastern plaguelands and western plaguelands.

    There are a TON of bugs and crawlies in there that respawn like nobody’s business. When SR was trying to get the cheeve I spent a few hours just killing bugs in there like crazy.

  5. You know, this is one achievement I did not want to participate in. I hate mindless killing – though for cockroaches and things maybe…but harmless little beetles? I did want the pet…but I couldn’t face killing critters though my guildies seemed to revel in it.

    • My ruthless side has been revealed, for battle pets anything goes, lol, even the slaughter of little beasties!

      But after having a go at it yesterday I’d say WoW would have to keep going another ten years if I’m going to do this myself. Cim stayed in the spider tunnel for an afternoon and then split looking for bigger game.

    • In Guild Wars 2 the flavour text for a similar achievement is “If they were meant to live, they’d be faster or have bigger teeth.” 😀

  6. ugh talk about critter kills… Poor things… I always tend to kill them no matter what and I bet i killed more than 20k (checking my achievements as we speak) lol!

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