A Persuasive Cat

sasobI’m not sure how Cat does it but she’s managed to get everyone in on her quest for pets. Yeah, there were a few little issues in the beginning but they’ve mostly worked them out.

Yeah … noxious deja vu. There seemed something very familiar while in Feralas, couldn’t quite put my finger on it … yup, I see by the date I was waiting for MoP. Sasche had the same result too, no Emerald Whelpling. After a day of that she’d had enough, maybe some of these pets were meant to be bought.

Crimson and Emerald Whelplings I’m looking at you … oh yeah, and you too Gundrak Hatchling. You’re all a pain in the butt. Sasche’s had enough.

Cat now has her stationed on the Timeless Isle killing crabs in the hope to spawn a Monstrous Spineclaw. It’s the only way, it’s never on the AH. It takes her around an hour and a half to get a spawn. Ow! Ow! Ow! But she prefers it to Feralas so she’s cooperating so far.

The Death Knight is doing the Celestial Tournament every week for coins for Flawless Stones. What! Cim is helping? Unbelievable!

cimlakeCat figured beating up Garnia would be just what would appeal to the Warlock and she was right. She’s camped there and the view is spectacular so no complaints so far.

Cat is … is … I have no clue. Maybe her brew of the month arrived in the mail.

catobHopefully whatever she’s doing is in SOME way pet acquisition related.


I am much fonder of MoP than I was of Cata but the announcement that there would be an announcement is really welcome.

I like to think of this post as a time capsule I’m sending to the me in two years. Will Cim be up there at Ruby Lake waiting for the next expansion. Will Sasche have her coveted crab? Only you know, two year older me.


14 Responses to “A Persuasive Cat”

  1. I wish all of them luck with their pet quests! I still haven’t had any luck with most of the ones they’re hunting, myself.
    And I’m with you. I am still enjoying the tail end of MoP myself, but I’m very glad we’re getting an announcement soon. I’m ready for it.

    • Thanks! I don’t know how long they’ll keep at it but they can always come back in two years, lol. I can never figure out why some pets I’m happy to buy and some I feel I have to acquire in person.

  2. That Cat, she can be very purrr-suasive indeed! Best of luck with your pet-stalking… and I hope you’re *not* still hanging around the same old places when you open up this time capsule in another two years 😉

    • Thanks! I sure hope I’m not either but seeing that I was doing the same Feralas Noxious Whelp slaughter two years ago made me think, just buy it. Better use of my time probably would be making money to buy them!

  3. Oh good luck with all those pets. I don’t blame you for camping toons in those two Timeless spots.

  4. When I read this post I immediately thought of this video I just saw with a cat taking chicken from an alligator. Cat is a persuasive one, that’s for sure!

  5. Good luck with the pet camping. I really need to take a leaf from your book and station someone up there on Garnia duty but every time I’ve tried it previously they kill her once or twice and then desert their post 😦

    • Thank you! Almost everything I ever camped worked out that way too. I’m amazed that Cim has stuck to it this long. I’ll have to take all those bad thing I said about her back, lol.

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