When I Grow Up to be 100

droplet… I will not be camping Garnia. I didn’t keep track of the number of times I killed her/him but did keep track of the days. Nine days of camping, I’d say Cim’s pretty lucky. At 8:10am this morning the final kill before the Dog Walk, it dropped. Cim was relieved and Cat ecstatic. One thing I won’t be doing in two years.

And it must be a lucky RNG day as Cat immediately started the droplet’s training and on reaching level 10 a Flawless Battle-Stone dropped. Does anyone know if lucky RNG days last a whole 24 hours? I can hope!

I’ll make a prediction and see if I’m right in two years. When all those level 100s are looking for ways to pass the time these are things they’ll still be doing.

Sasche will still be killing crabs in search of the Monstrous Spineclaw.

Cim might … just might go back to Isle of Giants to grind out those over 7,000 bones she still needs for the mount.

Cim will finally finish the achievement Zul’Again. She had the ten scouts right away as she can do those solo but I’ve given up hope on the last two Warbringers.

Nowadays she stands there spamming the zone for a group to take one down. What does this get her? It alerts the people who can take one solo and they sweep down and kill it. The nice ones just fly away, the majority do rude emotes and mock poor Cim for being a loser who can’t do it alone … lovely. Who raised these people? Is this a strictly daytime thing? Meanies play in the daytime? And there’s not even the excuse of faction as these are all my people. Sigh.

Everyone will still be visiting Stratholme for a shot at the mount. I don’t know why but some drops seem possible and this one feels improbable at best. I FEEL like the mount in The Stonecore MIGHT drop. I don’t feel like I’m ever getting that horse. I wonder if my negativity is affecting my RNG.

Cat will be STILL be visiting the Badlands and purchasing Billy Goat Blasters. She’s the only character that does it but it just never seems to get old. I don’t know, must be some kind of cat humor I’m missing.

Okay, enough with my list. It’ll be interesting to see if my predictions are right in two years. Now I’m off it see if a lucky RNG day does really last 24 hours!





12 Responses to “When I Grow Up to be 100”

  1. ugh Stratholme. I had at least three characters get exalted with Argent Dawn from horse runs pre-Cata. Still nada.

    If I’m ever on at the same time you are looking to down a Warbringer, I would be happy to help.

    Grats on Garnia! I guess I will have to do that someday too if I want the Gonna Need Bigger Bags achievement. Sadly, AH pet purchases do not count :p

    • Thanks Rep! I tried it a few times and maybe if I changed some talents it might work. I run out of Voidlords too fast.

      I don’t know why I feel that way about Stratholme, I remember doing it back when it was challenging solo so I’ve been doing a while but I don’t seem to feel lucky about it at all and then I usually trek all the way out there and then do it once and leave.

  2. I’d be more than happy to help with Warbringers too! I can’t solo them myself and it’s always fun playing with friends anyhow.
    I suspect that at level 100 I’m still going to be running Tempest Keep and Zul’Gurub. And maybe getting around to some of that pet hunting you’re working on too.
    Grats on Garnia. That really is such a neat looking pet!

  3. I’ll help with Warbringers too! Just whisper me if I’m around when you need people. Though I warn you — I have yet to see a mount drop. Like, not that I’ve never won a roll, I’ve never had the chance to lose! So I might be bad luck for mounts. But I’ll help you kill them for achieves!

  4. You have incredible patience; at least it paid off!

    • Thanks! It seems though that I have patience for camping at scenic lakes but not so much for killing crabs, lol. I frequently kill them for about an hour and lose interest and wander off.

  5. Poor, Cim. I’m still grinding several of my characters and and yet never seem to make it past level 60.

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