The Godmother’s Big Ten

darnoutThe Godmother of AlternateChat is doing a survey. These are her questions and she’s hoping for a lot of responses, let her know your WoW history!

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?

My daughter complained that her husband was too wrapped up in “a silly game.” I thought I would see what he was doing. I got it wrong, I bought the Warcraft Battle Chest and I liked it. When I told my son-in-law he said but that’s not the MMO. MMO??? They bought me WoW for my birthday and I proudly proceeded. I’m playing an MMO!

I got everything wrong though, he told me to “roll” a character on Bronzebeard. On being presented with the server selection Bronzebeard clearly said “full.” I thought it meant I couldn’t have a character there so I made one on a server that said new players, because I was. At least I remembered his caution to not to roll one on a PvP server.

2. What was the first ever character you rolled?

My son-in-law told me to start with a Hunter and I did. She still lives although she’s semi-retired. I rolled the cliché Night Elf Hunter, I was beyond awful. Ran out of arrows all the time and when trying to get range from what was in front of me would back into mobs, aggroing them. No wonder she retired, she was just too polite to tell me.

3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?

After playing the Battle Chest games I wanted to play Horde, preferably Forsaken but my son-in-law had told me to roll Alliance as he was a Dwarf so I did, and then blew the whole thing by being on the wrong server.

4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

There are so many but I think the most magic was before I even played. I was at my daughter and son-in-law’s house when he showed me the game. It was Hallow’s End in Ironforge. This was back in Vanilla and Ironforge was decorated and so full of people you couldn’t see the floor. I was … enchanted. I had to play this game. I had always lived in the worlds of the books I read, this seemed a natural progression to me.

5. What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

The world and the story. Almost everything I do is just an excuse to be here. They have managed to get me to care about these people. YES, I KNOW THEY’RE NOT REAL … jeez, really I do but I still get kind of choked up when Farmer Yoon is finally accepted by the Tillers.

6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?

There are many, I seem to be partial to zones run by those Goblins, Tanaris and Winterspring being some of my favorites. Beautiful Nagrand and the Storm Peaks come to mind but if the time came to log out one last time it would have to be in Darnassus, the place this journey started.

7. How long have you /played and has that been continuous?

Since November 2006 and it has been continuous.

8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?

Only the first time doing the quest and just a quick scan if it involves killing 12 boars. There’s usually not a lot of deep meaning in boar killing.

9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?

Nope, can’t think of a one.

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?

The only effect I can think of is my husband and daughter think I’m just a wee bit touched by my attachment to this world. Frankly I think they thought I was a wee bit touched before I played. Frankly I think they might be right.

7 Responses to “The Godmother’s Big Ten”

  1. Love reading these “how it started”-stories. 🙂

  2. It must be nice having no regrets 😀 I should live my life like that!

  3. ah!!! one of my bucket list to do! will have it post mine soon… Thanks for sharing!

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