The Marrinott Azeroth Parade of Inns

theinnatRight now we’re not only waiting for WoD, we’re waiting for the REVELATION of the release date. I know we’re all making the assumption that it will be a date other than:

This item will be released on December 20, 2014.
Pre-order now.
  • Journey to a classic age
  • Drop into the action at level 90
  • Stake your claim on Draenor
  • Power your way to level 100

Because that would just be … stupid. We’d hit our enrage timer and who wants that. So yeah … these are the times that try men’s souls. And women and Tauren and Forsaken and Dwarfs … yeah, pretty much all of us.

So idle hands are Gul’dan’s play things or however that quote goes, so I thought Cat needed to work on some things that she won’t want to do once WoD is here.

Archeology, how’s that coming Cat? Cat! One dig a day is not what I meant, I meant finish up Pandaria! What are you doing anyway?

Achievements? Great, that works! What did you get yesterday? Better Off Dred? Okay, that’s great. What else? That’s it? How about Bloody Rare, you’ve been working on that for a while now. Are you done? Kraator? That’s it? This whole expansion and you only got that one? What have you been doing?

Promotion? Promotion for who? A hotel chain? What? Oh, THE hotel chain. They own all the Inns? Okay, I guess if you’re gainfully employed that’s a good enough reason … FOR FREE? You’re doing it for free! Cat, that’s not how employment works, are you at least getting millage for all the flight paths?

Jarel? You mean your boyfriend Jarel? Oh, he works for them, of course. He thought it might help? Why, is he in trouble? Oh! Do I think he looks shifty? Erm … no … of course … not. I can’t IMAGINE why they’d have any doubts about Jarel.

Yes, I’m sure your promotion will help them see he’s a fine upstanding employee who has only the best intentions. No, I am NOT being a smart ass, I really mean it Cat.

Are you having fun? Sigh … okay … I guess that’s all that matters Cat. No, hey … you just keep on having your fun … Bloody Rare will still be here in two years.

What? Guess where you are? I hate that game, I’m not playing. No, it IS NOT fun. Ask someone else. Jeez … WoD … please hurry.

20 Responses to “The Marrinott Azeroth Parade of Inns”

  1. Lol Tome, you crack me up.

    That looks like night elven design. I’m going to guess … Greenwarden’s Grove in the Wetlands.

    • It is night elf design but I think she was consulting with her Cenarion brothers and sisters in Outland when she stayed at that Inn. Looks like very nice accommodations.

      I wish I could find an Anton Zhdanovich to hang with while I wait for WoD cause Cat’s driving me crazy. My Wildstar vacation turned out to be pretty brief!

  2. Tome I have an assignment for you on the beta if you’re game. There’s a spectral dog in Admiral Taylor’s garrison (Spires of Arak). He could use some TLC.

    • So far I haven’t gone back in the beta but I must admit a garrison dog is possible motivation! I’d probably get killed a lot getting there though as I try not to look at anything which could be dangerous, lol.

  3. It could be next month, and it could be next year.

    My guess is late November.

  4. This post made me grin. And now I’m very curious where that inn is, I have no idea, but it’s lovely.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one getting antsy for Thursday so I can know what other date I need to start eagerly awaiting.

    • The lovely Marrinott Inn is in Outland and unless my memory is even worse than I thought both factions are welcome there.

      I know, I was okay until Monday when I realized, hey, it’s this week! We’re going to know! In two days!

  5. I think you should do EVERY post as a conversation like this! Not most, not some, ALL of them! It can be your thing!

    I don’t think they’d release anytime around Blizzcon, so I’d rule out a month either side of that. Other than that, who knows?

    • If Cat doesn’t stop screwing around and being unproductive I probably will be scolding her every post!

      I just looked at the calendar and I’m predicting it’s going to release on my birthday in November only because if it does I’ll remember the prediction.

  6. OMG Tome you crack me up!

  7. Would be September (or even August?!). Otherwise they would have finished Blood Elves by release.

  8. I thought I saw something a while back that said they usually make the announcement for release date about 2 months before the actual release .. if that’s the case, then we’d be looking at around October time.

  9. Cat and I spent the summer exactly doing the same things. She’s a cat after my own heart!

    • She likes those achievements and rep! She’s about the only one as those Warlocks don’t care who like them, they’re all about knocking unsuspecting NPCs over the head and taking their stuff.

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