Orcish Feelings

grakYeah … okay … I’m a little late. Yesterday I took time out from important work I had to do to watch the WoD cinematic reveal and finally find out that WoD will release on November 13, 2014. Then I had to get back to my important work. What work?

Oh … caulking the bathroom. That is really, really hard. I suck at caulking. I either move the gun too slow and get lumps or too fast and it’s too thin. Man that is hard. Anyway.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m not about true facts, theorycrafting … wait … HAHAHAHA … theorycrafting and me, that’s just way too funny. I am about feelings. Yup, that’s it. And after watching the cinematic and the first part of Lords of War what I felt like doing was being an Orc.

I felt the NEED to be a badass, ass kicking Orc. I do have them. There’s Grak looking pissed. No wonder, I see I left her sitting in the Barrens at level ten. Not even the comfort of an Inn. No wonder they’re pissed off and badass. But like a bazillion of my alts she’s a Warlock.

I feel the need for a head busting, melee Orc. Not a caster. That’s one problem. I pretty much suck at melee as well as caulking. Oh I know Cat’s melee but she’s not much for head busting if she can stealth by. I know, she’s kind of a pacifist … weird.

I already have a Goblin Rogue impatiently waiting at 49 for me to get with the program. I have a Warrior at 60 which was far enough for me to know … I’m not a Warrior.

A Death Knight? Maybe … I don’t know. There are after all RULES to altoholism. No jumping the line. What about poor Pettifog the Mage, stalled at 13. I could go on but the point is that Blizzard created a problem and put me in this predicament.

I wonder if I played an Orc on beta would I get it out of my system. I don’t know … maybe. All I know is that for a person who has no real faction bias I’m feeling pretty lok’tar ogarish right now.


Um … maybe I’m going to have to work on the Orc thing. Get my whole fierce thing going. There’s time.

25 Responses to “Orcish Feelings”

  1. You could always go Orc Shaman. That way when you want to be all “Rawr me smash!” you can be enhancement and then change to elemental or resto when you have had enough. 😀

    • My long time Enhancement Shaman recently retired and went Elemental which I like although I pretty much don’t know what I’m doing, lol. The problem with all this switching around is I don’t ever really learn any spec. I’ve never done a Blood DK so thought I might try that!

  2. Tome won’t do enhancement. I’ve tried. *sigh*

  3. And I found myself feeling a bit different about the Orcs. But then again, I’m always in the minority.

    • I think it’s nostalgia, it all reminded me of the RTS games that I played before WoW cause I thought they were WoW until son-in-law set me straight, lol. I really liked the Lords of War too, almost as much as the cinematic and I love those no matter who is in them. Always wanted them to make a whole movie but I’ll settle for actors if I can wait that long!

  4. If Orcs ever join the Alliance I might try one 😉

    How about an Orc Warrior? That’s about as smash-your-face-in as you can get.

    I don’t play Warriors very well but smashing faces is a heck of a lot of fun 😀

  5. How about Monk?

    • I’ve got a Windwalker but haven’t tried the other two specs. Hmm, there are a lot of options. I’ll have to put some thought into this!

      • I have to say, from experience, that Brewmaster leveling is great. Smashing kegs over people’s heads as a form of greeting is just so satisfying! And an Orc would look badass doing it too!

        • See, I don’t know enough about different specs, I had no idea you could smash kegs of beer on people. That sounds wonderful, lol. I’m afraid I might have to make multiple Orcs to check out all the specs I’ve missed … except healers, I was traumatized back in BC and have never recovered.

  6. What about a Hunter? It’s not a caster and you could have suitably brutish pets. I’ve got one on the Beta and she’s tamed some sort of grumpy ice pig I found by her garrison and it’s proving great fun so far.

    • I think WoD will be here before I can make up my mind, lol. I remember seeing some great looking animals to tame in beta. Don’t know what they were but they were impressively intimidating and worthy an Orc.

  7. I have a DK and monk, so yeah … lots of in-your-face melee. The first (ill-fated) warlock I made was also a lady orc but that was way back when with soul shards and crap and it didn’t work out. They have nice enough casting animations I just … orcs are meant to hit things.

    • That’s it, an Orc doesn’t want to stand back and cast they want to run screaming up and bash something over the head. Sasche the Forsaken would rather stand back and cast because skeleton wise she’s a little fragile.

  8. […] like the Ancient, for example, have posted interesting thoughts of late, like the ancient’s recent allusions to altholism rules.  Mr and Mrs. Wow have the rundown on the anniversary event. I didn’t even know there was one […]

  9. Yeah, Orcs definitely seem more like melee types than caster types. I tried deleting my Orc Enhancement Shaman, but it just seemed wrong to have my *only* Orc be a Mage, so I rerolled the Shaman. For me, the most raw power melee feel comes from my Warrior, Enhancement Shaman, and DK. My Rogue and Monks have a great melee feel, too, but it is an agile swashbuckling feel, not a raw power feel. Best of luck with whichever class you choose — maybe it will click with you better for an Orc than with the races you’ve previously tried with that class?

    • Okay, this has made up my mind. I was leaning towards Enhancement but not decided but now I think I’ll go that way. I do play different characters of the same class differently. Enhancement she shall be!

  10. Ah, it’s good you’ve already decided 🙂 For things you’ve described, there could only be dual-wielders – Fury Warrior and Enhancement Shaman. I myself feel very comfy with shaman’s claw fighting with a more stout characters, it just seems fit. My goblin girl feels very good about it, a male orc would do. But orc females are too slim and tall imo for a melee shammie. So I would suggest fury warrior of course. It’s melee, fast-fighting and you deliver pain and blood with both hands

    My orc gal is a hunter, feels so right and good running with the wolves and the swines. At the same time, not a caster, but close to more wild ways of life.

    • I think Enhancement will work for her. I have a Fury Warrior and I am … well … awful. I mean more awful than some other classes. Also I’m being lazy as I have a Troll Shaman started and I’m going to just race change her.

      I like that, should be a song title, Running with the Swine!

  11. Even i had the urge to be an orc after that cinematic. Lucky they don’t have druids or I might have had one of those dreadful spur of the moment things that you wish you hadn’t done, like a tattoo of your ex boyfriend’s name or something else totally regretful.

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