Maintenance Blues


Most Embarrassing

Every morning I login to check the AH, level some battle pets and generally goof-off before the morning dog walk. Since we’re at the end of an expansion I’ve grown spoiled by rolling restarts. Imagine my utter horror this morning to find not only was there a maintenance but a long maintenance, it had already begun.

What will I do! Halp! Halp! You’re killing me! Okay … deep breaths … you’ll figure something out, just stay calm.

I know! I’ll review the expansion with my screen shot folder! A walk down memory lane! That’s the ticket!

It’s hard to believe that Cim wasn’t TRYING to look that bad early in MoP but … yup … she wasn’t. The leveling look … terrifying. Sorry Cim but I had to … you should be happy because it’s truly gruesome.

A few stood out …



I don’t know why but when Ragnaros gains feet he scares the bejeebers out of me. HE WALKS! Run for your lives! Yeah … your fears may vary but his feet are mine.



The Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild do not just vanquish their foes, they do it with style. No messy, random bodies for them. They leave the places they visit prettier than they found them. You’re welcome.


Biggest Goof-off

Lastly … no surprise here … Cat wins the biggest goof-off in the screen shot category hands down. I remember that … she sat there forever waiting for that Dwarf to give her a ride … and then he just walked off. Poor Cat, she probably went goat-kicking after that.

Oh! It’s time for the dog walk! Yay! It worked! Screen shot nostalgia for those times you just can’t login.

20 Responses to “Maintenance Blues”

  1. And what excellent screenies they were πŸ™‚

  2. Bahaha I do like your biggest Goof off! And that prettiest pic, is rather cool indeed!

    Go and do MrandMrsWoW’s 3 fave things. I can’t wait to see what gems you come up with.

    • I’ve been trying to think of things but as usual everything I think of I then go, nah, that’s no good, only I’m crazy enough to think that’s fun. Will have to keep thinking.

  3. I still haven’t seen Ragnaros walk. Maybe after I hit 100 I can solo him.

  4. Tome: I need to speak with you in private. Okay? Ready? Your ears only? Out of earshot of your warlock and void walker? Okay –if she wakes up from her nocturnal wanderings and sees that screenshot you are in big, big trouble – I’m talking Kim Kardashian going off Instagram trouble – you may want to redact that photo! (Although too late: sure the NSA has it in their files–the Internet is forever!)

  5. I’m afraid Cim’s screenshot may have given one of the more style conscious Blood Elves a fit that required a small lie down. So you can tell her she made a mage faint, that should make her happy.
    I agree that Ragnaros’ feet are oddly creepy but I am still happy I got to see them with the Old Ladies.
    LOL Cat. She makes me laugh. I’d want that dwarf to give me a ride too. Why not?

  6. So the fact that I see nothing wrong with Cim…
    Not that I really don’t, you see. I was just… testing you.
    I haz style scents. I mean sense.

    • Oh, thank goodness! You were just testing. Oddly some of my other characters would see nothing wrong with it. Cim is really the only one into fashion. Cat’s usually in cat form so she doesn’t pay a lot of attention most of the time.

  7. Awesome screenshots as per usual. Love Cat’s attitude, she’s a fav of mine. πŸ˜€

  8. Haha, the story of that last pic is classic Cat

  9. LoL that outfit! It’s hard to believe that not so long ago we all wore the Leveling Couture.
    Love the goofing off picture πŸ˜€

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