Mr & Mrs WoW’s Top Three Things

snowyMr & Mrs WoW would like to hear the top three things we’re doing until WoD appears over horizon. My problem is that I’ve been so busy doing these things I haven’t had a chance to write them down.

Battle Pets

Yeah, I didn’t see this one coming. I thought it was a nice idea but I wasn’t interested. I never knew I’d be stricken with battle pet fever practically right off the bat. Right now Cat seems to have become convinced that she’ll get to WoD and find she hasn’t leveled some pet that’s crucial for a Tamer fight.

Since Cat’s doing so much pet leveling, she needs to do the Beasts of Fable every day because fast leveling goes so much better with a Lesser Sausage of Pet Leveling. It also means that she has a worse Snowy Panda infestation than Cim the tailor ever had with Imperial Moths.


Rare Mounts

We have a long, long way to go to 200 mounts. Cim the Warlock is the farthest along with 177 so collecting more mounts is another almost daily routine. I should say TRYING to collect more mounts. What’s strange is that in some cases, while happy to get the mount, there is a little sorrow. Cim was thrilled to get her Onyxian Drake but she kind of misses the weekly visit. I don’t think she’ll mind seeing the end of The Stonecore one day but Cat enjoys her time in Vortex Pinnacle, it’s so beautiful. She’s in no big hurry for Altairus to hand over that mount.



Poor Cat, digging and digging. She made a mistake. At the beginning of MoP she dug until she found the rares she wanted and then pretty much quit. Now she’s trying to make up for lost ground. I don’t know if the time left will be enough for her to complete The Seat of Knowledge but she’s going to give it her best shot.

I realized another benefit of Archaeology was getting a chance to say my goodbyes to all the places in MoP I will miss. I remember being pretty choked up about leaving Wrath behind and feel pretty much the same way about MoP. I’m always happy to see a dig in Zouchin Village so we can drop in and say hi.

There are many other things. I want to go back to the Brawler’s Guild and see if Cim can make it to level 7. She was stuck at level 6. Both Cim and Sasche should go and try to find their way to Kanrethad at least once and spit in his eye or something but they’re both directionally challenged and probably can’t even find their way to the big head in the sky thingy.

And then there are outfits to be assembled for transmogging and money to be made for WoD … oh and catch the two Tiny Carp I’m still  missing. So much to do and less than three months to do it! There’s no time to lose!

14 Responses to “Mr & Mrs WoW’s Top Three Things”

  1. I’m currently chasing the seat of knowledge and it has to be the grindiest achieve of archeology so far. So much RNG 😦

    • I know! I TRY to keep at it but if a dig takes me near a pet tamer I get side tracked (intentionally) and off I go. I seem to be able to do about three digs in a row and then I bail. I need to focus, lol!

  2. I understand the feeling of missing trying for a mount after you finally get it, but at the same time there are always more mounts to try for. Account wide mounts turned mount hunting into even more of thing for me with the ability to run old content that dropped mounts, I never thought I’d see, on as many characters as I could. I’d always collected mounts even though I never used them (flight form) but account wide mounts was a big part of the reason I went from mostly playing one toon to having a 90 of every class.

    • There sure are! I just realized that one of the mounts for the new drake achievement drops in heroic Oculus so I’ll have to add that to the list of places to visit. Cat almost always uses flight form too but once in a while she likes to take out one of her favorite mounts and just fly around.

  3. I am definitely going to miss a lot of the things in MoP, however, being an altoholic has it’s plus isde – I’ll still be there a lot of the time beacuse it is not my intent to spend all of my waking hours in WoD.

    Fnor is my main archaeology fellow as well as real Main, so, we’ve been busy doing the archaeology thing. Still running back and with rep grinding as well as exploring places that we haven’t visited in a long time. Mount collecting is one of my things as well and I’m coming along nicely with that while running as much of the old content as I can.

    I already know that a lot of my 90s won’t make it through to WoD for quite a while because in my eyes, they’re still fresh 90s and aren’t quite ready to face the rigors of Draenor. MoP has been one of my favorite expansions so far because there is so much to do all of the time that I don’t even have time to get bored. 😀

    • I will definitely be visiting MoP, probably to finish up those digs. Cat has the unfortunate habit of using one of those doohickeys that transport you to a dig and then wandering off as she’s too lazy to fly to the next dig, lol.

      All my 90s are pretty much on par except for the DK, but even she should be good to venture to WoD. I need to get back to my alt leveling. Jeez, how did I leave that off the list!

  4. I can see why they are your three top things and I’ll be missing Pandaria too. At least it’s just a port away when WoD gets here.

  5. Those are exactly the same 3 things I’ve been doing 😀
    I just spent two days leveling up Archaeology to 600 (boosted noob Warlock with Level 1 Archaeology) just in case something good drops from it in WoD.

    All the pets I’m going to need to beat the Garrison pet battles aren’t even close to level 25 yet so that’s on the agenda of Things To Do.

    Not sure about mounts though – I’m not that lucky with drops and I’m short about 25 for the 200 achievement. If I could find a group for old content I’d love to get some of the achievement mounts. Especially the ones going away when WoD hits 😦

    • Yeah, I have a long way to go on the mounts too. The Old Lady Raiders usually hit a few places with mounts. Rags seems to like us he’s given two ladies mounts now! It’s usually around 3:00pm pacific time on Saturdays, so if you’re ever around then it’s a chance for some clothes or a mount!

  6. Thanks for taking part!

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