Could It Be? Armor Parity at Last?

sameoutfitWhat? I know, I know. I should be ashamed. Am I finding bugs and reporting them … no. Am I spending my time in beta ferreting out useful information … no. Am I basically … I don’t know … playing dolls? Um, yeah. Sort of. My only excuse is the visual part of the the game is very important to me.

There has long been an imbalance between what armor looks like on female characters and what it looks like on males. Yeah, to the point of ridiculousity in a lot of cases. Redbeard posted a great cartoon of game armor logic.

But what’s this! I made a level 100 male Warlock … no, what … never mind why, jeez. Well actually Cim made him, it’s her dream date I guess. I noticed his chest armor was rather scanty. NO! I wasn’t complaining but I wondered what a female Warlock in the same armor set would look like. I mean, it can’t be scantier, can it?

Look! I think she has more coverage than he does! Is this a new era? Will we at last have armor parity? Is this a sign of things to come?

cimsfriendYes, Cim was apparently busy making multiple trials conjuring up her idea man. I like him Cim. In fact I like him so much what do you think about changing your … OW! Crap, Cim call that stupid demon off me! It was just a thought, I was just thinking out loud! JEEZ! So touchy.

Yeah, I see a world of trouble brewing here. I’m just saying. Come on, don’t you see it? That might be Cim’s dream date but he’s EXACTLY Cat’s type. EXACTLY. This might get ugly. Demons and claws smack down over him.

I took a peek at Cat in beta, she’s looking decidedly more cheery now. The last version would have torn into Cim the Warlock for a chance at a shot at him, this one looks more peaceful. Maybe this one will just roll her own date. I can only hope.

21 Responses to “Could It Be? Armor Parity at Last?”

  1. Oh my, is that what you meant by armour parity. I feel like I should avert my eyes. Warlocks shouldn’t go around looking like that, it’s so much more a mage thing to do IMO.

    • I don’t mind him looking like that, lol. I figure if my characters have to fight in bikini armor sometimes it’s time the men step up and fight in it too … cause he looks great. Oh no! I’m channeling Cat!

  2. Oh wow, I can’t say I’ve seen a male in that dress before but I’m glad I have now. Yay to equality!

  3. He’s gorgeous. I think Cat’s not thinking about this logically: she should encourage many male warlocks and then go talk to the dude at the Slaughtered…and have him all to herself. This is a funny coincidental post, because I was going to write about armor this morning too! Great minds, naturally!

  4. Where does a warlock get a 6-pack? Does fel magic burn calories?

  5. The dude has an 8-pack. Makes the keg that I have look pretty lame.

  6. I like that. I’ve been complaining for a very long time and fairly loudly about the armor inequality situation. It would definitely make my day if the men got saddled with more of the skimpy armor the women always seem to. And well, that warlock wears it well. Maybe he sold his soul for that physique? Thera says even -she- might consider dating humans if they look like that.

    • If Blizzard is going to address the armor inequality by taking it off the men that works for me. lol. I’m betting you’re right, I don’t think he got that body by going to the gym!

  7. Ooh he has nice abs!

    You know, I noticed in someone else’s screenshot earlier today that there was a new model human male that appeared to have chest hair. Please test and report the results!

  8. Hello! I’m reading you all the time but i’m so lame with commenting. Anyways 🙂 I’m so happy with this! I was always saying that i would never want to censor anything. Just make equal amounts of “airy” outfits for both girls and boys. Now give me some armorkinins for my warrior pls!

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