I was afraid this would happen …


Hey! Hey! Don’t you turn your back on me … you … you … big flying BUTTHEAD! I’m talking to you here!

Cim, come on. Calm down, it’s not your fault … it’s mine. I was afraid of this. I watched videos, read guides but at the end of the day it’s a vehicle fight. I can’t do them. I’m vehicularly challenged.

How to Solo Malygos in the Eye of Eternity in three easy steps. Made me almost believe but the fact remains that no matter what level I am if I have to step into a vehicle, it’s all over.

Cim made many valiant attempts. I can’t seem to avoid crap tossed at me AND hit 1,1,2,3 at the same time. The first time I tried it I couldn’t even FIND him. Vehicle fights on the ground are bad but I can almost handle the X and Y dimension but throw in a Z? This just brings back horrible flashbacks of me floundering around in Vashj’ir.

So yeah, we finally gave up. It’s not to be. Cim flounced off so Cat and I decided to give Vortex Pinnacle another go for the drake.

northwindI don’t know, I say a lot of mean things about RNG but I think old RNG likes Cat. Maybe she should take over for Cim in the Stonecore. Hey, maybe the gods of flying vehicles like Cat too … it’s worth a try, or two, or twelve.

Hear that Malygos? Cat’s coming for you! Be afraid … okay yeah well … BE MILDLY CONCERNED!


malThanks so much for all the good advice! No Drake but I may now have conquered my fear of flying!

21 Responses to “I was afraid this would happen …”

  1. Hey, grats Cat!

  2. Oh congrats .. that’s a lovely mount 🙂 I’ve managed to get Malygos down to a fine art .. not that I need to go back now as I’ve finally got both mounts. If you’re really lucky, you can get the Boss health down to just pixels on the first phase, and then you just need to hit it once or twice on P3. The main problems I had on P3 were the whole “3D” thing … I’d keep losing the boss :p

    I’ve found the best thing to do is get your HoT up first, as you’re flying up to meet the boss, then get onto the same height … then just do your 1,1,2,3 (sometimes if you’re feeling brave you can sneak in an extra 1) … all I did was, every time the boss did something, I moved sideways a bit. I can’t remember which way I did it now .. I think I used the mouse to move, and the buttons to do an action .. but it could have been the other way round 🙂

    Oh .. and practice on 10 man .. it’s a much faster kill, and both mounts drop on 10 anyway. (I just did 25 occasionally for achievements, etc).

  3. Grats on your new mount. It really is a lovely looking one. I have this weird theory that the evil and nitpicking Gods of RNG like Druids more than any other class. Maybe because they never know what form they’ll be in from one minute to the next.

  4. Save all your cooldowns for near the end of the first phase and you can often get him so low that you don’t have to worry about it. If you are having trouble, try taking the time to move him around in an effort to stack two sparks going into the end of the phase. If you must do phase 3, as Sprowt said don’t worry about where you are relative to him really, just everytime he shoots at you strafe one way or the other (always the same way just pick one). If you have trouble with the visual 3d part just ignore it and do it based off sound and just double tap strafe whenever you hear the sound without worrying about where you are in space.

    Congrats on the vortex mount! Hopefully you have some luck with Stonecore or Malygos soon too.

    • Oh! There is a sound? I’ll have to pay more attention next time, that would help. I think if I can calm down about the 3D part I might do better. I was spending so much time trying to stay right side up, lol.

      Thanks! I hadn’t taken a look at the Drake and was surprised at how lovely it is.

      • Well I get the loud “get out of fire” sound from Deadly Boss Mods .. I don’t know if there is a sound otherwise .. but the boss does emote or something just beforehand. In fact I probably move too much, because I just move every time the boss “fixes eyes” or whatever else it does, just to be on the safe side :p

        As for the first phase … I do all my CD’s kinda near the start, because it doesn’t take long and nothing can hurt you, so you can just stand still and pound on him (her?)

        Third phase .. my main tactic for finding the boss is, once I’m able to, fly “up”, whilst rotating, until I spot the boss .. the problem is that it’s busy yacking to itself and doesn’t seem to be targetable for a while (plus there’s all sort of debris flying around to start) .. which is usually when I start to panic :p

        • With all this good advice I’m surely going to get him! I think my problem is as soon as I get on the drake I panic before anything actually happens. Just putting me on a flying vehicle causes fear, lol.

  5. Grats on the mount!!

  6. Back in the day, Julie used ta make her teenage son take over playin’ Shianti when we got ta the vehicle phase. Is definitelies a generational thing.

    Grats on the mount. Picked that one up meself the other day, after coupla years of workin’ on it. Mebbe is sumthin’ in the air?

    • Oh wow, I should check and see if my neighbor’s son is a gamer. I could borrow him.

      Thanks! Maybe those RNG gods are being especially nice while we wait for WoD. I’ll have to keep trying to test them!

  7. Congratz on the mount. Hang in there, I’m sure you’ll get the other one too. I’ve never tried to solo that fight, however, it does sound like the other poster had a feasible plan to do it. 😀

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve got a lot of good advice and I think if I could just calm down and stop defeating myself before I even start I might be okay. It took forever but I finally managed to joust at the Argent Tournament so maybe this will just take some practice too.

      • hehe, yeah, it probably takes some time to get it down. I know that it took me forever to learn all of the ins and outs of the Argent Tournament and I still go up there and joust sometimes to keep in practice. 😀

  8. Grats on the Vortex Pinnacle mount! That was the only one I was lucky enough to win in a random group in Cata and it’s still one of my favorite dragons. 🙂
    Sounds like you had good luck with Malygos after all the good advice, and if I’m ever on when you need a hand I’ll happily tag along to help.

  9. Grats on the drake! You go poke Maly in the eye till he drops that mount for ya!

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