Happiness, Autographs, Resolutions and Sid Vicious

happyI can’t tell you how happy it made Cat to stand there and enjoy the view. It has been many months since that’s been possible. Well, yeah it was possible but dangerous as my keyboard’s start moving/stop moving key was stuck. There was a very real possibility that she’s lurch over the edge and fall to her death while I was down the hall.

I scoured the internet for a replacement  for my no longer made keyboard. Ebay, resellers ANYTHING … alas no … it was not to be. I need THAT keyboard for my weirdo left-handed set up. Finally I searched the computer graveyard in the basement and disassembled an old Mac keyboard and found a whatzit that didn’t fit so I trimmed it and stuck it in and it works! Okay, it’s a little stiff but at least not stuck down anymore.

Cim was tired of casting her 3 second chaos bolt and at about 2.85 suddenly staggering forward and having to start all over. The Death Knight was entertaining the Timeless Island by attempting to hit stuff after jumping behind them. So we’re all happy.

So happy in fact that Cim decided to go to the Black Temple and get Mr. Ebonlocke’s autograph … that’s it. Just say hi. I had grave misgivings as I wouldn’t have OLRG members leading the way. I really doubted that she’d ever be able to find him. We have a history of getting lost.

kanIt was just as awful as I imagined. She got horribly lost while looking for treasure. Really, really lost. Five minutes? HAHAHAHAHA! We wandered around for an hour or so. Luckily there seems to be no penalty for tardiness. She finally found her hero.

Mr. Ebonlocke I’m so honored, could I possibly get your …OW … HEY … QUIT THAT! A simple no would suffice. I didn’t know about his aversion to autographs.

Now Cim’s thinking about payback. She’s talking about macros and changing her talents … yada, yada, yada. Maybe I can distract her with finishing up the Brawler’s Guild instead.

Which brings me to resolutions. I’ve been pretty easy on myself. We’ve been doing archaeology, leveling pets, hunting those rare mounts. The ONLY thing I said MUST be done is get our gold at least back to the amount we entered MoP with.

We haven’t, so the prospect of spending thousands of gold on repairs for Cim’s grudge isn’t something I’m that anxious to indulge. She’ll get over it.

Cat has been hanging out at the AH jonesing for a new pet. There are a few she’s had an eye on but I told her NOT until we have the gold we came here with.

She’s been saved by the fact that the ones she wants are crazy expensive or just not up for sale so she’s been trying to catch a Tiny Red Carp instead poor thing, with no luck.

sidvShe logged in to find she had mail. Mail from Helke! Oh my oh my oh my! I have Helke mail! And it’s a Viscous Horror! He’s so wonderful! He’s adorable! I love him!

Okay Cat, I know you love him but don’t forget to say thank you to Helke.

Thank you Helke! Thank you!

What’s his name Cat? Have you named him yet?

I’m thinking … I don’t want to call him Viscous Helke cause she’s not. I know! I’ll call him Sid Viscous!


I left Cat in the Valley of Four Winds leveling Sid and I can’t seem to locate Cim. Please oh please tell me she’s not researching the Kanrethad Ebonlocke fight. If she is she better start sewing some bags to sell to pay for her repairs. Naw … what are the odds she’d ever find him again.

16 Responses to “Happiness, Autographs, Resolutions and Sid Vicious”

  1. Helke is our Azeroth’s own personal Fairy Godmother! That’s awesome! He needs a Nancy, too!

  2. Wow. A Sid Vicious tribute. Now you need a guild named “Sex Pistols”.

  3. I just discovered your blog, and oh my gosh I love this post.

    First, your keyboard struggles remind me of this one time…way back in BC, I had just joined a guild. It was on of the top guilds on my (really crappy) server. I was in my first raid with them – Gruul’s Lair. So we had just wiped, and we’re all walking back into Gruul’s room, when my run key gets stuck. And Loihi runs straight into Gruul, who of course kills everyone who had made it back in. Talk about embarrassing.

    Also, I get lost all. the. time. My husband makes so much fun of me for it, but dang, back in the days before they mapped the caves, I would get stuck in a cave for hours.

    Anddd, the second character I ever made was a little gnome warrior named Sydvicious. I ended up deleting her when I found out you weren’t supposed to have names like that. I was new and I was scared they were going to ban me. lol.

    • I love the name Sydvicious! Oh no! I haven’t run into anyone important but I haven’t been doing much other than pet battling because it was about the only safe thing to do. And I had to park all my characters facing a wall or something if I had to leave them alone for a bit, lol.

      I got to the point where if I had to do a quest that involved going into a cave or barrow I only did it if my hearthstone was off cooldown as it’s the only way I’d be able to get out!

  4. You get the best gifts. Pets are always a nice surprise and I’m glad you sorted your keyboard issue.

  5. I can already imagine Blizzard developing a Sex Pistol as an Engineering item for the Love Festival. Gratz on all your discoveries!

  6. Helke is actually Santa, Easter bunny and tooth fairy in one! How absolutely lovely!

  7. A Viscous Horror? I’m so jealous 😀 I’ve been crying at the AH every day waiting for the prices to drop lol.

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