Personal Denial-of-Service


Up Hill Battle

I’ve been posting except they aren’t getting by the review board. When I think my post might be whiny or bitter I leave it a day and reread it. Yup, whiny and bitter.

It’s not directed at Blizzard it’s directed at me. The one high point I found in any of them was I managed to work the word churlish into one post.

So this time I’ll just leave the pictures cause I like pictures. I do find it amusing that I tried to sneak one post in by including the red herring of good news.

I’ll admit I did kind of like my idea of epic quest lines for seniors since for all we know WoW might be looking at another ten years but I was whiny so out it went.

Using the below as my motto  it looks like I’ll be saying nothing at all for a while.

The week in visual form.



Dirt Nose back to 100%



Um … where’s the exit?



The Halls of Never Ending Hell


9 Responses to “Personal Denial-of-Service”

  1. You say more with Thumper than I do in all my posts. Let’s get some sparkle ponies this weekend if we can. (Hug)

    • Thank you for that hug. I think this is as close as I’ve ever come to quitting and taking up, I don’t know, knitting? The irony there is my hands wouldn’t work any better for knitting, lol.

  2. I got a chuckle out of your BT shot, having just yesterday completed the Green Fire quest on my alt warlock, after an embarrassing number of attempts, a fortune in repairs, and an endless stream of Very Bad Words.

    • Congratulations on getting out of the Halls of Hell! Unfortunately those deleted posts were FULL of very bad words. After I took them out all I was left with was pictures.

      And I also felt guilty whining after about eight tries. I should at least wait until maybe 100 attempts, lol.

    • It took me around 100 attempts to get it and I’m not embarrassed at all – it’s a tough fight and a real accomplishment – grats!

  3. I try not to read my old posts too much, because I cringe when I run up against the whiny ones.

  4. I hide my whiney posts by posting 2 at a time so the shiny happy one is ahead of the whiney one. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But here’s a tree hug from someone who still doesn’t know what to do with their warlock.

    • Oh wow! Now I know what those rapid fire two at a time posts you do are about!

      I need to change my attitude. I go in there thinking, crap, this is costing a boat load of money. Why am I doing this, I don’t even want green fire. When I watch people’s videos they are excited and enjoying it. I need an attitude adjustment.

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