Hotel Hell has Exorbitant Rates

seriouslynotSeriously? Seriously??? All the money I spend in repairs at that kiosk in your lobby and this is the thanks I get? Poor Sasche was beat yesterday and thought she’d spend the night in Hotel Hell. She woke up this morning to find herself in the twisting nether plunging to her death. Eighty gold a night is just too high considering the lack of amenities.

And then that Joan Tremblay is a smart ass with her “Do not seek death.”

Joan for heavens sake, I wasn’t seeking death, I was staying the night at a hotel. How dangerous could that be?

Yes, yes. I promised not to whine. I’m not here to whine, I’m here to seek help. Promise.

It FINALLY occurred to me to stop fighting Ebonlocke and wasting money until I can figure out why 80% of the time I have no pet action bar. I kind of need that Pit Lord’s help. I’ve only actually gotten to the Felhounds once. I tried /reload ui each time before the fight, doesn’t seem to make any difference. Works sometimes and not the next. Addon conflict? I don’t know.

I’m still searching the twisting netherwebs for a clue but if anyone has an idea please let me know. Sasche’s anxious to get back in there and seek death. So there Joan.


15 Responses to “Hotel Hell has Exorbitant Rates”

  1. The fight has been bugged for some time and no amount of tickets will get Blizzard to admit it. I have been running into his chaos bolt ignoring line of sight and barreling at me through walls as well as many failures from demonic gateway. Even on my brother’s computer with a different internet provider the issue continues.

    • Oh no! It would be awful to get further along in the fight and the gateway fail. I thought it might be from out of date addons so I might go ahead and try to update everything because they probably need it anyway.

      If I ever resolve the pet action bar and THEN get more bugginess I’ll cry.

      • Sounds like an addon conflict.
        Have you tried using macros for the pet abilities? All you need are the ones for “charge”, “fel breath” and “move.”

        This can help survive a Chaos Bolt:

        /cast Demonic Circle: Teleport
        /cast Twilight Ward
        /cast Sacrificial Pact

        I always set up a Demonic Gateway but never bothered to use it. I set up the Teleport beside the pillar (cause I was never in LoS) and then just ran behind the pillar and ducked πŸ˜‰

        I didn’t bother keeping track of how much I spent in repairs – it would have been too depressing πŸ˜€

        • I have the macros, I’ve been studying your tips! I just now even downloaded Vuhdo since you mentioned it as it would be helpful to know when I get a debuff cause unless you bonk me on the head I don’t notice. Let’s see if I can figure out how to set it.

          Yeah, I’m not keeping count of attempts or money and the two Warlocks alternate depending on who’s in the mood!

          Now I’ll finish updating addons see what happens although probably pointless on the weekend as husband doesn’t get that you can’t pause the game or at least he pretends, lol.

  2. Anything that will show when you have the debuffs – preferably large and in color lol – will work fine.

    If Vuhdo looks to complicated to set up, just use the macros I have under “Dispells”, spam them on CD and run into the Pit Lord Fel Flame Breath every chance you get πŸ˜€

    Yeah, I think not paying attention to the debuffs is what would kill me more than anything. Purple puddles and the Annoying Imp was a sure sign I forgot lol.

    Oh, and moving out of his Rain of Fire instead of standing in it like a stupid helped me a lot too πŸ˜€

  3. I use Aura Frames to track debuffs. I’m sure there are other addons you could use too, like TellMeWhen.
    Basically I move debuffs down to my eyeline so that I can see them when I get them. Make them big enough to see but not too intrusive.

    My main gripe with this encounter is that you have to control a pet that you are unfamiliar with. It adds an unneccesary complication. I can’t remember the last time I actually had to enslave a demon; maybe in Burning Crusade! I play Affliction so I don’t even use fire spells. I did finish the green fire quest but only when I overgeared the encounter, so I cheated just a bit.

    Demonic Gateway is useful to drop your aggro to zero (and keep it on the Pit Lord). Don’t just think of it as a way to get from A to B.

    I have no idea why you lose your pet bar; are you using an add-on for your unit frames?

    Anyway, if you are using add-ons from Curse, you should really get the client so you can update them with just a click of a button. I used to do them manually at one time but that is just over complicating things.

    • Thanks! If Vuhdo doesn’t work out now I have alternatives. I’m guessing the fact that I think my addons haven’t been upgraded since MoP launched is probably the problem. I looked at the dates and hmm, what a slacker I am. I never think to check for updates until there’s a problem.

      And thanks for the Gateway tip, I do always think of it as just transportation. Hopefully between my two Warlocks one of them will finally get the hang of it!

  4. All I remember is move the pit lord.
    And potions. Lots of potions.
    And then lots of tequila shots.
    You’re welcome.

  5. I know when I had an issue with my pet bar on the beta, I just had to switch specs. Not necessary switch but click the other spec as if I were going to switch.

  6. Awww, I thought you were playing the Secret World there for a minute! I was expecting to see images like this! πŸ˜›

  7. Just lookup the pet action and make your own macro so you don’t have to rely on the bar.

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