Traveling with Cat

travelingSo I got kinda tired of being beaten up so I thought I’d see what Cat’s doing. She’s pretty low maintenance. No beating up Warlocks with black belts in warlockery for her. In fact she really doesn’t like to kill anything. She pretty much only believes in self-defense, so yeah, low maintenance.

Her mission seems to be to level all the battle pets. She has a morning route. She visits Farmer Nishi and Seeker Zusshi first thing in the morning to level higher level pets. She then hits up Outlands for leveling lower and mid level pets. I asked her what her criteria are for selecting a tamer to put on the route.

Yeah Cat, how do you pick them? Is it just random? For example what’s so special about Narrok in Nagrand?


What? Is that some special battle pet terminology? Crickets?

No, I go to Nagrand to hear the crickets … while I battle … I don’t know, it’s just nice.

I see, okay, so you’re visiting tamers in places you like to visit. Not for their pet battling mojo, I got it.

seekerHer other important business to try to complete before WoD is completing the Seat of Knowledge. She’s been stalled at three left for forever. And I think she’s done more killing doing this then the whole expansion put together. Seem like every dig site has a rare plunked right in the middle of it. So poor Cat is forced to kill it. She is such a pacifist.

boredcatThere she is trying to wrap up her other “must have before WoD.” Red fish, blue fish. Yeah, she’s looking bored. Maybe she’d make better headway if she’d use the fishing pole instead of trying to swipe them out of the water with her paws. Many, many fish but no luck yet.

I had thought that Cim and Sasche the Warlocks were the ones with an impossible mission but on reflection I’m not liking Cat’s odds much better.

What? Oh … alright … I’m coming. Jeez, Cat wants to go digging. Just between you and me the “fun” of archeology is wearing thin. If I dig up one more Pearl of Yu’lon I swear I’m going to barf.

What’s that? Yes, I’m coming. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather fish?

14 Responses to “Traveling with Cat”

  1. Whoever came up with the Seat of Knowledge is a total sadist 😦

  2. At least rare artifacts are supposed to be easier to find this x-pac. I’m assuming pristines will be the same but I haven’t done too many digs yet.

  3. I get the feeling that Cat isn’t a pacifist so much as just lazy. She has no problem setting all those pets to work battling their little hearts out, does she? It’s just when she has to make the effort herself, that’s when it’s easier to just avoid things. 😛

  4. “Well, I built me a raft and she’s ready for floatin’
    Ol’ Mississippi, she’s callin’ my name
    Catfish are jumpin’
    That paddle wheel thumpin’
    Black water keeps rollin’ on past just the same
    Old black water, keep on rollin’
    Mississippi moon, won’t you keep on shinin’ on me….”

    Sorry, but Cat on a raft made me think of that old Doobie Brothers tune.

  5. I dunno, but I reckon The Need A Bigger Bag Achievement is way worse than the Seat of Knowledge one…

  6. Let’s go all Tom and Huck on their asses…

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