An Old Ladies Raiding Guild Thriller

deadmatterEvery once in a while something strikes me as incredibly, awesomely funny. I remember once when my husband and I were first married we were watching David Letterman one night and the guest asked if he had a dog.

He replied that he indeed did have a dog but it was old. So old in fact that it fell when he rode it. Yes, Letterman told it better, so much so that I could not stop laughing hysterically. I couldn’t stand up, I rolled around on the floor for a while. I’m sure my husband must have thought, shit, what have I gotten into here.

It might have been Letterman’s deadpan delivery … I don’t know. It became a part of our family dialect. I remember telling my husband that our one dog needed a “senior” checkup now and he agreed saying, I know, he falls when I ride him. I still crack up.

For whatever reason words create movies in my head.

So yeah … a little background for you. I’m apt to crack up inappropriately at times.

So last night Matty’s OLRG met once again to conquer the bad guys and strip them of their clothes and valuables. Off we went to The Throne of Four Winds. We were trying for a few achievements. When we got to Stay Chill it wasn’t working so we wiped the first attempt and there ensued a strategy meeting.

I’m usually pretty quiet so it must have been a surprise when I started laughing hysterically. Poor Breige said … I’m paraphrasing … Do the dead really matter? I just lost it.

I knew what she meant but for some reason a huge glowing book cover appeared in my mind. There was champagne, reporters, it was a book launch!

The first installment of “An Old Ladies Raiding Guild Thriller” series. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Shit I can’t stop, turn off the mic. They’ll twig to the fact that you’re a nut.

“Do the Dead Really Matter” is a book, a thriller. Somebody needs to write it.

So there’s that. I won’t even go into the time I laughed so hard I had to try to escape a Mall without anyone detecting that I had split the seam in the back of my pants out completely.

Oh and yeah, dead people do matter so the next attempt we all stayed alive and got it.




11 Responses to “An Old Ladies Raiding Guild Thriller”

  1. I too laughed and laughed!! Too damn funny

  2. I would read that book! And that comment made me laugh too. It was funny!
    And can you imagine the thrillers. Would Tyl get to help with investigating or would Snowthorn shed and compromise the evidence?

    • Lol! I never thought of that! Maybe Snowthorn would have to wear a full body hair net. And now that I think of it with Tyl in it it might turn into a thriller/romance as he’s just too good looking. We could create a new genre, the Hunky Night Elf romance/thriller!

  3. Don’t worry about laughing at the worst possible moment – I have a habit of doing that and having to hastily disconnect from Vent or leave the area where my latest gigglefest has happened.

    I’d read the book. 😀

    • Jeez, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I seem to have lost my fiction mojo years ago. I used to write and then the whole grammar, punctuation and so on thing just took all the fun out of it. Even my posts have too frequent paragraphs cause I put them in for white space or in this case black space, lol.

    • Of course, “Anything said off Vent, stays off Vent”.

      • The sad thing is that half the time I talk and can’t figure out why no one responds and I don’t have the mic turned on but when I laugh manically it is turned on. Just can’t win, lol.

  4. […] on Saturday, took a quick 10-15 minute break, and then when logged back on was met with huge puppy enthusiasm for the Old Ladies’ run. The past Tuesday Comcast decided to turn off the Internet, and on Thursday I had to work, so I lost […]

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