The Celestial Tournament or My Garrosh Heirlooms


Scott Andrews at WoW Insider wrote Who is The Celestial Tournament for? For me and those like me and obviously anyone who finds joy pet battling and collecting them. But first let’s talk about me, me, me.

I didn’t think I’d like pet battles at all but I’m so happy I did. I’d be living in Tatooine unsubscribed to WoW by now without battle pets.

I find myself in love with a world that was not meant for me. I am here on the sufferance of Blizzard and oh, because I pay them, but I don’t belong. Many years ago when I was an idiot kid I beat the crap out of my spine. I defy anyone to try to get across to a teenager that they are only getting this one body and they should treat it with care. The bill has come due, there are consequences.

So here I, and I’m sure others are in a world not meant for those of slow reflexes, shaky hands, poor eyesight … the list goes on. I would never inflict myself on people seriously trying to raid, it wouldn’t be fair. So no fancy gear for me. No soloing Warbringers, no Garrosh heirlooms … blah, blah blah.

I’m a grownup playing a game so for the most part I’m okay with that. I make up my own challenges, I enjoy the world. But the Celestial Tournament IS my Garrosh kill. Finally something for ME ME ME!

All it took was leveling the correct pets and … thinking. My fingers do not have to fly swiftly and accurately over the keys. So all I need is a tolerance for grinds, a tolerance of RNG, research and thinking. DAMN, here’s something I can excel at without the need to hit the correct key quickly.

And I have to disagree with Mr. Andrews as I rolled up at the tournament the first time with probably upwards of one hundred pets and got my ass handed to me. You don’t need a lot, just the right ones.

Admittedly there are those stressful moments of the pet battling life. I can’t tell you how long it sometimes takes to accurately click on those damn caffeine-addled, jumpy Marsh Fiddlers when out leveling but time is on my side. I don’t have to do it quickly.

So yeah … inadvertently or not … Blizzard has created my final boss of the expansion.  The Celestial Tournament.

Chi-Chi, Xu-Fu, Yu’la and Zao are my Garrosh heirlooms.

I’m outta here, Cat and I have important things to do like obstruct the mailbox with a giant Chi-Chi.

Hopefully they’ll keep them coming. I would so love to beat up Kargath Bladefist’s little pet Fluffy. Bring it, Kargath … bring it. I don’t need no stinking reflexes for that.




20 Responses to “The Celestial Tournament or My Garrosh Heirlooms”

  1. I tried the Tournament once, lost my temper and went and bullied Horde in a variety of battlegrounds until I’d calmed down.

    That I think is the great thing about WoW, it’s not just raiding or PvP but this huge distracting number of things you can choose to do.

    • Lol, I’ll bet the Horde didn’t know what hit them and it was battle pet fury!

      I know, I’m always thankful that there’s enough that I can manage to do so I won’t be forced to ship out on a freighter to other worlds. This is my home even when I take vacations I always return.

  2. Pet battles make me happy. Just finished up “The Longest Day” yesterday. 4 more weeks and I’ll have my last 2 baby Celestials. 🙂

    • Me too! Yay for those two more beautiful pets! I swore I wouldn’t go back to the tournament once I got all mine but I find I can’t resist the lure of flawless battlestones and pet treats of leveling.

  3. I am a coward of that place. I am afraid to look to see if it too is ‘going away,’ so I had better hurry. I was wondering when you would have YOUR epiphany about your leet skills!

    • Oh wow, I never thought about that. I hope it’s not going away, that’s where I get my extra special battle pet treats.

      I’m afraid any skill I have came from many hours spent in the tournament losing again and again. Now I just have one or two tries a day and if I have bad luck just give it a go another day.

  4. I love this line…. “I find myself in love with a world that was not meant for me.” OMG can I relate to that!

  5. I think the CT was supposed to be the “final raid boss” for pet battlers 😀
    I kind of cheated though and used the guide at Wowhead because I R Bad pet battler.
    It’s worth doing it for the CT pets – better than Garrosh heirlooms!

    • You got that right, pets are forever! I only learned what worked when I stopped trying to win and paid attention. Although on some like those awful Monks I just finally gave up trying to win pretty and went with slow but dependable grubs, lol.

  6. Nice! The Tournament participants are way better raid bosses than stupidhead Garrosh. And you don’t have to worry about obscenely poor writing and voice acting ruining your experience! AND you get cuter loot than Garrosh will ever drop!

    • I know, they are cute! I’m not sure why battle pets rank up there before mounts to me but they do. And then I get sentimental about some of them and won’t battle them. Mostly the puppies, lol.

  7. I am happy you look at it that way! I think that about Brawlers. I love this post Tome, it is so you, and it speaks for everyone who is like you. We are not all the same!

    Just that bit about the pets being your heirlooms – that is gold my friend.

    • I was going to give Cim a go at getting to at least level 7 before the patch but man, the brawlers guild is now crawling with people every time I go and I get much stupider when under observation, lol.

      Yeah, I don’t have much of a competitive nature so I’m at least glad pet battles appeal, nothing like offering me a pet to get me off my butt!

  8. I was going to say something else, but then I saw “Chi-Chi” and I thought of Les Nessman’s mispronunciation of Chi Chi Rodriguez on an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati.

    You have fun obstructing that mailbox.

    • I don’t remember that one. And I will and it could get ugly, I have about 250 more of those grow-them-big treats so I’ll have to see which pet is the most menacing looking guarding the mailbox!

  9. OMG those marsh fiddlers, yes! They sure are annoying little buggers. Hmm, I don’t know if I could do another tournament this time round. There’s just so many things to do and the elekk achievement should keep us all occupied for a while.

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