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Screen Shots Folder: A Substitute for a Live Server

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WARNING: This is one of my frequent “server maintenance” posts that usually get deleted because I’m just rambling on to fill the time before servers come up. I’m not really saying ANYTHING AT ALL … just so you know. Of course the implication there is that I EVER say anything.
lupecheaterSigh … I’ve done everything I had to do. What? No, I didn’t dust, screw that but I did everything else and now I’m left with a stray hour before servers come back up. I know! I’ll peruse my screen shot folder, that’ll be kind of like playing, right?

Oh my, how embarrassing. Man, why did that have to come up first. That’s Lupe, she’s in Matty’s guild Drunken Fish because seriously, who wouldn’t want to be a Drunken Fish? But really, Lupe … that’s awful. I can’t believe you’re leveling by beating up that little girl’s bunnies with a bunch of level 25 pets. That’s low Lupe, even for a Warlock, I hope you’re ashamed. No? Figures.

filmstripA WoW screen shot movie! Since I have a habit of taking lots of screen shots one right after the other because … yeah, I don’t know why. But anyway, I found if you slide back and forth in filmstrip mode in Adobe Bridge you get an animated screen shot folder! Almost like being online … yeah, I know but I’m trying to see the positive here.

Oh! Here’s some sentimental shots.

treasureroomThe treasure room on Isle of Thunder! I think Sasche took that on her last run through. She loved that place, best place to pick up a bunch of Motes of Harmony and some spending money. She loved it so much she never even tried to get through it. Too busy checking for any chests she missed, can’t pass up any loose change lying around. Goodbye treasure room, you’ll be missed!

missmopYeah, Cat always finds the best places to take a nap. Probably because she’s part cat. They sense these things. Best places to nap, sensing the lap of the person in a room who does not like cats and jumping up on it, that kind of stuff.

accidentAh yes, the inadvertent screen shot. I have a lot of these. I didn’t think my fingers flailed around that much, hitting random keys but my screen shot folder says otherwise. They probably rival the on purpose screen shots in number. I figure the odds are one day one of them will have something interesting on it. You know, accidental screen shot RNG.

Well shoot. That only used up half an hour. Now I’m faced with roaming around the internet and that’s been dangerous lately. I’m on some kind of impulse buying kick. Really, I ordered a TCG card and then a treadmill. No, I’m not kidding but the treadmill was on sale and such a good deal. Can’t pass things like that up. I was also considering a biofeedback machine because that just seems so cool … I know … server maintenance … a time of great financial danger.

Love, Hate and … What? Seriously?

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mylunecallI’ll talk about “seriously” first. A while back Godmother had a post talking about the new Toy Box. I thought yeah, I’m sure you’ll find people going back for toys they missed to fill it but I just want to make some room in my bags.

I’m not going to … wait … there are achievements? Sure, I always wanted an Orb of the Sin’dorei but I didn’t feel like doing Magisters’ Terrace over and over and over to get one. Sure, Cat always wanted Mylune’s Call but our officious bank alt Sophina has always told her, you are NOT getting money from me to buy overpriced toys to clog up your bags. Absolutely not!

Yeah … when Cat heard about the Toy Box achievements she turned into a General positioning her forces.

Some one was stationed at Ahone the Wanderer, someone else at Ai-Li Skymirror. On mission success, Cat pulled back her forces from position and relocated them. No rare with a toy was safe.

Mistakes were made. I don’t know when Ironrose and Cat will be speaking again. No one on the Horde side had even started the Argent Tournament so Cat sent Rose to Northrend, a land where she had no allies, no flight paths, to do the Elune forsaken dailies for the Faction Banners.

It was a while before Cat realized that apparently when you gained the Alliance Banner you also were awarded the Horde equivalent.

Oh … my bad. Rose. I’m sorry. All that pain in vain. Rose? Ah, come on Rose, it was an honest mistake!

At 91 we’re down to the painful ones to do before the Darkmoon Faire comes to town. One set of dice down, two to go. Sasche’s stationed on the Timeless Isle but she’s still not even caught a glimpse of the Black Flame brothers so she logs in and out killing Eternal Kilnmasters while she waits for the Champs to appear.

I’m anxiously awaiting November 9th when I can again use item recovery to see if I can regain things I threw out … um … a few years ago. So I guess you could say it’s become an all-consuming passion. That or Cat’s just doing it to avoid collecting anymore stupid pristine thingies.


liwublingIt’s sad to see a relationship fall apart like this. Liwu was so happy with her Blingtron. They chatted first thing every morning over coffee. Theirs was a close relationship … sadly … no more. I’m afraid there’s only so much Super-Heated Oil a relationship can take.

FOR ONCE, JUST FOR ONCE BLINGTRON could you give me something nice, I overheard Liwu shout in a very un-monk like fashion. Maybe a gem I need, is that so much to ask?

OMG! A River’s Heart? A freaking River’s Heart, you little shit Robot? They’re WORTHLESS! I HATE you!


yoontimeI think it’s safe to say I love Farmer Yoon and his story. Everyone, no exceptions, had to help him get his farm and some respect from that big bully Haohan Mudclaw. Didn’t matter if they didn’t farm or cook, all that mattered was getting that bully to eat his shorts words.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be sitting with Farmer Yoon having a last chat before we all head out to face the Iron Horde. We’ll be pondering the mysteries of Pandaria for the last time. Like the one where, I don’t know HOW MANY times, a Pandaren has said, the next one’s on me!

I’m still waiting.





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cimdeadYesterday WordPress wished me a happy blog fourth birthday. I was kind of surprised. It appears that I have managed to prattle away for four years about a game I love but don’t play very well. How did I even do that? What the hell have I been talking about anyway? I’ll have to look.

Anyway I had another milestone right before this blog’s birthday thanks to the kindness of Prinnie of That Was an Accident, her friend Rimmington and Matty, oh and some tank from the queue. Didn’t quite get their name as I was … indisposed most of the time.

What was it? Current content! UBRS! How’d it go? Well yeah I was dead mostly but it really is the best way to see things. You know. No stressful having to stay out of stuff to worry about since … well … I apparently already stood in it. Just now, JUST NOW when cropping the screen shot I see Matty in chat saying stay out of the bad stuff … oh well … better late than never … sort of.

Anyway by the third boss who had lovely bright yellow easy to see spinning thingies I managed to stay off my back! Thank you you guys for that WoW milestone!

phantaheadAfter that I relaxed with Phanta and some wanton slaughter and thievery. There’s something wrong with that Goblin. I have spoken to her REPEATEDLY about how Rogues are supposed to be one with the shadows. A whisper in the night, silently stalking undetected until the moment they strike.

NOT RIDING AROUND ON A ZHEVRA WITH A PUMPKINHEAD WAVING AT PEOPLE. I give up. I’ll have to look into Rogue therapy for her, I don’t know what else to do.

liwuskelAfter that Liwu volunteered to get the second new cat from Hallow’s End because she has all those engineering transporters. Cat had already acquired Cursed Birman so it was up to Liwu to get Cat Widget the Departed so she would calm down. Jeez Cat, it’s a long holiday there’s plenty of time.

Let’s see … what other celebratory stuff did we do. Oh, EoE is so much nicer to solo after the patch. No more 1, 1, 2, 3 and dodging as he’s already dead. There is just one thing. Sasche the Undead Warlock and Cim the Human are specced the same and at the time their iLevel was the same but Sasche is way deadlier.

I always suspected this and after doing EoE one right after the other it was apparent. Is Cim a slacker or is Sasche that much angrier? I have no idea … something to ponder.

Every evening after dinner I tell my non-gaming husband, I’m off to kill people, I’ll be back! I’d say that now but the servers are down. Hmm … I guess I’m left with I’m off to stalk the neighborhood with my fierce and deadly Hunter pet Mikey the Dog raining death on all who oppose us.

Okay, probably we’re just going to walk along occasionally picking up trash, but still, if anyone opposes us there’ll be hell to pay.

Okay, I’ve answered my own question. NOW I see what I’ve been talking about for four years.



Thieves, Hooves and Brown Cows

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thiefatheartWho knew? I’m apparently a sneaky thief at heart. I had felt I was going against the Altoholics Creed boosting this Rogue for professions but I’m having the best time. She’s been a little killing machine on Timeless Isle. Don’t know if it’s the result of the patch or getting her gear over the 500 iLevel mark.

Thanks to Cymre now all she wants to do is skulk around Blasted Lands pickpocketing the Lieutenants to fence her stuff to Griftah. I figure it’s okay since she might luck out and get a Bronze Whelpling to drop. Cat’s getting impatient though so I might have to give in and buy one.

winghoofAs for Cat she’s still leveling her pets as though nothing has changed. It’s some kind of an obsession. I hope she’ll snap out of it when WoD drops. I did get her attention when I told her battle pets drop from the Headless Horseman this year. Um … just handing out misinformation to keep you on your toes. The pets can be purchased!

The only problem she’s had since the patch is remembering a hoof means she can fly. She repeatedly stares at her UI wondering how to fly … oh yeah … hoof. I like the icon she came up with better. Guess they don’t have room for wings.

Let’s see, what else. Oh, I want to do the new UBRS but probably never will. I have puggitous, a little known phobia. It’s the fear of strangers being complete asses to each other. It doesn’t seem to happen as much with holiday bosses or world bosses. I’ve never been able to figure that one out.

hownowI know, I know. Get over the faces already, jeez. But damn, when I  logged in to take a look at Ironrose, she looked seriously … derpy. So here’s her new look. Whether or not she still looks derpy is up for debate but what’s important is now she looks like she’ll kick your butt if you say it. Nobody is going to come up to that Rose and say how now brown cow. If they do they’ll live to regret it.


Patch 6.0.2, Elder Lin you Bitch!

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elderlinSeriously Elder Lin? I’ve been waiting for this day, I planned on using the money to finance an epic battle pet buying extravaganza. I mean 11,368 lesser coins divided by 50? Big freaking winfall, right?

WHERE IS THE 45 gold and some odd silver? WHERE THE HELL IS IT? I don’t want your STUPID SEALS!!! Who cares if I can turn them all in if I don’t get any GOLD! You kept it didn’t you, you stupid BIIIITC … oh … sorry … didn’t see you there.

Wow, it seems Cat’s new face may have changed her disposition … a little. We spent a good deal of time trying on new faces. No matter what we tried she still looks like the girl in the front row in school who raises her hand at the end of class to remind teacher she forgot to give us homework.

newsasSasche’s the one who changed the most. She decided to be brave and take off the straps she’d been hiding behind but I see they left her with a skin condition. Oh, and she decided on a haircut. Her hair was a little … brittle.

newcatfaceI’m about to check in on them and see how it’s going. Cat was in such a snit when I left her yesterday. Her most important addon has not been updated. No, not a threat meter, no not DBM or GTFO.

If PetBattle Teams isn’t updated soon MY quality of life will be ruined because Cat’s just not herself since … the change.

The Week of Eating Dangerously

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cateatingMy husband was on vacation last week. His idea of being on vacation is going out to eat AT LEAST one meal a day. It seems all we did was eat. I see it even spilled over into Azeroth as I think that’s something like Cat’s seventh order of Pandarian hot pot.

So yeah, not much headway done on things to do before THE PATCH. I can’t really concentrate when any moment someone will run into the room yelling LET’S GO CHECK OUT THE NEW FROZEN YOGHURT PLACE!

Okay, let’s see where we are.

Cim? You were supposed to be trying to get to level 7 of the Brawler’s Guild, how’s that going?

You didn’t? Okay then I guess you spent your time running The Stonecore and Eye of Eternity for the mounts, right?

You were getting keys from the Mogu for Golden Lotus reputation? What the hell for? What’s going on here?

Cat, how’s The Seeker of Knowledge thing coming? No? Why not?

Will someone tell me what’s going on!

phantafriendWHAT! Who boosted Phanta? What? Me?

I know boosting should be anathema to altoholics because we’re all about the journey but I felt so sorry for Sasche and Ironrose not having support staff so just this one more boost. Just this one and I’ll stop. I hope.

Okay … probably not such a good idea to boost a Rogue, Ironrose is a Feral Druid so I already knew how to play her but Phanta and the Timeless Isle? Really, really painful. I think the worst part is finally finding a pink flamingo and sneaking up to have … once again … a caster toast that bird as I’m just about to attack. The life of a Rogue poor thing.

Anyway we’ve been having so much fun trying to get her jewelcrafting and alchemy going and getting her some clothes and APPARENTLY Cim’s been getting her reputation that we all kind of just forgot about “things to do before the patch.”

Sasche ran around picking flowers for Phanta’s alchemy. Cat’s graciously agreed that Phanta can take over the Celestial Tournament for the Timeless Coins as long as she sends her the Filet Mignon of Pet Leveling.

I guess they’ve all been enjoying this. Phanta even got her Cloud Serpent Riding Yeah I know. She did it to sell the mount for 750 gold but what can you expect, she’s a Goblin.

battlestonesCat did find something odd, she’s been getting Flawless Battlestones at a shocking drop rate. She’s convinced that they’ve changed the drop rate. I don’t know if it’s true or she’s just had a run of exceptional luck.

End of expansions are dangerous times where I sometimes forget what I like to do and I get swept up in the tide of other people’s enthusiasm.

NOTHING would make me forget that I don’t want to do the Legendary Cloak Questline but I did make myself miserable doing things I’d forgotten I don’t enjoy.

Thanks to that little greedy Goblin I think I’m back on track … well … in Azeroth anyway. IRL I’m looking at a week of eating twigs and spinach leaves to make up for the week of eating dangerously but man, it was fun while it lasted.