Patch 6.0.2, Elder Lin you Bitch!

elderlinSeriously Elder Lin? I’ve been waiting for this day, I planned on using the money to finance an epic battle pet buying extravaganza. I mean 11,368 lesser coins divided by 50? Big freaking winfall, right?

WHERE IS THE 45 gold and some odd silver? WHERE THE HELL IS IT? I don’t want your STUPID SEALS!!! Who cares if I can turn them all in if I don’t get any GOLD! You kept it didn’t you, you stupid BIIIITC … oh … sorry … didn’t see you there.

Wow, it seems Cat’s new face may have changed her disposition … a little. We spent a good deal of time trying on new faces. No matter what we tried she still looks like the girl in the front row in school who raises her hand at the end of class to remind teacher she forgot to give us homework.

newsasSasche’s the one who changed the most. She decided to be brave and take off the straps she’d been hiding behind but I see they left her with a skin condition. Oh, and she decided on a haircut. Her hair was a little … brittle.

newcatfaceI’m about to check in on them and see how it’s going. Cat was in such a snit when I left her yesterday. Her most important addon has not been updated. No, not a threat meter, no not DBM or GTFO.

If PetBattle Teams isn’t updated soon MY quality of life will be ruined because Cat’s just not herself since … the change.

28 Responses to “Patch 6.0.2, Elder Lin you Bitch!”

  1. Oh Cat looks fantastic in that last shot! I know what you mean about Pet Battle Teams. I could only make myself do Aki and Nishi because I only have to swap one pet out. The other tamers would be too much trouble. I even had to click through the chat options without my Auto Safari Hat addon!! πŸ˜›

    Good news is the hat is now a buff, bad news is, all the extra clicking LOL

    • CurseForce has a notice that the project is inactive so it looks like I’ll have to look for an alternative, sigh. The hard part will be remembering those bazillion teams I had.

      Thanks! I’d forgotten about the changes to the Safari hat!

  2. “We spent a good deal of time trying on new faces.”

    Is this a thing? Can you change your face?? Or did you just look at the other faces in the character creation screen?

    • Absolutely! You can go to the Barber Shop and try out new faces now! I was extremely thankful they added this as some of my characters were … less than okay, lol.

      • Oh thank the WoW gods. I was okay with most of my faces, but my favorite character looks awful. I was super busy last night and didn’t even get a chance to log in or look over the patch notes or anything.

  3. The only faces I really need to change are my Forsaken. The face they ended up with just makes them look psychotic. Which I guess is how they should look, but I like my toons to be pretty.

    Those faces just weren’t pretty.

    • Sasche my Undead changed the most. I know she’s an Forsaken Warlock but she’s not mean so I didn’t want her to look that way. I think now she just looks a little sad and I sure would be in her condition.

  4. OMG I hear you about Pet Battle Teams! D:
    I also had to disable Pet Journal Enhanced because none of my pets were showing up in the Journal.

    I actually got a nice chunk of gold for my JPs on my Priest so naturally I blew it all on the new Bronze Whelpling because although I spent hours farming for it the silly thing never dropped.

    • I still haven’t given up on getting the Bronze Whelpling to drop but I was happy to see quite a few for sale in case I give up.

      If I could even figure out where the teams are saved so I could print them out. I don’t like my odds trying to remember who was on all my teams!

      • In the Pet Battle Teams options there is a button to “Restore Teams.” It might not bring everything back, but when I’ve had to use it I only had a few pets missing from my teams.

        How it will work with such a major patch update I don’t know but it will be worth a shot.

  5. Some bad news and some good news…Apparently PetBattle Teams hasn’t been updated for a long time and author isn’t around.

    Good news…someone has fixed the addon to work with 6.0.2 and it’s available at
    Here’s the link:
    Haven’t tried it yet (still at work) but most reports say it’s working.

    There might be some alternatives at Curse that have been updated although I haven’t tried any myself because I was pretty happy with PetBattle Teams.

  6. Try Rematch – it’s the best pet addon out there.

  7. Oh it is good to know I wasn’t the only one going “Hey where is my 45g!” And yes my teams…. i will die without my teams!!

  8. There is an unofficial fix up for Pet Battle Teams linked in the comments of the Pet Battle Teams curse page you linked. It will do until the real thing is updated.

  9. This is all going to take a lot to get used to. The struggle is real, as they say! πŸ™‚

  10. hi ancient my site link is discontinue now… please update your site link on my blog.. Thanks hon!

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