Thieves, Hooves and Brown Cows

thiefatheartWho knew? I’m apparently a sneaky thief at heart. I had felt I was going against the Altoholics Creed boosting this Rogue for professions but I’m having the best time. She’s been a little killing machine on Timeless Isle. Don’t know if it’s the result of the patch or getting her gear over the 500 iLevel mark.

Thanks to Cymre now all she wants to do is skulk around Blasted Lands pickpocketing the Lieutenants to fence her stuff to Griftah. I figure it’s okay since she might luck out and get a Bronze Whelpling to drop. Cat’s getting impatient though so I might have to give in and buy one.

winghoofAs for Cat she’s still leveling her pets as though nothing has changed. It’s some kind of an obsession. I hope she’ll snap out of it when WoD drops. I did get her attention when I told her battle pets drop from the Headless Horseman this year. Um … just handing out misinformation to keep you on your toes. The pets can be purchased!

The only problem she’s had since the patch is remembering a hoof means she can fly. She repeatedly stares at her UI wondering how to fly … oh yeah … hoof. I like the icon she came up with better. Guess they don’t have room for wings.

Let’s see, what else. Oh, I want to do the new UBRS but probably never will. I have puggitous, a little known phobia. It’s the fear of strangers being complete asses to each other. It doesn’t seem to happen as much with holiday bosses or world bosses. I’ve never been able to figure that one out.

hownowI know, I know. Get over the faces already, jeez. But damn, when I  logged in to take a look at Ironrose, she looked seriously … derpy. So here’s her new look. Whether or not she still looks derpy is up for debate but what’s important is now she looks like she’ll kick your butt if you say it. Nobody is going to come up to that Rose and say how now brown cow. If they do they’ll live to regret it.



10 Responses to “Thieves, Hooves and Brown Cows”

  1. Oh whoa, that is one serious face! I did the chain on four toons and didn’t see the pet either. Best of luck though.

  2. I had to laugh at the thought of the little rogue running around the Blasted Lands – I really enjoy my gnome and goblin rogues (one very serious NE rogue) and I am debating on whether I want to take the boost or not on them. Yep, getting back into the groove now that I have my characters set up – I suppose that Zippie ought to start getting out and terrorizing the Blasted Lands next week with her Shaman awesomeness.

    • She seems to attract attention, lol. She gets lots of waves and people jumping in to help but she really can hold her own now.

      Yes, come to the Lands of Blasting! Although hopefully by next week they’ll have the kinks out of the quest line. Right now some of my characters have quests to turn in but no NPC to turn in to.

  3. I’m so glad that the new models fix the texture problem with that horn style! I liked the horns, but the way the color was textured on the old models drove me nuts.
    Heh, I thought that winged hoof icon was, like, a tauren biker gang tattoo 😛

  4. I meant to mention that I hope to Velen it’s not against the Altaholics’ Code not to boost characters, otherwise I would have been kicked out a long, long time ago. Anytime I’ve gotten some birthday money or other unexpected boon it’s gone to boosting someone or another. I am done with leveling, the hell with the journey. I think the battle pets may drop by you can buy them with candy too, so don’t expect just kind RNGs – you can take control of this. And we can get through UB in no time – it takes about ten minutes. Do not fret Tome!

    • My non-wowing husband did the rolly eyeball thing when I asked for things like virtual tickets and boosts for my birthday. He always says, okay but now give me something real. He just doesn’t get that a boost is “real” to us.

      Thank you for catching that! They don’t drop from that Horseman, whew. No rotten RNG involved!

      Oh! I would love that!

  5. Derpy is just what I would say. Something I know well.

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