Screen Shots Folder: A Substitute for a Live Server

WARNING: This is one of my frequent “server maintenance” posts that usually get deleted because I’m just rambling on to fill the time before servers come up. I’m not really saying ANYTHING AT ALL … just so you know. Of course the implication there is that I EVER say anything.
lupecheaterSigh … I’ve done everything I had to do. What? No, I didn’t dust, screw that but I did everything else and now I’m left with a stray hour before servers come back up. I know! I’ll peruse my screen shot folder, that’ll be kind of like playing, right?

Oh my, how embarrassing. Man, why did that have to come up first. That’s Lupe, she’s in Matty’s guild Drunken Fish because seriously, who wouldn’t want to be a Drunken Fish? But really, Lupe … that’s awful. I can’t believe you’re leveling by beating up that little girl’s bunnies with a bunch of level 25 pets. That’s low Lupe, even for a Warlock, I hope you’re ashamed. No? Figures.

filmstripA WoW screen shot movie! Since I have a habit of taking lots of screen shots one right after the other because … yeah, I don’t know why. But anyway, I found if you slide back and forth in filmstrip mode in Adobe Bridge you get an animated screen shot folder! Almost like being online … yeah, I know but I’m trying to see the positive here.

Oh! Here’s some sentimental shots.

treasureroomThe treasure room on Isle of Thunder! I think Sasche took that on her last run through. She loved that place, best place to pick up a bunch of Motes of Harmony and some spending money. She loved it so much she never even tried to get through it. Too busy checking for any chests she missed, can’t pass up any loose change lying around. Goodbye treasure room, you’ll be missed!

missmopYeah, Cat always finds the best places to take a nap. Probably because she’s part cat. They sense these things. Best places to nap, sensing the lap of the person in a room who does not like cats and jumping up on it, that kind of stuff.

accidentAh yes, the inadvertent screen shot. I have a lot of these. I didn’t think my fingers flailed around that much, hitting random keys but my screen shot folder says otherwise. They probably rival the on purpose screen shots in number. I figure the odds are one day one of them will have something interesting on it. You know, accidental screen shot RNG.

Well shoot. That only used up half an hour. Now I’m faced with roaming around the internet and that’s been dangerous lately. I’m on some kind of impulse buying kick. Really, I ordered a TCG card and then a treadmill. No, I’m not kidding but the treadmill was on sale and such a good deal. Can’t pass things like that up. I was also considering a biofeedback machine because that just seems so cool … I know … server maintenance … a time of great financial danger.

11 Responses to “Screen Shots Folder: A Substitute for a Live Server”

  1. Have you taken the dog for a walk? That’s always a good way to waste half an hour. Although, maybe it’s not as nice there today as it is here.

    • They’ve had their walk and are snoozing but I might take them out to try to get ahead of the shedding as they both need more brushing.

      And now that you mention it it is a really nice day here too! Wow, thanks for that! The great outdoors, how did I forget!

  2. Just avoid Etsy on these kind of days.

  3. Ah, the treasure room. I took so many trips in that place, it was almost like a second home.

    I’ve also demolished those starter tamers with high level pets (before I started using PetBattle Teams though).

    • I know, I loved that place. Well, both Warlocks did for whatever reason. Possibly because they were both too lazy to farm and it was about their only source of motes.

      I’m glad she’s not the only one, lol.

  4. Haha, that poor little Lindsay. Think you ought to put this pic in there to remind you of your worgen meanness…

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