Hey! Hey! I Heard That!

stupidstuffI don’t know, maybe it’s just me but occasionally I think I hear snickering. Those times when I’m involved in painful, unfun WoW pursuits I’m convinced I can hear those WoW developers whispering, let’s see what else we can get this chump to do.

HAHAHAHA! She did it! She’s spending agonizing hours killing low level mobs in search of dice. It’s not fun, it’s not profitable but damn! We got her! HAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah, guilty. Stupid, stupid little Toy Box. And if you ask me these guys have been deployed WAY too long. They aren’t interested in games of chance, all they’re interested in is reading shocking steamy romances. That’s all they have in their pockets. For Elune’s sake Schnottz, give those guys a week’s leave or something.

The Eternal Kilnmasters weren’t that bad. I had one Warlock stationed at the Blazing Way and one up top and they’re both Tailors so all that cloth was welcome.

canthitLet’s see, what other dumb WoW stuff have they been up to. Oh yeah, I’m not sure why this was fun. The Darkmoon Bunny and Moonfang are no longer the kinder gentler beings they once were. So why did this inspire many, many people … yes me too … to spend an INORDINATE amount of time trying to fight them.

Was it the fun of spending lots and lots of money on repairs? I don’t know, maybe it was the strangely fascinating joy of watching your spells almost never hit, you’ve got to admit that’s a thing that’s been rare lately. I have no clue, maybe I need a WoW therapist. In my defense Moonfang does actually drop a toy I don’t have, maybe that was it.

Welp … time to login. Let’s see if we can find something to do other than the WoW equivalent of picking a hangnail … I’d really like those dice though … maybe just a … HEY I CAN HEAR YOU!



10 Responses to “Hey! Hey! I Heard That!”

  1. I must admit this patch has me a bit confused. I can crit Moonfang for 36 and yet we were playing around in the Dragonsoul this afternoon and I was getting 50k crits on Deathwing. The discrepancies just seem a bit too high with the whole scaling lark.

    Pretty sure the Dice are a lie though 😦

  2. Phanta did manage to get the worn dice pretty quick but those Gnomish ones still elude her. I keep telling her there are better uses for her time but she’s one stubborn rogue! Must be a Goblin trait.

  3. You do know that once a goblin gets their mind focused on something – it’s all over until they complete the task. 😀

  4. I hope you get your dice soon! I need a rogue just for that silly toybox… oh my god making alts for toys, what am I doing, that’s just crazy talk.

  5. We need to start a rent-an-alt program: I suck at the thieves, but am pro at alts…

  6. I just don’t look at the Toy Box anymore or I’d be running around trying to get them all.
    I have a bad enough time trying to get all the pets 😦

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