We Have Wings!

saswingsYes! I know! I’ll bet you never thought we’d gain our wings, after all this time and … what? What do you mean, wings are wings right? Not the right ones? Yeah … no … they’re not attached to a cloak. Can’t fool you can we. Okay, okay.

Whew, Sasche got our 96th Toy Box item for everyone. Sasche let everyone else try the new Darkmoon Faire quest Firebird’s Challenge first to try to get a feel for what to do.

The achievement Brood of Alysrazor requires you to collect 50 Blazing Rings in one flight session of Firebird’s Challenge. The reward is those lovely wings. The only thing Sasche did that the others didn’t was … count. I know. Not much of a tip but after about six attempts that’s the only thing I did differently, when Sasche got to the Ringmaster achievement she started counting the next 25.

I don’t have the heart to tell Sasche she’s the only one who tried it after the sharing of the rings glitch was fixed, I’ll let her feel special. Undead need to feel special once in a while.

I think this may be the end of our toy box item acquisition until WoD arrives. The remaining available now are tough ones. Two pair of elusive dice. Two rares on Timeless Isle that I always manage to show up for after they’re dead. Terrok has way too many visitors right now and no, I can’t solo heroic Scholomance for Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors so maybe this feverish hunt for toys will slow down now. I hope. Never can tell …



14 Responses to “We Have Wings!”

  1. Grats on the wings. It’s so much easier now that it’s been hotfixed.

  2. Definitely congratulations on the wings there!! No, don’t tell her about the others, that would spoil her moment in the sun. 😀

  3. Has Cat had a turn at it? I did it on my troll druid in cat form. Super fun flying around through wings as a cat! Sadly, the actual toy doesn’t work with shapeshifts though.

  4. Congrats!! I cannot get past 31…it may need to wait another month!

  5. O.o
    I didn’t know about the new DMF stuff and WINGS. I must have wings. I did the daily but didn’t know about the Achiev, so I did it again and I didn’t see a count but I don’t think I got close to 50 anyway.
    No wings for me 😦

    • I know, aren’t they pretty! There’s an achievement for 25 wings so I just started counting after that dinged. And I think it was at wowhead someone had posted a map of them so that helped.

  6. JD Kenada Says:

    This thing is the bane of my existence. I get in the 40’s six times and then do something dumb and get 5. lol I

    I just don’t have enough patience for the last night of the Faire…

  7. […] But a toy?  No, I just take those as I stumble upon them.  That was the case until yesterday when Tome talked about the new Darkmoon Faire daily.  I was instantly in […]

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