Warcraft Movie Panel Reminded Me of …

moviepanelhigh school … and not in a good way if there even is a good way. I really didn’t want to whine, I even tried bargaining. I told myself if Blingtron gave me something good this morning I wouldn’t vent. Yeah, so much for that he gave me some old toenail clippings … typical.

So then I told myself if Christoph VonFeasel gave me a Syd I would keep my mouth shut but then I though, oh screw it, I don’t even feel like going to the Faire. I told myself, hey you don’t want the whole world to know what a whining little whiner you are but then I thought … hey … the whole world doesn’t read your posts. Go ahead, moan away.

A little background. I have been waiting for the movie panel since last year’s Blizzcon, it’s something I was very excited about. I knew … I just knew we’d get a little peek of the movie … just a peek. I counted down the months. I knew it would happen.

I bought a virtual ticket for the most part for the movie panel … okay alright and the pet. I wanted to see it live so my husband was given the equivalent of a TV dinner because I had to be stationed in front of the PC … waiting … for that moment I’d waited so long for … finally … it was here.

The moment was here and what I got was Chris Metzen turning to the audience with a conspiratorial look saying, yeah, check it out upstairs. In other words, YO, COOL KIDS! YOU GET TO WATCH FOOTAGE FROM THE MOVIE.

You? Oh yeah, not so much.

The panel was very good, I would have enjoyed it had I not been so crushed. I must not have been the only one because Duncan Jones tweeted this:

oldfogieI know nothing about the film industry. I’m sure they have a reason but I can’t figure it out. It seems you’d WANT millions of people to get excited about your film.


Yeah … probably if I’m still alive in 2016 I’ll be first in line. I probably would have been okay with it if they had just not made me, the virtual ticket holder feel like a lonely little loser with my nose pressed up to the glass looking in at the cool kids … the beautiful people … the in crowd … Chris’s homies.

I know I’ll watch the movie but I really doubt I’d ever pay for a virtual ticket again. I love pets, pets are nice but not really worth 40 bucks to me unless they come up with a battle pet that doubles as flying mount and a campfire and is a toy. Then … maybe.

So I’ve got to go. For whatever reason this whole thing has made me feel like I’ve got to do homework and quietly cry in the corner cause no one asked me to prom.

29 Responses to “Warcraft Movie Panel Reminded Me of …”

  1. The only reason I can think of why they didn’t show us virtual ticket holders was because there is a chance it would be copied and shown all over the internet.

    Since they can’t have that happen, they denied the virtual ticket holders.

    Believe me, I was super sad too. 😦

  2. For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re a whining little whiner. If I were in your shoes, my post would have been a lot worse than this one. That’s total BS. Even if they didn’t want people spreading it on the internet…ugh. It’s just wrong.

    • Thank you Nicki! I hate to be a complainer but this really got to me. I’m not sure why they don’t want it on the internet either because I’d think that’s good publicity. I guess we’ll have to wait until the approved trailer is officially released, sigh.

  3. You are going to love tomorrow’s post.

  4. I too have buyer’s remorse on the virtual ticket. By the time I was able to log on yesterday the video from the movie panel was pulled so I had to watch it from youtube. To make it worse the main stage and panel live streams never worked even though the other ones ran just fine. I basically got a damn expensive pet since many panels were missing from the feed and videos.

    • Oh no. Yes, I saw panels listed at the bottom that I would have loved to watch but they never showed up. Almost everything that I wanted to see wasn’t watchable. I checked the forums and there were people asking for a refund. I’ll keep my expensive pet but never again on the ticket.

  5. Wow. That’s just ridiculous. I wouldn’t have expected virtual ticket holders to get excluded from things like that. I didn’t get a virtual ticket and now I’m glad because I’d have been crushed too. Your post is not at all whiny. Mine probably would have been really cranky in your place.

    • You dodged that bullet! Unless you’re a big, big fan of Murlocy pets it wasn’t worth it. Thank you, it probably helped that I waited to the next day to post. That night had I written the post it would have been X-rated with all the expletives. By the next day I had calmed down to the occasional screw it, lol.

  6. I imagine it had to do with Legendary wanting to keep as much of the hype for themselves but I can only imagine how impressive the footage upstairs was (from everything I’ve been able to gather over the last few months).

  7. A lot of the people were unhappy with the way that the “feed” went for Blizzcon from what I gather on the forums. Sorry you didn’t get to see what you wanted to to see, I don’t understand why they did that either. *hugs*

    • Thank you! I think the way it was handled made it worse. Had Metzen told the crowd after the filming stopped it wouldn’t have seemed like he just shot us virtual ticket holder the finger, lol.

  8. […] his name, and he, Chris, graciously gave me his autograph on my badge! (Luckily I had a pen handy.) Oh coolness! I feel like I met a rockstar! The line was too long for the movie theatre, so we never got to experience it, but hey, I got my […]

  9. I’ll go to prom with you. *pushes up specs*

  10. That was my first experience with virtual ticket and a bad one too. Something about the movie was the biggest highlight of the Blizzcon that I wanted to see, and also some very interesting stuff from the panels.

    I stayed up all night until they ended talking about the movie, and right at the point when I was expecting a trailer – Chris says, ok, now go there upstairs. Of course I await that cameramen follow the guys from presentation, and guess what happens? Nothing. They even didn’t present it afterwards.

    Save that, there were no panels either streaming or on record later.

    What we have now is just a super expensive pet and Rob Kazinsky’s stroll apretending to be Orgrim (a cool one btw). But it’s not worth it – like at all.

    Anyone knows where I could claim my ticket refund?

    • Last year’s was very good, lots of panels I was interested in. This year was bad at least for me. I guess they might have thought the announcement of Overwatch was pretty big but for me a team shooter means pretty much nothing although visually it was Blizzard beautiful.

      The movie panel was good, Kazinsky was wonderful but like you I was waiting for the movie clip however small.

      I’ve read on the forums of people contacting their credit cards and stopping payment. Didn’t see any followup on whether it was successful or not.

    • And I’m pretty nosy so I had to listen to your band, so far just listened to Humus, really liked it and loved the art!

  11. Other than the copying/distributing all over the internet as mentioned above, there are probably a ton of copyright/licencing issues by the movie studio to consider when showing *anything* to an international audience through the virtual ticket. Not to mention the legal nightmare to wade through for each countries ratings, etc.

    I would have been very surprised if they actually *did* show anything from the movie lol.

    But then again, I’m in Canada so I’m painfully aware at how often we hit the wall when it comes to USA content – Netflix Canada is a prime example of how much we actually can’t get due to licencing, rating differences between the countries, etc. – and we’re right “next door.”

    • From reading the forums I think what pissed off people the most was the misleading advertising for the virtual ticket. It definitely implied that that you would see everything those at the Con saw. Even a lot of the panels weren’t available. I really enjoyed last years but this one not so much. But I learned my lesson, no more v-tickets for me even for that pet!

  12. I watched the entire Hearthstone tournament .. which was super awesome even though my favourite player lost in the quarterfinals … so I definitely got my money’s worth out of the virtual ticket, but I can certainly sympathize with you.

    • Yep, from reading around it seems to depend on what you’re interested in. Some people were really happy with the ticket. I think just those like me whose interest was mostly in info on the movie were disappointed although what there was of the movie panel was good. Duncan Jones seems REALLY excited about it.

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