Lunacy, Thy Name is … oh … me

deaddinoCim’s been sitting on about 3,000 dinosaur bones for probably a year or so. Navimie and Cymre recently got their White Raptors so I think that’s what got her attention. Time to go to the Isle of Giants and hunt dinosaur.

Wow, just wow. What the hell happened here. I remember the Isle as being a quiet place, just me and the dinosaurs. Slaughter everywhere. PEOPLE everywhere. What is up. Wait a minute, I’ve not seen one person yet from either of my two servers, what’s going on here … oh … it’s a CRZ now. For all I know the whole of Pandaria is now.

Between the fact that the dinosaur bones are no longer soul bound and can be sold and CRZ it looks like Cim really stepped in the dog’s business on this one. I TOLD her not to leave it to the last minute, jeez.

Dinosaur bounty hunters everywhere, I wonder if they really sell that many as they’re running around 4,000 gold a stack of 999. We started out being polite, if someone seemed to have staked a claim to the white dino area or the blue dino area we’d try to find someplace else.

Mostly this left her with the Pterrorwing Skyscreamers around the Alliance repairman. There were four on the ground and one in the air. Didn’t seem to be as popular. After a couple of days of that she stopped being polite. She ran screaming through all the areas tagging whatever she found. She’d had it with polite. She is after all a Warlock.

Cim was very, very excited to get a Primal Egg, she only has the Black Raptor. She hoped for one of the others. I think about 10 or 12 more dropped and she was sad she couldn’t loot them but she had hers so she was happy.

whiteraptorFinally she got her 9999 bones!

alreadyknownTime to go back to civilization! On returning she realized her Primal Egg should be ready to hatch. She opened it. She saw this. Nooo …

I’m sorry Cim but what can you do, I know you wanted … Cim? CIM? WoD’s almost here! Where are you going? Come back, we’re cleaning out our banks! Cim!

Nope, she’s gone.

staydehindYep. That’s where I found her. She’s refusing to leave until she acquires another egg. Please, please, please drop, egg. I really don’t want to be hanging out here when everyone ships out for WoD.

CIM! Come on! You can come back in two years, what’s one more mount! Please!

She’s ignoring me. Between Cat and her battle pets and Cim and her mounts … I just hope she’s ready to go by Thursday. I guess I can go study up on garrisons while I wait.

9 Responses to “Lunacy, Thy Name is … oh … me”

  1. Congrats on the bony raptor. At least the time-consuming one’s out of the way and if you get bored you can visit until an egg drops. Here’s to getting the other colours soon.

  2. Grats on the raptor. I have to admit I cheated slightly. We went to the Isle, saw the competition and thought… meh. So I ran every old raid I could think of, sold pets, cloth and boes plus junk to vendors and then bought the bones. Luckily there were so many farmers on my server I managed to buy the last 3000 for around 1g 20 per bone.

    If it’s any consolation to Cim, I’ve only got the emerald raptor and guess what colour my last egg also turned into.. I may have sworn slightly.

  3. I have been taking Haanta, who at least has the consolation
    of skinning the leftovers. I am kicking myself for throwing away bones collected on other characters, too. Stupid bag space. Ugh. Congrats — and those eggs drop like crazy in old LFRs. DO EEEET.

  4. Congratz on the raptor and good luck and getting what you can on the Isle. I had thought about going over to do the same, hiowever, if it is CRZ’d, I guess I’ll do that while people are crazed heading into WoD because I don’t plan on trying it until Monday.

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