Never Mind …

cimseggI had all these screen shots of yesterday. But … yeah … never mind. I think we all know what yesterday looked like but I’m saving the one showing a queue on Fenris because it’s so rare it might become a collector’s item.

So, here I am with all this time on my hands and I suck at Hearthstone so yeah, a post. Cat and Cim were tag-team leveling yesterday. Cim went first and decided to save her primal egg with her new colorful mount until she established her Garrison. You know, as kind of a celebration.

Didn’t work out that well for her, Black Primal Raptor number three!

There were no problems at all on Fenris for me until around 3:00pm eastern when things started getting wonky. Both Cat and Cim managed to get their Town Halls to level 2 before the great Attack of the Asshats.

It’s now become clear that maybe I should have been paying more attention and not squeezing my eyes shut saying, I don’t want to know! I don’t want to know, I want it to be a surprise!

Cim managed to put up the wrong buildings and by the time she realized it she was out of garrison supplies or whatever the stuff is you need to buy buildings. She’d squandered it all and was down to 10 of the whatsits.

How you liking the big surprise now Cim? Ow! I was just kidding, jeez Cim.

Oddly Cat’s further along than Cim. I know! Cat piddles along stopping to tame new pets and killing everything to skin. Just kind of wandering around. Cim’s the one racing through quests trying to get high enough level to turn in some enchanting thingy over where the bird people reside.

I really enjoyed it. At six in the morning the hardcore had left the area and the competition for quests wasn’t that bad yet for things that recommended three people there were enough around.

They both visited Ashran and set their hearthstones to Stormshield and took a look around. It was a pretty good day it just ended too soon.

I only see two negatives. I’m not going to like running some 10 or however many alts it turns into through the starting zone. I had wanted to get my herb/alchem in there but just couldn’t face it again yet.

The other negative is tomorrow is the day of celebration for my birthday. Not the actual day, just the celebrating day. You can’t tell non-gamers that a celebratory day would be to play WoD … not and live.

9 Responses to “Never Mind …”

  1. You know… on my account we’re having a very similar problem with those eggs. We’ve got the black raptor, we’ve got the green raptor. We just need one egg with the red one and it’s all good. So far we’ve gotten rid of three extra green raptors. It’s really frustrating. And sad. What happens to those extra raptors. Do they go live homeless in the nether somewhere? I’m going to tell myself that because it at least makes me happier than the idea that Rim is taking them out behind the shed and bonking them mercifully over the head with his shield because there’s no room in the stable.

    I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about running the rest of my alt army through Tanaan either. I guess we’ll see. I’ll do it anyhow, I know I will. I’m just not sure how I’m going to feel about it.

    Happy Celebrating Day for your birthday! And actual birthday too! And hopefully when you get back to Draenor a few more of the problems will be ironed out. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! I just got a few hours in and everything seems fine, maybe sneak a couple more tonight so I can celebrate tomorrow.

      I know, those poor raptors. Hopefully it sets them free and they get back to the Isle!

      Yeah, I know I’ll do it but maybe not as soon as I thought. I need a breather from the starting area before anyone else gets to go, sorry guys.

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! May you level super quickly, Happy Birthday to you!!

    • Thank you! They are probably just going to poke along. I had thought to get at least the Warlock to 100 for Molten Core but I think that’s a pipe dream that I’d actually queue with 39 strangers, lol.

  3. Damn, that’s bad luck. 25% of the time, you get a Black Raptor every time.

    Happy 21st! πŸ˜›

  4. Hey, happy birthday!

    You know, Tanaan Jungle is a little bit faster than it used to be. I didn’t want to do it again on my alts but having done it on a couple now, it doesn’t seem too bad.

    • Thank you! At least it will be new when I take my Horde characters through their version. I shouldn’t complain because it really didn’t take that long and they are all dressed well enough that’s it’s not endangering their lives, lol.

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