I’m Beginning to See What’s Going on Here

stableoneI thought Cim the Warlock built a Stable in her Garrison for the mounts but now I’m not sure. I didn’t see the pattern at first. I would have expected it from Cat but didn’t catch on right away because it was the Warlock.

Maybe I’m just over-thinking this, maybe it’s nothing … yeah, I’m sure she did it for the mounts and the 20% mount speed increase.

Hmm … Yeah, a little suspicious isn’t it. She’s not out leveling, she’s busy chatting up the stablehands. Who knew? SO MANY unexpected dangers in Draenor.

10 Responses to “I’m Beginning to See What’s Going on Here”

  1. Um, Cim? Cim? Never mind. Carry on.

    • She’s been hanging out with the Druid too much apparently, love of human males much be catchy and I see she’d fond of Night Elves too. Next she’ll be inviting Blood Elves over. Hopefully she’ll get out and level at some point.

  2. Hmm… I’m starting to think maybe I should build a stable.

  3. I think stables are definitely on my list of things to get – hope they have some female stable-hands, my mains are both males. Hopefully I will be able to get back in-game tomorrow.

    • I asked her about it and no surprise when she said she hadn’t noticed any females ones. Probably wasn’t looking too hard, lol.

      Hope you get in too! It seems this is the one time being on a low pop server has paid off.

  4. Maybe she’s just got a thing for chaps in chaps?

  5. So that’s who they got to pose for the cover of “A Steamy Romance”?

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