Commander Pepe Hat the Easy Way

compepeThat’s right, that’s right. I got your Commander Pepe Hat right here. Yeah, all hail the Commander. Snappy salute there Guard … Harry? John? Oh, whatever. I haven’t got all their names straight yet.

Anyway Cat really wanted a Pepe bird on her head. She would have preferred it in Cat form but you take what you can get. And she wasn’t getting anywhere. We watched videos of people leaping into the air and simultaneously clicking.

Are you kidding me, seriously? There is no way I can leap up there and spam click in the right spot. I know, cause we tried for about an hour.

So for those of you who can’t live without a Pepe hat here’s the cheaty easy way.

Go to your Key Bindings and select, Targeting. Find Interact with Target and bind it to any key you want. Then /tar Pepe, make your jump while spamming that key and voila! The Hat of the Pepe!

In a level two Alliance Garrison he’s in a tree behind the Flight Master.

There! You can’t say Cat’s not dressed in the highest fashion! Okay … you could make some comments about her time management skills but hey, Pepe’s so worth it.

16 Responses to “Commander Pepe Hat the Easy Way”

  1. Do not fret: HOTFB is a permanent buff.

  2. But this is HOTF(P), Pepe!

    I’ve found it hard to insult my minions sufficiently such that they leave. If I find a breaking point, I’ll report it.

  3. Congratz on the hat!! LOL it always sounds like such fun and and an adventure when you describe it. 😀

  4. Oh, nice job! I have took into getting one too!

  5. Um…..

    Nice hat.

    /takes a looooong step backward

  6. How do I not know about these things? Guess what I’ll be doing tonight! 😀

  7. My daughter loves Pepe! When she plays my toon she is forever trying to get Pepe on her head. She says its her new friend.

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