Mistakes, Mothra, Asshatometers and Stuff

primaltraderYeah, I’m not sure recruiting this Blook guy was such a good idea. Cim was trying to find her Alliance Primal Trader, Ashley Zerep as soon as she got her garrison to level 3. Couldn’t find her anywhere. It turns out that because Blook is a stalker he’d been obscuring her. He follows her everywhere, it’s kind of creepy. Need to find him something to do, he’s got too much time on his hands.

And I’m thankful JD was online to save me from myself. I had bought the plans to upgrade my stable to level 2 and it wasn’t working, dammit, what’s going on, always with the problems. It’s in my bag … what? Ooooohhhhh … no, I didn’t learn it. Thank you JD.

And then making the mistakes that I learned NOT to make ages ago. I know not to make them.  I know, KNOW not to buy stuff while leveling but Cim was getting tired of waiting for a weapon upgrade so she bought an expensive staff which was replaced within the hour by a green quest reward, sigh.

Learn from her mistakes the rest of you! Do not bring down the Wrath of the Commander! Commander being me just so we’re clear. Yeah, all that kowtowing in the garrison may have gone to my head, just a little.

moth_3Cim’s been having a fine time with her Stables, well up until now anyway. It’s really embarrassing her but she’s stuck on the stupid giant moth, The Moth of Wrath. She’s got a logjam of mounts lined up trying to bring that GIANT, EVIL, DANGEROUS … moth to it’s knees.

Considering she’s a Warlock with demon handling capabilities saying she’s embarrassed she can’t take down a moth is an understatement.

Now I have no reason to do Proving Grounds as I don’t even do regular dungeons because of my stranger danger fears. People I know are generally out making a living the time of day I’m playing so no dungeons. I don’t need a silver to get into heroics.

bitemeBut of all the things I bitch and moan about this is the only thing Blizzard has done that REALLY pisses me off. BITE ME LIEUTENANT THORN. For example I have read comments about what’s happening in Molten Core groups.

I read about people telling the group to single target those Core Hound packs in the first cave. Basically so they can laugh their ass off when it all goes horribly wrong. They may be fine players, they may have aced gold proving grounds but they’re asshats. I can’t help but think you’ll find these same players in heroics.

I don’t like that Blizzard keeps content we’re all paying the same amount for from potentially nice players but yeah, asshats! Come on in! I don’t think they need a skill check, they need an asshatometer. I wish I had an idea, but like Blizzard, I’m stumped. I don’t know, some kind of gaming Myers-Briggs personality test?

breachYep, once more unto the breach. Cim’s at 100. Cat’s enjoying taking her time this expansion. She usually goes first in the mad pack where you can’t really enjoy anything, you’re just competing for quest mobs. She’s much happier taking her time. The ONLY thing she’s miffed about is Cim having a Menagerie first and doing all the pet battles, that might make her hurry just a little bit.

Right now all the pet battling Cat’s doing is using poor little Ashlei to level any level one pets she has. Instant level ten or eleven!

So number three. Not who I’d planned. I wanted a Horde character next but instead it’s a profession character. Lokkan the once Enhancement now Elemental Shaman for Inscription/Jewelcrafting.

To say I don’t know how to play her is an understatement but nevertheless she seems to get by. I thought going through the jungle again would be a pita but it wasn’t which is good news since there are many waiting in the wings.

That’s been my week. I’m enjoying WoD a great deal, more than I thought I would. I would like to fly but I see why we can’t. I guess if I need a hit of flight I’ll go back to the old country.

Hopefully I’ll come up for air before next maintenance day but Draenor calls to me …



21 Responses to “Mistakes, Mothra, Asshatometers and Stuff”

  1. All I can say is, all those treasures would not be a challenge if we had flying this soon into the expansion. I’m glad Cat is enjoying herself and hope to see her battling in the menagerie sometime soon.

    • I know, it became clear why we can’t fly pretty quick so now I get it.

      I know it’s silly but I think of Cat as the pet battler. It just seems wrong doing them on Cim. Aside from Ashlei I’m waiting for Cat to do all the rest, you included!

  2. I am busy dealing with asshat-aholics this week IRL– but the long weekend! Try to break away from family stuff and let’s see what mischief we can get into!

    • I know, holiday weekends you always have to craftily find a way to sneak away and at least check you garrison!

      Oh, I’m sorry you have asshataholics of the real kind to deal with. At least mine are only virtual.

  3. Blook also is drawn to photobombing. I’m lining up a nice screenshot displaying my new friend Pepe on my helm when the giant oaf decides to first stand between Kallixta and the camera before moving his big butt behind me.

    Your instructions were excellent is setting up, but jumping off that rock is not easy. The spouse was LOL behind me watching my feeble efforts.

    I will NOT be blogging about that. It’s easier to conveniently forget comments on other’s blogs.

  4. That’s the thing about asshats; when subs go up, they go up too, but when subs go down they don’t necessarily go away, either.

    • I know, what is this some kind of observer effect that if you observe them they turn into asshats? It’s really scary walking through the grocery store wondering if the asshat ratio is the same IRL, lol.

      • The ratio at the grocery store is the same, but they’re not enabled by alcohol to have their asshattery show up.

        Well, if nothing else, the Asshattery Effect is keeping me from paying $15/month for the privilege of having someone say “U mad, bro?” and “L2P NOOB!!”

  5. Don’t despair! I’ve been a very reluctant tank since MoP (even picked up a DPS spec for LFR – shudder!) because of how people were. I was *very* hesitant to queue for random (normal) dungeons.
    And I found out that this early in the expansion, people are actually helpful, nice, or at least tolerant to me not knowing everything by heart yet. Perhaps it, too, is because I’m playing in the afternoon when most of my (joined) realm’s kids are still at school.
    I’m still biting my nails for 5 minutes before I hit “queue”, but I actually *do* hit “queue”. I hope that won’t change in heroics!

    Of course I will have to do the proving grounds. Nerd points, right? 🙂

    • I’m glad you’ve had good experiences! And yikes! As a tank, you’re braver than me. Cat has a dual spec and way back in BC tried to have a go at tanking but I was pretty bad as I kept getting lost and people got tired of following me, lol.

      I sure hope your luck continues in heroics!

  6. I finally got my silver in proving grounds last night. Not because I especially care to do heroics right now, but because it became a challenge to myself. Bronze was a little difficult, but I got it done the first night. But silver? Silver kicked my ass. And I know I’m better than that, so I was proving it to myself much more than I was to Blizz.

    My husband and I ran a (random) normal on Sunday, and in general, the group was pretty bad. Only one person had been there before – a dps DK. None of our dps was great, and we were all clueless about what we were supposed to be doing. By the end of it, our tank had 14 deaths. (I was a close second with 12.) And we all laughed through the entire thing. Our healer ended up having to leave due to the fact that it was taking way longer than anticipated. We got a new healer, and we wiped right away. He flipped out at us, and I said something to the effect of, “none of us have done this before, and we WERE having fun until you showed up!” He said, “Fine. Keep having fun,” and left the group. Haha. We got another healer who wasn’t an asshat and got it done. Then the original four of us ended up queuing for another one even though we were clearly no good together, as far as getting things done goes. It was such an incredibly refreshing experience, and we all agreed that it was the most fun we’ve had in a random in a long, long time. It was like the old days, before LFG, when you couldn’t just be an asshat to everyone because you wouldn’t have anyone to run with if you were. I wish runs like this were the rule and not the exception :/

    • That sounds like a great group! I know, back in the day by the time you had assembled a group they were much more likely to be nice and by then you kind of knew each other and the names of your pets, lol.

      Congratulations on that silver! And it’s nice to know good group of people are still out there!

      • They definitely are! I just finished Skyreach with a fantastic group. 3/4 wanted to run again, but unfortunately bed time calls. It’s nice that folks seem to be laid back about the whole thing. I know that trend won’t continue, particularly with Heroics…but I’ll enjoy it while we can.

        Also, glad I could be of help. Much like you pointing out I need to pick and choose what I do with my Resources.

  7. It sound like you’re having fun playing and I’m enjoying the game quite a bit too. As for the asshats at the grocery store? Thanks for putting that in because I’ve been thinking about that each time I try to go shopping – especially this week because of the holiday.

    Still haven’t made it to 100 on a single character, however, I have been doing some other things in RL that have been time consuming and I will get there eventually. 😀

    • I am enjoying it, there’s so much to do. I know, I do groceries on Tuesday because of server maintenance and it was crowded and I kept wondering who would be an asshat if we weren’t in person, lol.

      Cim is the only one who rushed to 100 because she thinks she’s gonna work up her nerve and queue for MC for that mount. Everyone else is taking their time.

  8. I think it’s much easier for people to hide behind their keyboards when they are being asshats – might actually get punched in the nose if they acted that way in RL, you know.

    Oh yeah, trying hard to get into the leveling thing and at the same time I’m proceeding with caution because I don’t want to get burned out on it with as many characters I have in line to level up. I do need to work on my Alliance characters some more because they are lagging far behind my Horde at the moment.

  9. I had to tell Blook to go away because he was so big and I found it difficult to do things. Also, I haven’t been to MC yet and I’ve decided that I won’t do an LFR, I shall go in with my guild later because I don’t want to deal with idiots. Hopefully they will all behave – though I am sure that they will because otherwise the wrath of Navi will be upon them.

    I am bad with my garrison. Everyone has level 3s, lots of lvl 100 followers… and I am just puddling along with my fishing and pets and yes I have bank, because I’m so lazy I hate going to Warspear, I’d rather just bum around and fish and talk to Nat when he comes to visit me.

    • There is so much to do that it seems it’s cured me from rushing around. I find myself spending hours just looking for the perfect beautiful fishing spots.

      I don’t even have one level 100 follower and the only 99 is 99 because that’s how I got him!

      Cim is the only one rushing to get to 615 to join the idiots, lol. Don’t know if she’ll make it but got to give it a try.

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