Let’s Get to the Bottom of This or Near Naked in Nagrand

levelinglookOkay, this picture has nothing to do with the whole bottom thing. It’s a “leveling” screen shot I took of Cat. It’s kind of like those naked baby pictures you take and hold on to so you can use them to threaten your teenager. Hey, mom’s got to have fun too and in all fairness I think I only actually showed it once.

Anyway, what is up with the Orcs in Nagrand … perverts. Is it just me? Is it my addons? Cim is out there taking names and kicking ass and then BAM … she’s standing there in her underwear, what kind of cheap tactics are those.

I’ve tried to get a screen shot but I’m usually too shocked as I stare at her butt. I’ve only noticed it fighting Orcs. They’re using some kind of Death by Embarrassment spell. That’s low, Iron Horde, really.

I realized something today. I’ve become a casual, a casual blogger. Gone are the days of posting daily. What was that about anyway, I wonder what I was saying. Since WoD launched I see I only post when the servers are down for maintenance. I guess that’s a win for WoD, that I’d rather play it then talk about it.

And oh, what is up with that Kaylie Macdonald? So okay, maybe I do obsessively check to see if I can make more cloth but dammit, I’m the Commander. If I want to check I should be able to, she’s never there. I’m going to hide and watch her. Where’s she going? She have some kind of black market thing going with my cloth? I’ll get to the BOTTOM of this!

She really ought to watch her step, Cim’s already in a snit about the three crafted items limit so her mood is … volatile … between that and the whole underwear thing.

cymrebCat FINALLY managed to get to a Cymre visiting level. It was lovely, Cym’s so polite too, she offered Cat bandages if she needed them. Aw … she’s not at all like some of those arrogant Pandaren tamers.

I know I wanted everything to be a surprise but I’m thinking that may have been a mistake. Cim is trying desperately to get to iLevel 615. Imraith told her about mission gear rewards. Oh! Maybe Cim will get one and she did!

Those shoulders might do it! It’s not a 100% mission though, she decided to first level up some of her followers thinking the mission would be there until she got around to it … not. Next day it was gone. Next time one of those suckers comes along Cim’s sending them out even if it’s a 35% death march, at least it’s a chance.

upantsSo that’s been our week, just thought I should warn you that if you plan on killing Orcs in Nagrand you should make sure you’re wearing suitable underwear. Something that will strike fear in their hearts, something  that will make those Orcs rue the day they decided to use the Death by EmBARRASSment spell!

Okay … I’ll stop … sorry. I don’t want to be the BUTT of any jokes … I don’t

Servers, come on. Save me from myself.

16 Responses to “Let’s Get to the Bottom of This or Near Naked in Nagrand”

  1. I had a lot of underwear issues in the beta… well, it was really just my chestpiece. Now so much on live though.

    Yay, you visited. I love seeing all these shots and I try to always be polite! Hmm, I’d be really interested in some WW undies and I know what you mean about posting less.

  2. Haha … I’ve not noticed that! Although i have noticed some disturbing graphics that occasionally happen, where something flaps around enthusiastically around an NPC’s groin region .. I daren’t look too closely!

    I’ve been playing with a new addon called Master Plan (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/master-plan) … it is getting updates very regularly at the moment, but it is invaluable. One of the things it does is tell you how long a mission is going to hang around for, which is very useful as I did something similar earlier on and wanted for my followers to get to a certain level to guarantee success, by which time the mission had gone.

    • OMG! I’ll have to watch out for any flapping!

      I saw that addon and I meant to look into it, the fact that it tells you how long a mission will be around in itself would be worth it. I’ll go get it!

  3. Hehe…I’ve noticed that sometimes when an enemy mob uses “Disarm” all my armor disappears.
    I haven’t been keeping count, but I’m pretty sure it’s only been in Nagrand.
    Got to take an extra set of clothes when questing there 😉

    • Is that what it is? I was trying to figure out what did it but was too distracted. The nerve! You underhanded Orcs, lol.

      Got to remember to pack my super hero outfit!

      • Yes! It is disarm. And what a hell of a disarm it is! I mean, come on, it’s not bad enough you’re taking away my weapon (okay, I’m a warlock, my weapon is useless but that’s not important) now you’re taking all of my CLOTHES?! They must be magicians to be able to rip off all my clothes in one go and then somehow instantly re-dress me.

        Luckily, Kaylie has been pretty well behaved for me. She seems to always be around when I need her. Homer Stonefield, on the other hand…His name might be very telling. I think he may be out getting stoned in the field.

        • I wouldn’t mind having that disarm spell, lol. If it works like it affects me it’s a great stun.

          Kaylie is the only one I’ve had trouble with so far except for the pleasure bot creeping me out with frequent offers of a massage!

  4. So glad I’m not the only one who loses their clothes when fighting orcs, although I wonder if there are any commonalities between us, i..e female characters of certain races perhaps because when I reported this to my guild most people stated they hadn’t noticed a thing.

  5. Oh great, the hozen only took my pants, now I have to worry about being totally nude with a bow in my hand like some weird Adonis.

  6. The same thing kept happening to Ailuuya yesterday! There she was fighting orcs in her shiny armor and then suddenly she was fighting them in her underwear. The jokes on them, though. Paladins are not so easily distracted by minor inconveniences like nudity. (Even if I was a bit the first time.) But then I remembered the same thing had happened to Rim. Apparently they like to strip male blood elves as well.
    Not sure how they expect that THAT is going to embarrass anybody. Blood Elves always look good and they know it. It’s just hose Nagrand orcs, though. They must be the pervy tribe.

  7. You know, there’s a young stable hand I wouldn’t mind…never mind. I didn’t say anything.

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