Welp … The Warlords Killed My Ancient Tome

miningcartI don’t know if this will pass but it seems every free moment I have MUST be spent in my garrison. I thought … okay … I’ll post on maintenance day. But then we had a rolling restart so yeah … no.

I mean, look at Cim the Warlock there, she’s obsessing about her mine and not the ore really, it’s the mining carts she loves. All those little goodies. She’s even taken up Archaeology to see if she can level it on the archaeology fragments from the cart.

Primal Spirits, Miner’s Coffee and Picks, all from the carts in a level 2 mine.

puddletAnd then we have Cat. Cat would not rest until she could have a level 3 Menagerie, because those Big Bag of Pet Supplies from the the daily might, just might contain a pet!

When an easy fight came around for the daily she made me stand there with her and fight The Beakinator about 4o some times in a row to get to the 150 fights won for Draenic Pet Battler. Finally! The level 3 Menagerie was hers!

I’m so glad she got a Puddle Terror from her first bag so she’d calm down and let everyone get back to their business.

Those characters that have one love the Trading Post but were baffled by the level 3 requirement, get three reps to exalted for Savage Friends. But … but … that’s what I want the level 3 trading post for, for the 20% increase in rep gain so that I can get the three exalted reps … easier.

Cat and Cim were thrilled to hear that’s now been changed to one exalted rep … whew.

So yup, they’re not talking to me much, too busy micromanaging their garrisons. I don’t think any of them have even started treasure hunting yet. When one of them asks I think I’ll get them HandyNotes.

So we’re having a great time here with the Warlords. We’ll write when we get work or the servers are down, whichever comes first.




6 Responses to “Welp … The Warlords Killed My Ancient Tome”

  1. Well this way the Warlords can take over Azeroth while we hang in our garrisons…clever, dudes, very clever!

  2. Grats on the level 3 and pet! I never thought about just battling the daily pets to get the achiev – just wait until that Beakinator shows up again 😉

  3. Glad to see your toons are having so much fun in the garrison.

    It’s funny, I had the achievement after just one exalted rep about a week ago. I figured Nat Pagle must be the second but couldn’t figure out the third. Cool was wondering how he got it after only having one exalted rep yesterday. Now I know!

    I like those carts too but I have trouble holding everything contained in them. At least the fragments are virtual 😛

    • Yes, I was soooo happy they changed it to one rep, even so it’s going to take me a while. The quests for the Exarchs got me to revered but now it’s 5 points per kill, it will take me a little bit.

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