The Quick and the Dead or Tales of a Barn Enthusiast

largetrapsOh come on, guess, which was I? The quick or the dead?Ā  HAHAHAHA! Yeah, Cat was quite taken with her garrison barn but I think one of us dropped the ball on researching it COMPLETELY.

Enables the production of Sumptuous Furs, Burnished Leathers, crafting reagents for Cooking, and Savage Bloods through Work Orders.

OH! OH! Savage Blood, we’re going to need lots of those, let’s get that barn to level three quick! What? Oh sure, we’re hemorrhaging gold but this is important, savage bloods! Okay, okay Cat. It’s done, where do we trap these savage blood producing beasts anyway.

Nagrand I think, we have to capture something called a Direfang Alpha first. Let’s go!

WTF! What just happened here. Cat, that thing had you for breakfast, this isn’t going to work.

Cat doesn’t worry much about her gear, it’ll come eventually but in this case she was adamant. She wanted to trap NOW. At the time her gear was around iLevel 600 so I bought her a ridiculously priced world drop to give her a fighting chance. It cost a fortune but she’s happy now, she’s sitting in front of the barn waiting for those savage bloods to start rolling out.

Sitting there she remembered the Glass of Warm Milk. HEY! We forgot to look for the glass of milk in the barn. I’ll get a cute little cow pet! Remember?

How did I forget that, okay Cat, is it on the first floor anywhere? No … oh. Jumping … not my best thing … jumping.

Okay, let’s prepare. I’ll get our banker to buy you some Goblin Glider Kits cause I think I remember reading you need those. I’ll go watch some videos, but … jumping … I don’t know.

leapWTF! Okay … sorry, but really WTF! There must be some method of jumping that I’m not privy to. The very nice man in the video above and Cat used the same starting point and Cat smacked into the barrels or whatever and ricocheted off and his character leaped up almost on the roof in one go? What the … if you know how you do that let me know.

It became obvious that without those leet jumping skills we weren’t getting up that way. Then we found this video and it worked … with some adjustments.

catinabarnCat had to jump up using that little well house on the other side and she could only manage it by approaching from inside the barn. Hey, whatever works Cat. So thank you Heartsnhugs. Our sanity was slipping away, you saved us.

catcowItty-bitty little cow, totally worth it. Yep, we like our barn and we loooooove the Garrison Salvage Yard, all those little packages to open! Best thing ever! Some buildings we won’t even mention *cough* lumber mill *cough*

Okay, got to get going, I think some missions have ended. Must check for boxes to open!



15 Responses to “The Quick and the Dead or Tales of a Barn Enthusiast”

  1. Um, “Dead”?

    I’m quick, aren’t I?

  2. Squee! cute cow!
    Oh crap if it’s a jumping puzzle I’ll never get it šŸ˜›

    • Maybe you’ll be lucky and your little mug of milk will be on the first floor. I’ll cross my fingers for you. I don’t even want to reveal how much time I spent trying to get on that ##%%$$ roof!


  4. Oh I’m so glad you finally figured out how to get up there! Congratulations on your cow! I’d have tried to be more help but Tai’s horde Barn doesn’t have the same floor plan at all. šŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! I am glad too, I was so obsessed with getting that cow I was afraid I’d be up all night but after finding the alternate route up it didn’t take too much longer! Yay for tiny cows!

  5. Congratz on the little cow!! Awesome! I’ll have to check my barn out too. šŸ˜€

  6. Congrats on your newest addition! I was so dedicated getting my barn to level 3 but after 2 days of stacking my work orders I haven’t been back to try for any savage bloods, esp. when the ‘drop’ isn’t that great.

  7. I feel a bit silly. I can’t bring myself to lumber mill or barn on Navimie because it feels wrong for me as a druid to be cutting down trees of trapping animals. However my little Minndy says she feels no such moral dilemmas so if I can be bothered to level her she will happily go out decimating trees and trapping animals for their furs and meat. I can’t wait to go and do that! My gosh that sounds bloodthirsty.

    • Cat might have a problem with chopping trees so it’s up to the Shaman and she’s not doing much to lower the tree population cause she’s kind of lazy. Cat’s okay with the trapping cause those elites are really mean. She thinks of it as making the world safer, lol.

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