I Dropped the Winter Veil Ball

winterveilI really did, I didn’t even take the time to dig up my happy winter veil baby picture. My husband was off all week and then we had house guests so all week I would run upstairs and send my followers out on missions between batches of cookies.

So, Happy Couple of Days After Winter Veil to You!

Since normal people don’t get up at 4:30am because their dog wants them to I was able to check on missions and do a little reconnaissance. I’m ashamed, I’m predominately Alliance. This is how they behave. Like a bunch of chump nuggets. I love that, it’s my new insult … chump nuggets. I don’t dare goggle it cause it’s probably got an entry in Urban Dictionary and then I’d have to stop using it. I got it straight from a third grader, so it’s the latest thing.

I checked Orgrimmar and you could actually see the packages but in fairness I don’t know if that’s because Horde are more polite on my server or just has a very low population.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was OLRG, those old lady raiders! Matty wants to get a bunch of us together to attack Molten Core. All you need is iLevel 615 for LFR so you don’t need to worry about silver in Proving Grounds. In fact I think my tailor has the mats for a piece of clothing so if you’re really close to iLevel 615 and haven’t reached the 3 crafted limit yet Cim the tailor could maybe put you over the edge.

So if you think you want to give it a try, let Matty know. You don’t need it be well dressed, you don’t need to be a lady, you just need to be … nice. No griefers … no chump nuggets … HAHAHAHA … I love chump nuggests. Yep, just nice.

8 Responses to “I Dropped the Winter Veil Ball”

  1. As a tip, you might want to make sure you cover all of the tank spots if possible. When my guild ran it with a sister guild, the only jerks we ended up with were the tanks.

  2. Chump Nugget! I am stealing this!

    And yes, Winter Veil is a farce. We were even chatting in trade how they should give the tree Khadgar’s circle and a guy flat out said he would just bury everything in banquet dinners. Douches are douches. Bottom line is just wait a day or two to get your prezzies.

    • I know, I’ve been using chump nugget every chance I get, lol. Yeah, I thought the same thing about the Khadgar Circle but it never occurred to me that someone would think of a way to circumvent that too, jeez.

      I know! I told those chump nuggets to wait a few days but nooooo, they insist on checking as soon as the presents are there. When will they learn!

  3. Do you know what – I think only Alliance do that. On no Horde toon did I see that kind of dreadful Christmas tree blocking. Though maybe I just hang out where there isn’t much horde.

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