Alliance Primal Trader Location

primaltrader2I recently became aware that I have become a lazy blogger. I used to periodically look through my search terms to find out what people were looking for. I mean I even had a series, Ask the Ancient full of useful information … okay, alright … it was mostly a lot of bunk but at least I made the EFFORT back then.

I accidentally saw my search terms and I was surprised at the number of people looking for Ashley Zerep, Primal Trader extraordinaire so in an effort to mend my lazy ways I bring you Ashely!

In a level 2 garrison she’s on the right on the way out of the garrison.

primaltrader3In a level 3 garrison she’s on the left if you’re facing your Town Hall. Honestly she is but she’s kinda hiding behind a lamp post and sometimes your followers get in the way but she’s there.

I don’t have the locations for the Horde Primal Trader as my Horde characters have yet to start on their journey to Draenor, the selfish Alliance characters are hogging all the time, shame on them.

So … whew … I’ve made an attempt to atone for my laziness. Gotta go, maybe someone brought me something back from a mission!

5 Responses to “Alliance Primal Trader Location”

  1. She was so hidden, I think I actually did a /target search for her. Why the move? Why? Because primal thingies are valuable, and Velen forbid you give players any more time in the game. I must admit, tiny changes like that that are so transparent infuriate me. Oh well. I know where you are now Ashley!!!

    • I always worry when I do a post like this, I figure she’ll get moved again and in six months someone will be looking for her and come here and think what is this dope talking about, lol.

      And why does the mailbox move to the other side when it’s level 3? This is like the side switch of the portals in the Pandaria hotels, Blizzard is trying to confound me and it’s working!

      • You take on too much responsibility: you have alerted the good citizens of Azeroth that there is a possibility that she may be moved: it is theirs to target/wheretheeffareyou from that point on. Take this burden off of your shoulders, good Tome.

  2. You’re not the only one – as in lazy blogger that is. I seem to be bumming around in Garrison when I normally would be making a blog post. My Elekk Plushie post should have been done AGES ago but did I do it? No. And OMG when I found out there was a primal trader in my garrison, I swear I was weeks behind everyone else…

    • I know, I have all these screen shots littering up my desktop for posts that I don’t write because the call of the followers always lures me away, lol.

      And I’m obsessed with getting a faction to exalted, it reminds me of the grind to get exalted with the Consortium rep grind back in BC.

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