Illustrated Week in Warlords Review

golothasThis is really concerning me. Auctioneer Golothas has been my go-to guy since the beginning. Okay there was that brief time during the zombie invasion where I went upstairs hoping to avoid detection but other than that, Golothas is my guy. Using that other guy over there whose name I don’t even know just seems wrong.

And this week he sat down … and he’s not getting up. What’s wrong Golothas? Is he depressed? Do his feet hurt? What is up? I’ve got my fingers crossed that the server maintenance today will give him a shot of B-12 or whatever he needs.

patstalkNow I thought it was going to be fun to have Nat Pagle visit me but it’s turning out more like having a deranged stalker. Every time, I mean EVERY time he does it when Cat’s in her garrison it scares the bejeebers out of her. Wait! Who? Oh … it’s Nat. He’s somewhat lacking as a conversationalist too. It’s kind of like when you really like a singer or an actor and then you have the misfortune of hearing them talk and then you wish you hadn’t …

catclawCat was really excited about getting Claws of Shirvallah. She tried it out for about an hour and then I made her switch back to Bloodtalons. Apparently I identify with Cat’s cat form more than her Night Elf form, I couldn’t come to terms with being that shape and his posture kinda gave me a backache. And oh, she’s now male and I traditionally seem to have trouble playing males judging by the abundance of low level males I have stashed around the serververse.

So yeah, kind of weird. They mucked about with her Night Elf look and although not happy, I seem to be dealing BUT not so the cat! Cat was just wrong being menacing. I mean a cat that stealths around so she won’t have to kill unnecessarily just wouldn’t look that scary. So no Claws of Shirvallah for her.

newponyI’m putting this shot here for those times I feel all whiny when a pony doesn’t drop or I don’t get something I think I need. To remind myself that I have, on occasion, been in the right place at the right time … it has happened.  Nakk the Thunderer spawned right next to me while I was deciding whether I needed to trap for fur or leather and what’s more, there were even people in the zone so I got a quick, easy 100% drop Bloodhoof Bull! So … note to self … remember that, you DO get lucky sometimes.

nightcottageLastly, another server merge perk. I was always so envious of other people’s beautiful night screen shots that I never had. Now since my eastern time server merged with Dragonblight a west coast server and adopted their time zone I have them. It’s a bright sunny day here on the east coast but it’s 3:00am in Draenor. I now have pretty starry night screen shots. It’s the little things that count a lot or else it just doesn’t take much to please me. I guess I’m the gaming equivalent of a cheap date.

10 Responses to “Illustrated Week in Warlords Review”

  1. Great sceenshots! Definitely like the night shot a lot. Hehe, no, Cat wouldn’t be happy being a menacing thing like – it just wasn’t here, can’t blame you for changing.

    • Yeah, Cat’s kind of the pacifist in the family. She kills stuff but only as needed and then stealths out so as not to cause too much slaughter, lol. The Warlock on the other hand, well let’s just say the same can’t be said for her!

  2. I really love what you did here with your weeks worth of screens! Gratz on the mount! I tried the new cat forms on my druid as well but since I prefer balance I didn’t spend enough time playing with it to even realize I would have hated being stuck in male form. I tried commenting this morning but didn’t seem to want to work, trying again.

    • Thanks! Oh, I’m sorry the blog was being grouchy. I’m glad this comment got through!

      Now I always wanted to be balance for the Moonkin form but I just could never ever get it, I guess I’m just a lady cat at heart!

  3. […] was cruising some warcraft blogs this morning and read Tomes “Illustrated Week in Warlords Review” post and I thought I need to do that! I haven’t posted much at all in months really so […]

  4. You know, maybe it’s not so much I am bored but overwhelmed. I don’t know how to get Nat Pagle, didn’t even know there was that pony, and and and…

    Pretty night shot – I understand.

    • I know! I was checking the AH to see what ridiculous price Hatespark was selling for now the event is over and saw Lil’ Leftovers for sale. Lil’ Leftovers? WTF? Who’s that? Apparently possible drop from cooking? Who knew?

      • Haha, you two. Congrats on the mount and your night shot is great. There’s also a mining and herbing pet which don’t seem to want to drop. I’ve given up on cooking up Lil’ Leftovers so I will probably have to buy mine.

        • I know, my Warlock has too many resources so she bought a lot of meat for Cat to cook yesterday and no luck. I don’t know who’s going to eat all this food, lol.

  5. […] Nat Pagle to my Garrison — though I’ve heard that he’s kind of obnoxious and a little bit creepy. It might be worth having him around just so that Rak’jin will stop trying to tell me […]

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