Seriously Nat and Sightseeing Pays Off

deadnatSeriously Nat, seriously? I know it wasn’t that nice of me to call you a deranged stalker the other day but this kind of childish behavior certainly isn’t going to make me think any better of you. You need to listen to constructive criticism and learn from it.

Ever since I made just a teeny tiny comment about his alcohol consumption Nat has taken to showing up and dieing at my feet. For Elune’s sake Nat! I used to hold you in high regard but these puerile pranks are ridiculous. Nat? NAT!

Poor Cat, she can’t seem to get any peace while fishing for lunkers, it’s almost like Nat is trying to sabotage her.

blackmamCim decided to head to EoE for another shot at a Drake. She took a taxi from Dalaran and as she flew over Wintergrasp she had an idea. In Wrath they all stayed out of Wintergrasp except for the fishing daily and no one had ever seen the Vault of Archavon. Alliance had control, so she decided to visit on her way back to Dalaran.

Cim did not receive the Azure Drake once again … oh well … time for some sightseeing, and off she went to check out the Vault.

For all her interest in ponies, she did not know there was a mount to be had in there. Imagine her surprise when the first boss she knocked over dropped the Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth. She’s now down to only five more to reach 200 mounts!

So there’s something to be said for sightseeing, goofing around really paid off for her.

And … um … Cim? I thought you said you wanted to show the mount off for the Firebeards, you know, Keegan and Fanny? I don’t see them. All I see is you, perilously close to crushing that stable … OH! So that’s who you’re showing off for. Maybe he’d like a Mammoth ride, why don’t you ask.

Jeez … she’s getting almost as bad as Cat. A flirty Druid doesn’t seem so bad but a flirty Warlock … that’s just wrong.


5 Responses to “Seriously Nat and Sightseeing Pays Off”

  1. Hey, flirty is good, you never now what “good” could come of it. Woot on the mount too, I didn’t remember that dropping in there – Awesome!

  2. Oh grats in the mount and good luck with the rest of your lunkers and mount drops.

  3. […] to my Garrison — though I’ve heard that he’s kind of obnoxious and a little bit creepy. It might be worth having him around just so that Rak’jin will stop trying to tell me all […]

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