The Jewelcrafter’s Consolation Prize

jewelcraftingIs it just me? Where are the glory days of creating elegant mounts that would be the envy of all. Huh? Well yeah … no … I never actually made any of them but still … I could have. It just seems jewelcrafting has become a little underwhelming.

You can make jewelry but sales will be limited by the 3 crafted limit. You can make gems although few have actual … you know … slots for gems. And then we have the fun items like Prismatic Focusing Lens, yeah I know. Big whoop.

I just imagine whoever was in charge of jewelcrafting for WoD going whoa, hey! We kinda stepped in the dogs business here … crap … we’ve got to do something or Jewelcrafters are going to rise up with their jeweled pitchforks of nerdrage and come after us. Damn, THINK THINK! What can we do?

WAIT! I have it! Gold! We’ll give them gold!

So hence was born the garrison jewelcrafting daily! Once you have a Level 2 Gem Boutique and assign a follower with the jewelcrafting trait to it you gain access to a variety of dailies that reward a big bag of gold.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a big bag of gold but I can’t help feel I’m being placated for the lack of useful or fun things to make.

But did it work, you say? Did this appeal to your dark, avaricious side work? Did you embrace jewelcrafting, lured by easy money?

Well HELL YEAH! They dodged the bullet on this one at least for me, every time I pick up my hush money I think, fun jewelcrafting items get old, but my precious, precious, gold is FOREVER HAHAHAHAHA!

Well yeah … until I spend it all.

6 Responses to “The Jewelcrafter’s Consolation Prize”

  1. I’ll take easy gold, too! Maybe it’ll even let me save up enough to buy the Mog Yak before the next xpac comes out….

  2. If you put that hush money away for long enough, you’ll be able to buy those elegant mounts eventually! It’d be just like you crafted them yourself, because it’s your JC doing all the work…right?

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    Considering how much gold I’ve sunk into Garrisons the bag of gold is welcome although I would also like something – anything – for JCs to make besides stuff that doesn’t sell because of the 3 crafted items limit.

    I mean really – if you’re doing LFR or better crafted stuff will be replaced, so what’s the harm in using as many slots as you want with crafted gear to fill in until the RNG gods smile on you?

    Yeah, I don’t believe professions were thought out very well. I’ve been making Alchemy stuff and putting it in the guild bank. I’ll probably do the same with JC items once I get all the patterns 😛

    • I guess they were spending their time on getting garrisons ready and kind of dropped the ball on professions. I know I was pretty annoyed with jewelcrafting until I put a follower in the building and saw that daily, ah ha! A bribe, lol! I’ll take it!

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