The Grand Altish Chart of (in)Competence

liwuhuhWait … what? Me? Well yeah I know I’m level 100 now but … you see … some of us leave the serious fighting to the cat and the warlock. I am so NOT going to Socrethar’s Rise and if you have a problem with that mister, you better talk to my handler. If it’s anyone’s fault it’s old Commander’s fault.

Yeah … they might pull my Altoholic Guild card on me. Some of … well pretty much all of those I consider alts aren’t … well, let’s say up to snuff. Some more than others. Liwu up there is pretty good, she just doesn’t have gear yet, while others … really bad.

I gave up on leveling my shaman the traditional way. At 97 I threw up my hands in disgust. Never should have changed her to elemental but oh well, water under the bridge. She will limp to 100 by doing fishing dailies in places she won’t get her butt kicked. She will continue gardening and mining for the vast sum of 30xp and hope the critters don’t kill her. Oh, and beat up Ashlei’s pets every day. However long it takes … I give up.

This got me wondering, is there a pattern? Is it the class or just that I don’t spent that much time learning enough about the alts? So I embarked on a serious scientific study. Really, it’s like I’m an alt theorycrafter. I know! I can’t believe either!

mediochartAh ha! There is a trend appearing! Okay first, I don’t know what it is about plate wearers. I don’t get that. Maybe it’s because I think they’ve got all that plate so yeah, I don’t need to pay attention, they’ll be alright.

Look at the mage. I got her to level 53 in Vanilla and one day she had a breakdown and begged me to let her be the bank alt where she’s lived happily ever after. I remember like two times she was fun and both times it was with a group. NEVER alone.

It appears that I can’t play ranged dps who have to learn to be defensive. Warlocks are fine as they hide behind their demons, same with hunters. Rogues, Druids and Monk are okay, I don’t know why. Apparently I’d rather be killed or kill quickly and get it over with … not drag the whole thing out.

Anyway, I’m exhausted from the whole being scientific thing. I need something relaxing. I know! Let’s get the fifth one going! Hunter Zor! You’re up!

14 Responses to “The Grand Altish Chart of (in)Competence”

  1. Some of my alts don’t ever get quite up to snuff when I level them either. My poor rogue. I’m so bad at rogues. At some point every expansion I limp her to level cap so she can open lockboxes. At that point she usually moves into a cozy inn in the major city and stays there until the point in the next expansion that I feel masochistic.
    I’m working on my hunters now too, though. They might actually get somewhere past 100. 😀

    • I’ll be a long time waiting for my lockboxes as the Death Knight does them for me and she’s goes dead last and is painful, lol.

      My hunter’s a nice pain free level but her problem is I still am stuck in the pre-focus days, I don’ play her enough to get familiar with the “new” hunter but it’s a credit to her that leveling is still painless in spite of me, lol.

  2. Don’t feel bad, I just realized that all of the five characters that I have in Draenor are hunters – that has to mean something, I suppose?

    • They are pretty easy on you those hunters. She’s been so much nicer to level then that Elemental Shaman, I mean even the podlings in the garden might mean an ugly death for the shaman!

  3. Oh Oh Oh does that mean i did well picking Warlock to be my alt? I suppose it would help if I levelled her beyond 92…

  4. Warriors, rogues, and feral druids: my shame. Oh well, at least they’re all cute!

  5. I’ve brought 5 of my toons out to Draenor now but am struggling getting my third toon to 100. I’ve resorted to the levelling missions and mining when I can be bothered.

    • Yes, I have five there now and I know some of them are going to take a loooong time to hit 100. That poor shaman will probably still be 98 when the hunter hits 100. At least now with the garrison they have a little something to do while they wait.

  6. in 6.1 they’re upping the xp from gardens and mining – apparently they were always supposed to give you more XP but they were bugged.

  7. wolfgangcat Says:

    Haha – love the chart – pure genius! 😀
    I should make a chart like that too because I seem to have the same problems. My mage is the worst (I haven’t even considered taking her through WoD yet) and my plate-wearing warrior died to basic questing stuff that didn’t kill my priest.

    Although my Elemental Shaman was a little squishy, she made it to level 100. I’ve never tried Enhancement so I don’t know if that spec would be easier. Supposedly it’s good in WoD. I do remember my Shaman hitting those Heal buttons more often than Damage buttons though.

    • I know, the Shaman hardly has time to do damage as she’s too busy healing herself, lol. In fact I had an actual spell on a key and removed it to put her ghost wolf form there so she could run away. Mine is going to have to keep on mining that mine and picking those flowers and one day she may end up at 100!

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