Garrison Staff Attitude

minerworkI don’t mean to be critical of the garrison staff, I mean the labor situation in the mine has been sorted out. I guess management and the miners came to terms. They’re working pretty briskly now.

But … I’m getting a strange vibe. It’s like cheery passive aggression or something.

tailoroneFirst … okay great, they’re even doing it now. Just because they could see I was setting up for a shot they all became perfectly visible. That is rarely the case. Usually they stand next to a curtain that’s the same color as their robes and hold very still. I can’t SEE them.

Then if I manage to track them down they greet me but then they act like they don’t know how to open their window … yeah right … I’m not buying that.

/reload ui

/reload ui

/reload ui

I’m sure they’re having a big laugh at my expense as soon as I turn my back.

And the staff at the Storehouse, what is up with them? Don’t stack! DON’T STACK! Jeez, and the guy that keeps going down on one knee and then up and then down and then … STOP!

tailorthreeI’m instituting a new dress code so that I can at least locate them. The guy in the back is modeling it. They must wear a red apron and that yellow and green hat. So there, try to hide now! Enough with the shenanigans!

Update: I’m happy to report that as of this morning all foolishness seems to have stopped. Everyone’s opening windows and standing front and center. Apparently the threat of having to wear luridly colored tentacled hats did the trick. Yeah … see there … they don’t call me Commander for nothing.


20 Responses to “Garrison Staff Attitude”

  1. You tell ’em boss! Their repetition motions are making me a little batty, too, and yes, those jerks hide! Seriously, I hope some of this unnaturalness in the garrisons is fixed…garrisons are too cool not to stay cool.

  2. This really made me laugh because I was wondering if I was the only one that had “shy” people working in my Garrison. Now I know it was all a plot – I hope mine have gotten over this nonsense as well.

    • In the case of the tailoring staff I found out she’s sweet on Hennrick Helmsly and can usually be found in the salvage yard but the rest, I don’t know. You might be right, they could be shy but I hope they’re getting used to me by now, lol.

  3. This reminds me of some management ideas I’ve seen before. “Yeah, new uniforms. That’ll do it!”

  4. Haha. I asked my husband last night, “Do some of your garrison workers ever refuse to talk to you?” He said, “Yes, always. They all ignore me every time.” So rude!! I never thought to try to reload my UI, though. I just run away and then sneak up behind them and try again. After 3 or 4 times they finally comply and accept my work orders.

    • I’m glad they aren’t just giving me the cold shoulder. Reloading the ui works but gets pretty tedious after a while. I tried the running away from them and then back and I like that much more than reloading!

  5. wolfgangcat Says:

    I hate when I’m looking at the bank, or putting in orders, or trying to transmog something and they just walk away closing the windows.

    Sometimes I want to put in a work order and no one is there. Once I found Fiona drinking it up at the Inn and dancing on a table instead of working at the herb garden.

    I’m the flipping commander for crying out loud – to the stocks with them!

  6. Some of them just wander off completely .. I’ve spent ages in buildings looking for one of them, only to find they’re off wandering around the back of the building .. “oh .. you were looking for ME?!” And I’m pretty sure the guy in the barn hides on purpose when he sees me coming …

    • I’m not sure they don’t have invisibility potions on them. I check the barn and he’s not there, then I circle the building, go in and there he is and I know he wasn’t there a second ago. Very crafty garrison people playing mind games on us!

  7. I’ve had the issue of no work order window but I usually just click onto another npc and then back to them. That usually fixes the issue. I wish we could mix up some of the architecture though, less spikes more bricks or something.

    • Oh great, another method to avoid having to reload! I still haven’t started any of my Horde characters so I haven’t seen the garrison yet. This expansion it seems professions are dictating which characters get leveled first.

  8. I don’t know about you but their attitude after invasions could be worked on a bit. The number of times they are NOT where they are supposed to be and still hanging around in the Town Hall or just outside the Town Hall instead of going back to their buildings. Or the just vanish. I suppose they could be in the outhouse. I’d better not think too hard about that because the imagery isn’t pleasant.

  9. The mine is eerie sometimes, with the miners just standing still, staring ahead, doing nothing. Now coffee break I can understand, but I’d be expecting them to brew up in that area at the bottom of the #1 shaft.

    I’m also suspecting them of dropping down those deposits specially so that the Hero can pull out his pick, go “Plink”, and run out with the loot. (Going /train on those cart tracks never gets old).

    Also, Rachelle the Worgen Repair Girl is a never ending source of joy;

    “Hey Baby-cakes…”
    “Aww you do care…”

    Shelly Hamby is a different story altogether. She starts annoyed: “Umm… kinda busy here.” But the poor girl’s got issues, so we forgive her and send her on all the jobs where she can go medieval psycho on the podlings.

    Yup. Life in the garrison…

    • You know that Shelly Hamby had a real cushy job working in Cat’s garrison but her bad attitude finally got her demoted and someone else promoted. Now it’s missions for Shelly until she straightens her act up!

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