Shot through the heart …

kickedrlYeah … that’s not really the title but I was trying to be polite. The title is actually:

Kicked in the nuts and you’re to blame, you give RL a bad name. I even got Cat to do a dramatization of being kicked in the nuts. I think she did a damn fine job considering neither of us actually have said nuts, but you know what I mean. Real life sucks right now. You can tell because I start getting crotchety and saying eff this and eff that. For example, eff you AOL.

And for those youngsters who have no clue as to the reference, here:

And yes, I was once in that audience. I’m that damn old, what about it. I had the hair too.

Anyway … WoW. I didn’t appreciate followers, REALLY appreciate them until now. I can grab a minute here and there, login and feel like I got to play. I love that, it keeps me sane … sort of.

Once again, eff you AOL. I am following @AlexZiebart because I think something will be revealed tomorrow that will cheer me up about the demise of WoW Insider. While stalking him on Twitter I found he has written a book so I bought it to read whilst I wait to hear cheery news. It was kind of a no brainer as it sounds like my kind of book.

Cim wanted to tell you about her continuing pony hunt but I can only take so much typing on a device that IS NOT MADE for typing … at least by me.

I just wanted to say hi, I’m still here lurking on your blogs. Hopefully things will get back to normal sometime soon. Right now I’ve got to go celebrate my dog’s twelfth birthday.

Eff you AOL.



15 Responses to “Shot through the heart …”

  1. If someone was smart, they’d pick up this content as soon as possible. I didn’t even know AOL was still in business…

    • I’m hoping there’s going to be a revelation tomorrow that it’s going forward in some form. Yeah, I mean I had to google “what does AOL do now” as I didn’t think you could still be going on dialup. Advertising seems to be what they do now. Jerks.

  2. Happy Birthday to yer dog.

    So yer dog was born on Groundhog’s Day?

  3. AAAAAAHHH!!!!!

    I was in HIGH SCHOOL when that song came out, and now you’ve made me feel OOOOLD!!!

    • Just between you and me, don’t tell anyone okay. I was there escorting two young ladies, not to actually see Bon Jovi myself. Now who feels old! Er, me.

      • I remember when the younger sister of a friend in college tried her “feminine wiles” on the security guards to see if she and a friend could get backstage with New Kids on the Block. Good thing the guards weren’t buying it, and doubleplus good for her mother never finding out.

  4. Happy B-Day to your dog!!
    I’ll be watching closely to see if there is any news as to where the people are going from WoWInsider too becuase, oh heck….Eff You AOL!!

    • I will tell him and give him an extra dog cookie from you! I caught a tweet from Alex Ziebart that says there will be an announcement at five today eastern. I am anxiously awaiting it to hear what might come next.

  5. Hey! Your dog and me, we share a birthday! Woo!

  6. Happy birthday big black doggy!
    Oh I wonder if I missed the announcement?

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