Does RNG Have a Conscience?

stonecoreCimmeria the Warlock has been after Mount Parade for some time. Actually between everyone it’s taken eight years. Yeah I know, but since I don’t raid, all those Glory of this and Glory of that mounts are pretty much beyond our reach. Since I don’t PvP, all those Black this and that’s are too. So … eight years to get to 200.

But this is kind of a spooky story about the last few mounts. I swear someone or SOMETHING was watching. I could feel them … watching.

We were down to the wire, three to go. I never TRULY believed a mount dropped from Slabhide in The Stonecore. Some drops I believe in, some I don’t. For example there really is no Doctor Theolen Krastinov in Scholomance. This is some kind of wow urban legend. Okay, I know he’s not a mount but still.

Anyway, The Stonecore mount dropped for Cim, unbelievable luck Cim! Yay!

ahmountsUnfortunately this is when the dangerous behavior started. I found that Cim had given instructions to the bank alt. Look for cheap mounts.

Cim! No, that’s cheating! Only two more! Do it the right way!

Luckily there were no cheap mounts.

At this point … something … seemed to whisper to Cat, check rep mounts. Cat was sure she had bought them all … she was positive. Oh go ahead Cat, just do a quick check. Go all the way back.

Something or someone was right. Apparently after purchasing the Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth she never bothered going back to The Sons of Hodir for the regular old garden variety Ice Mammoth. One more! Cim, just one more to go!

Off she went. EoE nope. Okay off to the Throne of the Four Winds. Nope. Nothing.

Aw Cim, I’m sorry. Why don’t you take a break? Cat has an invasion. Why don’t you let her do that while you take a mount hunting rest, you’ve earned it.

The Stonecore drop had felt incredibly lucky, finding an unpurchased old rep mount was too but what came next was … ridiculous. This can not have happened without intervention … from someone … or something.

goldbotaniCat did her Botani Invasion. Alone as she always is she can do in the 800s, maybe 850 on a good day, that’s it. That’s the best she can do armed with a bodyguard. Never has she even approached 900.

She got 1593 … alone … supposedly.

mendelvarAnd this was in her reward bag. We hadn’t even known it existed. Number 200.

I know, you think I’m crazy. But someone was helping that last stretch, I felt a presence. I think it was RNG. RNG has grown a conscience. After eight long years of giving her a hard time RNG grew a heart. RNG must have been there kicking Botani butt for Cat.

I don’t know if RNG has had a general change of heart or if this is just a one time thing, nevertheless, RNG? I salute you. Maybe we’ll meet again.

And no … Cat’s never managed to get over the mid 800s in an invasion since … spooky.


14 Responses to “Does RNG Have a Conscience?”

  1. That’s so awesome!!! Grats!

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Grats! Amazing RNG on the mounts!
    Hehe…I always die soloing my Garrison invasions 😀

  3. Someone was praying hard to RNGeesus!

  4. Fantastic news! You can also ask one of your garrison followers to come on Patrol with you (doesn’t even have to be one of the 5 bodyguards) so you can have your regular bodyguard and another follower to assist you during those invasions.

    • I was so happy to get gold once I’ve never given it a good try again. I usually do it at unfortunate times like 6:00am my time, 3:00am server so my bodyguard and a follower are probably going to be the only ones awake.

  5. Congratz on the mounts!! Hehe, I’m four away from my 200, so, I better hustle things up. 😀

  6. Oh that is wonderful! Grats!@! Now maybe blow some RNG my way? 😀

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