catbathMy real life has changed rather drastically lately which has also changed my play style profoundly. I basically have to play like there’s a pause feature. I have to drop everything and leave the game.

I have found that I really, REALLY don’t like my characters to die. I don’t mean death while fighting creatures, that’s honorable, I mean abandoning them and returning to find them dead … laying on the side of the road … maybe Warleader Tome got them, I don’t know. I can’t bear that.

I know they aren’t real … really I do. But I still can’t stand for them to die a lonely death so they are mostly stuck in the garrison sending out missions.

I’ve also noticed that I can’t “hear” chat if I play with the sound off. I know, how crazy is that. I notice chat messages only as long as I can hear.

weaponcatBut hey, I’m not the only one. Cat has a few idiosyncrasies herself. She takes a bath every day in the garrison fountain, okay that’s fine as long as it’s in Cat form but she’s driving me nuts with the weapons.

Cat isn’t much into transmogging like Cim the Warlock but she persists in spending all kinds of gold every time she acquires a new weapon that she finds amusing. Right now she’s sporting Durg’s Heavy Maul which kind of looks ridiculous but who am I to talk considering the whole can’t hear chat without sound thing.

My hunter is the only character leveling right now and as she’s a Night Elf I though we’d be able to quest because of her racial, Shadowmeld. I could quickly leave her safely and return later … nope. Her pet, she won’t leave them alone. Should have seen that one coming.

While hunting down mount drops I’ve noticed both Cat and Cim do not immediately loot the corpse. They seem to think waiting a certain number of seconds will improve their chances. Yeah, I know … weird. So see? I’m not the only one with peculiar ideas.

Anyway … I’ve got to go check on their missions, now where did I put my “lucky mission socks?” Can’t check missions without those babies on. What? Really, it helps!


14 Responses to “Idiosyncrasies”

  1. I’m certain more people feel for their characters in the same way you’re describing. I certainly do.

    The garrison is really a nice home for your characters, even though they don’t even have a bedroom to themselves. I am fairly obsessive about leaving them in an inn whenever I log them out. I change them into “civilian” clothes even. Of course, Ariciel turns to her cat form and curls up in front of the hearth in the main hall.

    I always feel a bit guilty when I’m picking the herbs from the herb garden while the gardener is carefully massaging them. I half expect him to look up at me and go “Oh dude, come on!”

    When experimenting with new outfits, you sometimes need to strip them down to their underwear and put on and take off individual pieces of armour so you can see what effect that has on the numbers. I always find a quiet spot to do that. The garrison is perfect for that, though.

    If there is one thing I’d like Blizzard to add to your garrison, it’s to have your alts walking round there. From the start, I’ve been using them as inspiration for my fic, and the main storyline is basically a love story between my two main alts. Which is really sad, because in-game they’ll never meet. So logging in on Bannog to find Ariciel sitting in a chair by the fire would make my day.

    • Oh me too, I can never ever stand to log off them anywhere other than an Inn or their garrison and it’s not because of rested bonus because most of them are 100.

      Having your characters share a garrison would be wonderful, I really wish they could add that and that’s where Cat likes to sleep too!

  2. I used to love flying for just that reason: the pause feature. You could stop what you were doing, fly upwards a bit, and go take care of whatever. You can’t do that on the ground unless you’ve got stealth capability.

    • How quickly I forget! That’s exactly what I used to do. I never felt bad about leaving them in the air because I knew they were safe. I have on occasion left Cat in stealth to return to find her dead, usually when I’m in an area where I’m not familiar enough to know where the animals patrol or possible wandering rares.

  3. I don’t mind dying, but this expansion the graveyards are ridiculously far away, so just one more way I feel trolled. It’s always something. No wonder why we get a little goofy.

    • I haven’t noticed how far away they are this expansion because I’ve been too busy trying to find my way back, lol. I spend a lot of time working my way in the right direction and then find my way blocked and I need to go back and start over. Oh for the days of Wrath when you could do dead flying!

  4. I always make sure that I have my characters in a “safe” place when I log out because I know they aren’t real but I can’t handle coming back to find them dead either – it upsets me. I miss flying too because it was so much easier to hop on the mount, fly up in the air in the middle of nowhere and be able to take care of some other things without worrying. 😀

    • I know, I can’t believe I forgot how wonderful leaving them suspended in the air and safe was. I’m okay with them going down in battle but I feel terrible if it was my fault for leaving them alone. I had to leave Cat the other day and I felt so bad when I found her dead I bought her an expensive rep mount to make it up to her, lol.

  5. The main reason I don’t like dying is because I usually die in some odd place and it takes me AGES to get back to my body or I can’t figure out how to get back to it at all. Oh and the repair bill.

    • Cat doesn’t die much as she doesn’t raid so I don’t mind the money. I think the last time she died doing something it was when she first trapped the really mean wolves without any decent gear but the finding your way back when you die, ugh, we are directionally challenged, lol.

  6. Almost my whole eight years of playing I’ve had to play with that pause button, due to the little ones around. Ever since flying mounts it was easy, mount up and punch straight up out of reach. No flying again, but I don’t have to worry about that pause so much as they’re older.

    • I’ll bet you did! In my case it’s a very, very old one who’s now around. After being reminded of the joy of flight I took Cat visiting the Elders and how did I forget how nice it was to just put her in the air and no worries!

  7. Being able to leave my characters in the air while I’m AFK so I don’t have to worry about coming back to them dead is one of the main reasons why I miss flying. *sigh*

    Cat bathing in the fountain is so adorable!

    • I know why they didn’t want flying with all the hard to get treasures but it really has to have made the accidental death rate sky rocket.

      I’m just glad she’s not using bubble bath in that fountain!

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