Bodyguards, Patch 6.1 and Where the Hell Are We?

bodyguardIt was decided that Cat the Druid would take care of the Wingmen achievement. Cim the Warlock doesn’t need another body hanging around. The Elemental Shaman sure could use a bodyguard but I got her to 100 and that’s all I can take, so Cat gets the honor.

Cat … well … there’s just no way to say this diplomatically … HATES the bodyguards. Talonpriest Ishaal wasn’t too bad. He kinda hung back and didn’t die TOO much, Tormmok died a little more often but she managed to level him up.

Cat and Defender Illona are just not hitting it off … at all. It’s painful to watch.

First there’s the personality difference. They just don’t mesh.

Illona, for Elune’s sake! Could you not aggro everything? I hate to tell you but you’re overestimating your abilities. REALLY! Could you PALEESE not do that!

“Have no fear, you are not alone!”

Oh crap!

Illona? Illona? Oh thank Elune, she died … er … I mean … aw … poor Illona died.

Yep, Cat gets such a thrill when she sees that skull. Yay! Yay! Yay!

I can see this is going to take a while. Cat’s not really good at looking after others, probably good she never showed any interest in being a healer.

belf61Patch 6.1 is coming! The Patch is almost here! I must prepare! I must take a before picture of my little level 6 Blood Elf Paladin to compare with his new beautiful self!

What do you mean, shallow? I know there’s other stuff coming in 6.1 but I’m counting on his soon to be more beautifulness to enable me to get first, a Blood Elf leveled over level 10 and secondly, a Paladin leveled. I think my highest made it to level 45 before she got the axe. Look how pretty he is … he’s just adora … what? Okay, I’ll stop.

wherareweI don’t know if it’s just me but I suddenly realized I have no idea how to get to another zone this expansion on foot. I’ve been flown to each new zone when the time came to visit. I feel that if I had flying I would have known how to get around by now.

This is my new personal achievement. Find out how the hell to get out of these zones on horseback … um … wolfback. So far Cat’s managed to suss out how to escape Shadowmoon Valley.

Have a good time, Cat! Drop us a postcard! See you!

Personally I just think this is her way of getting out of more bodyguard sessions with Illona. I could be wrong but … yeah no.


8 Responses to “Bodyguards, Patch 6.1 and Where the Hell Are We?”

  1. Wait a red-hot-minute: selfies AND new Blood Elves?! I just realized this is NOT a coincidence! Once again you have informed and enlightened me!

  2. I’m still trying to level my 2nd bodyguard. Looks like I’m going to have to keep the barracks for the rest of the expansion at this rate. Just as well we can shrink them down next week.

    • LOL! Maybe she won’t be as annoying if she’s teeny tiny! I should maybe try someone else who’s not a Protection Paladin but it’s become a challenge now. I waited the hour for her to get up again, took her for the daily and she died on the first fight.

  3. I swear, any time I can survive an Apexis daily with Delvar alive at the end of it all is a small miracle… :p

  4. Still have not repped up with a bodyguard yet since I keep sending them on missions then wonder why there is noone at the barracks when I remember, doh.
    Also I agree that Illona really has a lot of ego pulling all that she does, she also makes trapping a lot harder šŸ˜‰

    • I know! I had her along when I was trapping and I thought she was going to kill my wolf. She won’t quit beating on him, silly woman!

      I gave up on her and took Leorajh instead who stands back and doesn’t pull aggro. We are getting along much better!

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