A Reason for Living … well … Sorta Living

So. Waiting for Patch 6.1. There’s nothing to do but read over the Patch Notes this morning. I’m not sure why I do it as I’ll forget most of it, after eight years of changes I’m usually remembering changes from three years ago. For example I had NO IDEA that you could spec your hunter pets to any specialization. WTF! When did that happen?

Anyway, I’m usually a day late and a dollar short. Cat got her fishing to cap right before they changed the fishing dailies to award 15 points. Stuff like that. But today, because I read the patch notes AND the comments I have learned something for once BEFORE I wasted a lot of time.

Unfortunately it may mean the death of a character. Or continued undeath, I’m not sure with a Death Knight.

My DK had one reason for living, just one. Open boxes with her skeleton keys … that’s it. I would have started her on her journey tonight or tomorrow as Hunter just reached 100 last night.

She was ready, she even has an archeology weapon ready to go. When servers come up I’m going to have to face her and tell her it’s a no go. I don’t need her. I only suffer through leveling her (yes, I suck as a DK) for her box opening abilities. Can’t do that … don’t need you. I am so not looking forward to this discussion.

I don’t think I should have to to this … yeah okay … she’s a DK, she’s not radiating a warm fuzzy glow … but still … I hate hurting her feelings. I mean DK’s do still have feelings don’t they? Blizzard should have to tell her why they did this, not me.

So for the first time ever, I have learned of something BEFORE I wasted a lot of time and effort because I read the patch notes … well the comments on the patch notes.

So see, read the patch notes and save some time.

And take away the only reason for living from your character. A character who’s already been through so much … crap … I might have to level her just to avoid the guilt … this is ridiculous.


15 Responses to “A Reason for Living … well … Sorta Living”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    DKs definitely have feelings! I know mine do!
    Sure, you can put her on “hold” for a while but don’t let her languish in the dark (errr…unless they like that…)

    You’ll find something for her to do even if it’s just a boring old garrison profession.

    How does she feel about picking flowers?

    • I’ll have to level her at some point so she won’t feel left out, poor thing.

      She already has that sinus condition so I think picking flowers is out but we’ll find something for her to do!

  2. You know I’m there with you: so many things that change and I feel like the memos overwhelm me. My paladin with blacksmithing was in the boat: she could make keys so I wouldn’t have to level a rogue any further. I just can’t rogue. Because rogue. The only thing I know is 6.1 is giving us more closet space.

  3. Well, darn. I was thinking I’d bring my Blacksmith-Warrior out to Draenor next, and I’d assumed that she’d be able to skeleton-key the few lockboxes I’ve picked up so far. Perhaps the Rogue will get a bump in the leveling queue, after all. Though I don’t really get lockboxes all that often, and I’m not really all *that* anxious to find out what’s in them.

    My poor DK doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. She has professions, but they don’t mean much, because I have other characters with the same professions who actually have them at 600. Perhaps when she gets to level 100 she’ll be my character to camp out at the Ring of Blood and watch the Black Market for the drakes I still need for that ‘chieve to get the Emerald Drake….

    • I just save the boxes up to give me a little motivation to level her since it’s so painful. I was disappointed to find she gets no new keys. I don’t know whether I feel up to leveling a Alliance rogue from 1 to open them, lol.

      Oh! That’s a great idea for one of my crew, keep watch at the BMAH!

  4. Just play it cool. Maybe she’ll get the hint if you give her the cold shoulder for long enough!

    • The cold shoulder is normal for her, lol. I keep her because I keep thinking one day I will learn how to play her and she’ll stop being painful. I don’t know, it might happen, anything is possible!

  5. I’m always waffling on my blacksmiths going to Draenor right now too – those keys were awesome, however, I might have to rethink a few things now. Poor DKs just seem to get the shaft. 😀

    • I loved those keys, I thought I had everything covered. The Horde have a Rogue and Alliance had a Blacksmith with keys. Sigh. I don’t mind not opening the boxes but it made her feel needed poor girl.

  6. I keep finding out things that I didn’t know were coming. I guess I kinda know about the contracts so I can buy all the Frostwolf followers now, or that a whole bunch of things became toys or that enchanting vellum now can’t go in the reagent back anymore.

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