Blizzard Involved in Secret Research

muradinOh come on, they HAVE to be. With the advent of patch 6.1 I don’t think there can be any doubt. Blizzard MUST be conducting secret annoyance tipping point research to ascertain the maximum frustration level which would cause you to reach your Cancellation Tipping Point.

I mean they could sell that stuff for big money. I know my cable company would love to get hold of that Maximum Frustration Metric. Phone companies … internet providers … anyone who bills you monthly. They NEED to know just how much crap you can take. That information has the potential to rake in millions and millions.

It’s kind of like the studies that told companies with automated phone systems that if you repeatedly disconnect the line when the customer manages to overcome the robot voice and is about to talk to a human … they will eventually give up in defeat …

Sorry, lost my train of thought there.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s what Blizzard is up to. It can’t have escaped their notice that WE DO NOT LIKE RNG. Soooo … those long awaited profession traders … R EFFING NG.

My alchemist was so excited, counting down the days to 6.1. Nothing … nada. As far as I can tell from trade no one has seen anything but the fur and leather trader so far.

Want to upgrade a crafted weapon … wait some more.

I’m fine with visits from Muradin even though not one of my characters have even entered the Proving Grounds yet this expac. I like him, it’s fine.

I have three characters with archeology who were dying to host Harrison Jones in their Garrison. I’m fine with  him visiting the Elemental Shaman instead.

I’m not fine with the profession traders being random. I am reaching my maximum frustration level and I’m feeling a little tippy.

And enough with the social engineering crap Blizzard. I’ve had random people in my Garrison. We did not become BFFs, I have not made lasting friendships. Most left group before I could type out a ty. The really friendly ones responded to my “Thanks!” with some variation of XD, :-), :), :D, :o).

Yeah … I’m frustrated. I just want my freaking recipes. I’M FEELING REAL TIPPY ABOUT NOW! My Cancellation Tipping Point may have been reached.

Until … Is Where Galertruby Explainifies The Random 6.1 Vendors.

Had it not been for that gentleman’s eloquent explanation I might have fallen right off the tipping point cliff.


12 Responses to “Blizzard Involved in Secret Research”

  1. NetherLands Says:

    Apparently, on EU Realms Trade is currently seeing people selling access to their non-Furry Garrison NPC.

    While some might call this an example of ‘good entrepeneurship’, one has to wonder wether this is what Blizz intended.

    • Oh wow! At least I’ve not seen that on my server but then I’m on odd hours. It may be going on here at night.

      Yes, I thought their idea was to get us to socialize more, not get rich off poor people with unlucky with RNG.

  2. Oh lucky! I have yet to see Harrison or even Kura in any of my garrisons.

  3. Need a beer? I think I’ve got some in the fridge, and I really think you could use one so that we can commiserate.

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    I hear ya 😦 I got the same guy in just about all my garrisons trying to lure me back into that flipping rails dungeon for some paltry gold – two days in a row.

    Unfortunately, RNG is a well-documented psychological game design theory that isn’t going away anytime soon.

    Add to it the success (and I’m guessing relatively cheap development costs) and massive profits of RNG-style F2P games and we’ll be seeing a lot more of it instead of less 😛

    • Today my under-geared Shaman (that I don’t know how to play) got the Harrison Ford quest which sent her to Socrethar’s Demise where demise was the keyword, lol. I’m proud she managed to complete it. I think RNG has a cruel sense of humor!

  5. Tome so many were as upset as you that Blizz has changed it where every day there will be a different one of the vendors available (none of this same vendor 2 days in a row crap). Also to avoid those who would profit from the vendors look at the group finder customer groups and to find people offering the chance at Harrison Jones, profession traders and as I found yesterday even Soulare.

    • Hi Helke! It’s not as good as hearing your voice but it’s nice to talk even if just typing!

      I found that! I had heard about people charging and was happy to find many auto-invites to garrisons with traders. Restores my faith in gamers, lol.

      I’ll have to look for one for Soulare as I don’t think that guy is EVER going to visit Cim’s Inn.

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