Post Trapping Stress Syndrome

beveragehereI should have seen this coming. It was only a matter of time. Cat’s taken the responsibility of Savage Blood production for the family very seriously and the stress seems to have finally broken her.

It’s something that people don’t like to talk about … it’s embarrassing. Some suffer from the more common premature trappulation, but Cat … even worse … post-trappulation. I know, so sad.

After a hard, sweaty trapping session she returns to her Garrison to take a break and then this. I think I heard Jeff Miller there yell, Hey, careful man, there’s a beverage here at her.

trappupI didn’t feel too sorry for Jeff, he signed up for dangerous duty at the Garrison BUT … NO! Cat! We nearly trapped the puppy! That will not do!

Cat enough with the denial! You HAVE to visit a trap therapist! No more putting it off, enough is enough. I do not know why every time you return from trapping, a trap goes off without setting one but there MUST be a cure.

Poor Cat, I think she might need a vacation. Maybe sunny Tanaris would do the trick.


11 Responses to “Post Trapping Stress Syndrome”

  1. Oh wow, I’ll really have to watch my step if I come visit.

  2. Perhaps this is mean but I am so relieved. I thought it was just Rothorin, and Aug… and I think even Tai’s done it once. What I am saying is that Cat’s definitely not the only one. Maybe they should get together and start a support group.

  3. Oh my, we need to have a Support Group, however, might be a bit awkward since my trapper is on the Horde. See, both factions have these issues.

  4. The same thing happened to me this morning…maybe it’s a net neutrality thing…lol

  5. I know that I’m not doing enough trapping to keep my barn constantly running — I’ve been getting out to go trapping about once every two weeks, and then I only get 26 trapped beasties — just enough to completely fill up one set of work orders. Maybe this is a good thing, if Post-Trappulation Syndrome is what would start happening if I went trapping more frequently…

    • They all have become pretty lazy about their gardens and mine, it’s just Cat who keeps her 36 orders topped off and you can see what trouble that causes!

      I think you’re smart, beware the Post-Trappulation Syndrome!

  6. […] does that Post-Trappulation Syndrome support group meet, […]

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