Kam’s Back Channel Liebster

bucketYes … disturbing, but you can’t have a post without a screen shot and this was my most recent. Cat was shocked to find out her garrison has a prisoner with only a steaming bucket of … whatever … for company.

It seemed fitting though, as I can use it to rate the veracity of the answers. Sometimes people have trouble telling if I’m serious … cause sometimes I tend towards hyperbole … just a little.

1) What is your least favorite color?

Pink. It’s kind of weird, when it occurs naturally I’m fine with it but pink clothes or walls or cars … just eeuuuwww.

2) What music do you like to listen to when you’re in a thinking sort of mood?

SMsteambucketMy deep thinking music is of course, classical. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings and Fauré’s Requiem come to mind … hey wait WHAT! Who’s calling bullsh the bucket on me! Okay, alright. Think AC/DC and you have an idea of what I listen to thinking or otherwise.


3) Who is your favorite Garrison follower?
I’m with Kam on that. Leorajh is my favorite too. I used to get annoyed with my other stupid bodyguards when they kept getting themselves killed but with Leorajh I feel guilty. I should take better care of him poor guy.

4) Should Farmer Yoon date Gina Mudclaw (whom he has a crush on) or Tina Mudclaw (who has a crush on him, but can’t decide whether she likes him or Farmer Fung better)?
SMsteambucketWell, you didn’t hear it from me but I have it on good authority that Farmer Yoon has been seen stepping out with none other than Joan Tremblay. I KNOW! I was surprised too! I always felt Joan was one can short a six pack. She was always telling Sasche, Do Not Seek Death. Hello? Joan, can’t you see I’m Forsaken. That ship has sailed. Anyway who are we … WHAT NOW BUCKET? Sigh … you got me. I couldn’t pick between the Mudclaws so I just made up something. I’m very fond of Farmer Yoon, I want to make the right choice.

5) What is/are your favorite Tier set(s)?

I’m not even going to make up something here. I’ll avoid the bucket. I don’t really have a favorite as for whatever reason I seem to like making ridiculous outfits out of low level gear but then I’m too embarrassed to wear them, hahahahahaha. What a loon.

6) Chocolate & peanut butter, or chocolate & mint?

Chocolate and peanut butter is the only way I roll … ever. I’ll have to try a Lindt chocolate and mint and see if it changes my mind.

7) If Arakkoa were made into a playable race, would you rather be the cursed, flightless Arakkoa that we first met in Outland, or the flying “high Arakkoa” that we meet in Draenor?

I’d be a high Arakkoa. The Arakkoa in Outland had such terrible posture. I kept wanting to yell, STAND UP STRAIGHT at them. Instead I just killed them.

8) What is your favorite RL holiday, and what special foods must you have to eat for that holiday?
I would say Christmas. We had a family tradition, an old standing tradition of crepes for Christmas Eve. One person didn’t like them. Last Christmas I thought I should start a new tradition. One that everyone liked. To please everyone, young and old, the crepes had to morph into … lasagna! Yes, not very Christmasy but everyone’s happy now. Long live lasagna!

9) Did you make a pie for Pi Day? If so, what kind?
No. The last time I made a pie totally from scratch was DECADES ago. I spent three hours peeling the apples, making the crust, so on and so forth. I took it out of the oven. It was TOTALLY devoured within 15 minutes.

A frozen pie from the store would also be devoured in about the same time. I decided to claim that 3 hours for something else. See, that’s where I get all the time to play WoW. Those 3 hours over the years add up. True story, didn’t get the bucket.

10) What utensil do you prefer for eating rice?

SMsteambucketChopsticks, I use chopsticks. I used to live in Hong Kong where I learned … to … use …

Oh alright. I did live in Hong Kong where I was always given chopsticks when eating out. And I tried, really I did. I tried to learn how to use them but after a while any restaurant I ate at enough for them to recognize me started bringing out a fork when they saw me. I didn’t get chopsticks anymore. They gave up on me. The memory is still painful.

 11) What new attraction would you love to see at the Darkmoon Faire?

I want Kam’s Ferris Wheel too, then I could actually ride on one. They scare me IRL. I’ll do a Roller Coaster but not a Ferris Wheel. My fear of heights is weird. When I was in my twenties I took flying lessons until I ran out of money. That was fine, I think it was too high for me to register the height, who knows. A Roller Coaster goes high but I guess I think you’re going so fast that if you crashed you wouldn’t really have time to notice.

What? Oh yeah, Cat did try to interrogate the prisoner but got no where. If you have any luck finding out what he’s in for, let her know. It’s driving her crazy.

I think she’s off trying to rent him a porta potty.

4 Responses to “Kam’s Back Channel Liebster”

  1. Thanks for playing along! XD

    I thought about putting pink as my least favorite color, too! Pink is a wonderful color for flowers and skin and other natural things, but I’m not really fond of pink as a color for clothing or decorating (except in small doses during Valentines and Easter).

    I thought you might be a chocolate & peanut butter sort of person 😀

    Lasagne for Christmas is not so strange — my husband’s family always makes lasagne for their Christmas Eve dinner.

    • I know, pink roses are beautiful but it doesn’t seem to translate to things like clothing for me.

      Yay! Another Christmas Eve Lasagne Family! It was the only thing I could find that would make everyone happy no matter the age.

  2. I wonder if we could bust that guy out of there and create the best follower ever…

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