Retail Therapy: Shoes or Pixels?

hachWhat do you do when real life kicks you in the butt? In an unscientific poll over here IRL I appear to be an outlier. Chocolate? Nope. Ice cream? Nope. Shoes? Nope. Another dog … that’s always a danger but nope.

With three Horde characters waiting to march through Tanaan Jungle and an unskilled Alliance Death Knight, what do I  do? Yep … I buy a character boost. Apparently it’s my version of retail therapy.

Needless to say this has made for some grumbling in the ranks. Sasche’s been waiting patiently for her turn and then this character jumps the queue. I found myself having to defend my decision. I mean there really is a reason. Maybe not a GOOD reason.

I think I have … I don’t know … probably eight True Steel Lockboxes. They probably only have a pair of mismatched socks or something in them. The fact that my Death Knight can’t open them with keys any more just annoyed the hell out of me. So see? There was a legitimate reason, just not a very good one.

Anyway, Hachette the deadly assassin was born. It works for me! It was a little rough trying to fight her way through the jungle in boost gear but she’s doing better now.

In an attempt to skew the numbers and make myself (hopefully) seem more normal I’ll do a poll here.

Only eight more levels to go before we find out what riches lurk in those lockboxes! Go Hachette!


13 Responses to “Retail Therapy: Shoes or Pixels?”

  1. After my three toons (main and two main alts), I decided to level my rogue just for that reason! Well, that and she’s my only miner so she needs to try and get the pet too.

  2. […] she does. I feel like I’m dealing with Petyr Baelish and he’s given me a necklace. Tome has a funny post all about retail therapy, and it made me think, what is missing from my life? Time to write. I really need to exercise my flying monkeys and aim at some not-so-innocent chicas […]

  3. Heh, for me it was the 4th toon. By the time I got 3 toons to 100, I had approx 1.5 embersilk bags filled with lockboxes. It was time.

    • I’m in good company then, thought it was just me. I hate not having everything covered. I like them all to be self-sufficient.

      For a while there I didn’t even loot lockboxes so I’d better remember to start again. Help is on the way, lol.

  4. What, no books on that list?

  5. When I feel down I picture that it’s actually Kinlai (my monk) that is down, and that she’s being comforted by her followers/friends. They’re a very supportive and protective group of draenei girls! Then I hide in bed. Not so much buying of anything really. But if I did buy something, it would be geeky, not shoes.

  6. I had to really think about my answer, I wrote in chocolate but that’s not really true. The truth is WoW is my goto when I’m feeling down, depressed, desperate, ect… The last few years I’ve lost my (then) 23 yr old s-i-l suddenly followed two short years later by my mother again unexpected. I’ve said it many times WoW is the only reason I haven’t completely lost my mind.

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